Psyclon Nine

Psyclon Nine Psyclon Nine is a musical group formed in 1999 and originally from San Francisco, California, United States. The band currently resides in Hollywood, California, United States and is led by vocalist Marshall Goppert under the stage name Nero Bellum.While their early efforts are generally categorized as aggrotech, later releases incorporated a disparate set of musical and aesthetic influences, notably black metal and industrial metal. They belonged to the so-called "second wave" of American harsh ebm, along with bands such as Dawn of Ashes, Die Sektor, and Tactical Sekt.The group went on their first hiatus at the end of 2010 due to Bellum's opiate addiction, but returned to the stage in October 2011 for a performance in New York and released their last album Order of the Shadow: Act I in 2013.After Rotny Ford and Jon Siren quit the band in March 2014, Nero Bellum stated on his personal Facebook page that he wanted to perform one last series of concerts before putting an end to the band. Live band members Dorian Starchild (guitar), Brent Ashley (bass), and Kriz Dk (drums) joined Psyclon Nine for their final performances.A remix for Limnus entitled The Devils Are Inside the Walls (Psyclon Nine Remix) was released in August 2014, followed by a second hiatus that lasted 8 months.On April 13, 2015, Psyclon Nine created a new official Facebook page and announced a live performance at the L.A. Dark United Underground in Los Angeles, CA on May 2, 2015. The reformed lineup for the show featured Nero Bellum (vocals), Dorian Starchild (guitars), Ashes (guitars), and Raanen Bozzio (drums). They went on to do a few more shows, resulting in Psyclon Nine returning as a live band. Raanen Bozzio was subsequently replaced by Anthem on electronic drums.The band name is a malapropism of Zyklon B, the trade name of hydrogen cyanide used in the gas chambers during the holocaust. The "Nine" is used because of the number's significance in Aleister Crowley's numerological writings.Psyclon Nine - Official FacebookPsyclon Nine - Official BandcampPsyclon Nine - Metropolis RecordsCurrent Members:Nero Bellum – vocals (1999–present)Dorian Starchild – guitars (2014-present)Ashes - guitars (2015-present)Anthem - electronic drums (2015-present)Past Members:Raanen Bozzio - drums (2015-present)Brent Ashley – bass (2014)Kriz Dk - drums (2014)Glitch NIX – keyboards, synth (2013–2014)Merritt – bass (2012–2014)Rotny Ford – guitars (2006–2007), synth (2008–2014)Jon Siren – drums, percussion (2009–2014)Vlixx – keyboards, synth (2009)Abbey Nex – drums, percussion (2005–2006), bass (2007–2009)VII – keyboards, synth (2006–2008)Daniel Fox – drums, percussion (2007–2008)Josef Heresy – synth (1999–2008), guitar (2006–2008)Eric Gottesman – synth (2000–2006), bass (2004–2007)Daniel Columbine – bass (2006)Discography2002 - Divine Infekt Demos (demo)2003 - Divine Infekt2005 - INRI2006 - Crwn Thy Frnicatr2009 - We the Fallen2013 - Order of the Shadow: Act I2014 - Use Once and Destroy (single)2014 - (remix)

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