The Man With No Name

The Man With No Name The Man with No Name, pictured here, originally got the idea to call himself The Man with No Name while singing one of his own songs walking through the streets of Amsterdam in 1998. "They know me every where from Zenvenaar to Bangor, Maine, but I wouldn't even know who to invite to my own grave. I'm The Man with No Name that everybody's heard . . . "The Man with No Name, actually does have one: It’s Jim Pera. He was born on February 5, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., which makes him a very old man who was born in the Midwest. At the unlikely age of fourteen, he was one of the longhairs protesting against the Vietnam War. He possesses a B.A. degree from an “experimental” college. And he still clings to his M.S. degree in computer science, from a school that didn’t experiment on its students. His education would have been incomplete, however, without rock and roll. He’s also a published cartoonist and fine artist.Regardless, The Man with No Name prefers to consider himself an entirely fictional creation, with any resemblance to other persons, places, or things being entirely coincidental.His lyrics are akin to The Clash, if they’d suffered through another 25 years of Thatcherism, or Jefferson Airplane, if they were still creating controversy. His music is eclectic and varied, and mostly made with a computer. It does not sound like it was made with a computer at all, however.The albums include: Did the Time, May As Well Do the Crime; Another One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; There’s No Place Like Home; and Here Comes the Global Village Idiot, The Name of This Rabbit's Sparrow, and Weeded.Please note: There are two artists known as The Man with No Name. The one pictured here makes rock and roll. You can read more about him below, or you can listen to his albums on this site. The "tracks" here seem to always belong to another The Man with No Name, who is an established musician from Italy, I believe.

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