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Racer XArtist info There have been at least two artists with the name Racer X:1) U.S. heavy metal band founded in 1985, in Los Angeles, California, by guitarist Paul Gilbert (lead guitarist of the multi platinum-selling hard rock band, Mr. Big (until 1997) and bassist John Alderete (now playing for the mars volta as Juan Alderete)... Read more

17th Moon - Racer X
Live At The whisky -Snowball Of Doom(2002)

17th Moon - Racer X Cover
Enjoy! This song is a cover from Racer X, if you like it, buy their albums and support the band! Santiago G.

Racer X - 17th Moon (Live At The Whiskey)
Official audio for "17th Moon" from the live album Snowball of Doom (2001) by Racer X. Download now: Subscribe: ...

17th Moon - Racer X
Another song off Racer X's album 'Technical Difficulties'.

RACER X - 17TH MOON solo
17TH MOON - RACER X ギターソロ弾きました。 facebook :!/G6xx9 twitter :

Racer X - 17th Moon (Bass Cover)

Sick by 17th Moon
Sick - a 17th Moon Original.

Racer X - Dead Man's Shoes

Hatchett Bros. Lake Tahoe Metal Bash - 17th Moon
Every spring, the Hatchett Brothers of Standard films hold their Metal Bash at Squaw Valley USA. This track features Jeff Martin on vocals, Scott Travis on drums, ...

Racer X - Lucifers Hammer
Racer X - Lucifers Hammer.

Racer x-Phallic Tractor
Racer X "Phallic Tractor" from the Album "Technical difficulties"

O.H.B. - Racer X
Álbum: Superheroes Título: O.H.B. Letra: She's a dancer, she's a midnight queen A fast movin' woman Moves her motor mean She affects me, with her sex ...

Racer X - Technical Difficulties - 1999 (Full Album)
Racer X was one of the early progressive/shred metal bands to form in the US. The band split up in 1989 because of other members involved in their own ...

Paul Gilbert cover - waste of time by 17th Moon
Paul Gilbert cover - waste of time by 17th Moon.

RacerX - That Hormone Thing
Artist - RacerX Album - Superheroes Song - That Hormone Thing.

[ChipTune Music] DualTrax - CroShido Moon Racer
Chiptune Music For more Info see

RacerX - O H B
Artist - RacerX Album - Superheroes Song - O.H.B..

Racer X - Endless
Racer X - Endless - Getting Heavier.

Racer X - Poison Eyes
Racer X - Poison Eyes from the album 'Technical Difficulties' 1999.

Racer x - Bolt in my heart

Racer X - God of the Sun
Racer X - God of the Sun - 1999 - Technical Difficulties.

RacerX - Let the Spirit Fly
Artist - RacerX Album - Superheroes Song - Let the Spirit Fly.

Racer X - The Executioner's Song
Racer X - The Executioner's Song.

Racer X - Street Lethal

RacerX - Time Before the Sun
Artist - RacerX Album - Superheroes Song - Time Before the Sun.

Racer X - Empty Man
Racer X - Empty Man - Getting Heavier.

Racer X - Into The Night "Live at The Whisky A Go Go"
Racer X Into The Night, live at The Whisky A Go Go...i hope you like it !!! =) Please, give your comments & ratings about this video...Thank You...Enjoy!!!

Racer X: Go-GG-Go
One of my favorite songs off of Racer X's last album, "Getting Heavier" from 2002. Enjoy!

Racer X Live At The Whiskey (2001) - Scarified
Racer X Live At The Whiskey (2001) - Scarified.

Racer X - On The Loose (HQ)
Track N.6 from the album 'Street Lethal, 1986.

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