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Robben Ford - Freedom
Robben Ford playing an enormously great song in Ohne Filter. Freedom is a track from Robben "Tiger Walk" CD: ...

Robben Ford Live Rockpalast 2007

Geoffrey Chaurand : Blues Jazz Guitar Lesson - Help the Poor (Robben Ford) - Guitare Xtreme #73
Geoffrey Chaurand : Blues Jazz - Help the Poor (Robben Ford) - Guitare Xtreme #73 ...

Cannonball Shuffle by Robben Ford
Cover by Alexey Ryabushev.

Roland Blues Cube - Tone Capsule Shootout
Welcome to Guitar Paradiso where Pete & Mick take a look at the Roland Tone Capsules for the Blues Cube. Tone Capsules Featured Robben Ford Tone ...

Robben Ford Style Funky Blues by Robert Renman (MGA)
Robben Ford Style Funky Blues by Robert Renman (MGA) featured by Esteban at Sureau Studio. Gear used: Ramos Guitars' Kevster ...

Robin Schulz - Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Official Music Video for Robin Schulz - Sugar. ▻Get SUGAR here: ▻ Get the physical version here: ...

Ulf Wakenius - Lesson Excerpts 1 (Jazz Guitar)
Check out the instructional videos In The Style Of Ulf Wakenius Vol.1-2-3: ...

The Other Way
Vaughan Misener - bass solo on his original composition The Other Way. Kirk MacDonald, saxophone, Adam Rogers, guitar, Johnathan Blake, drums.

"Hold the line" (Toto) - amp comparison Dumble Overdrive / Boogie Mk 2B with a 1962 Strat.
Comparison of a Mesa Boogie Mk 2B ( 00:00 ) and a Dumble Overdrive Special built by a friend ( 01:55 ). Both have extreme gain settings and I controlled the ...

This is one of the best sounding amps I have played through. The Blankenship Twinplex is a 170 watts of clean headroom and tone. I am running into a 4x12 ...

Robben Ford Cannonball Shuffle w/ Fuchs Overdrive Supreme ODS 50
Cannonball Shuffle Robben Ford Cover.

Sweet guitar amp tone
Dumble like tone. Santana , Robben Ford.

Hamish Stuart Band at Chichester Inn with Robbie McIntosh 2016
'Pick Up the Pieces' featuring Hamish Stuart (guitar/vocals), Robbie McIntosh (guitar), Steve Pearce (bass), Gary Sanctuary (keys), Ian Thomas (drums) @ The ...

'Chameleon' Jim Mullen & Sean Khan band
Hold that Note presents the Jim Mullen and Sean Khan band live. Jim Mullen - Guitar Sean Khan - Alto Saxophone Kevin Glasgow - Electric Bass Andy Noble ...

Dumbleland Special amp - tone demo
Zach Broyles of Carter Vintage Guitars shows some of the tonal variety of this beautiful Dumble amp. Not meant to be showcase of playing, simply a demo of ...

Mr Carlos Santana & his Wife (great drummer) Live 2011
Amazing Lady Drummer !

Collings 290 DC with Throbak P90s, Fuchs ODS50, Robben Ford Jam, Talk to your daughter B 6 10 16
Friday Night Noodle! Maiden Voyage for my new Collings 290DC! Plugged it in for the first time, tonight. It's such a magnificent guitar! Playability is incredible ...

THIRD RAIL - PYMFAO: George Whitty, Etienne MBappe, Tom Brechtlein
PYMFAO is a tune by the great Etienne MBappe. I believe it stands for "Peel Your Mother Figs And Oranges". Recorded in Köln, Germany on the last night of this ...

flavio de salve, dangelo amps, overdrive supreme, dumble sound.

Vertex Rig Tour: Jonathan Schneider
A tour of Jonathan Schneider's Pedalboard. LEARN MORE:

Guitar Close Up - 1965 Gibson B-25 $1495 & 1964 Gibson B-25-12 $1350
Happy #FlatTopFriday! On today's "Guitar Close Up" Jen got Mark Agnesi and Nick Dias playing 2 Gibson Acoustics. Nick playing a 1965 Gibson B-25 for $1495 ...

АБВ Trio . Way bit Robben Ford . Torpedo LIve Bogner XTC Glockenklang Bass Art
Andrianov, Balabanov, Vasnetsov trio Eldoredo studio Bogner Ecstacy Glockenklang Bass Art Classic.

Blues All Stars - Final Session at Gaildorf Bluesfestival 2017
Guitar: Eddie Cotton jr., Ronnie Baker Brooks, Kirk Fletcher, Kid Ramos, Johnny Main. Harmonica: Kenny Neil.

Slide Guitar
Playing my version of "A Change Is Gonna Come" inspired by Rick Vito & Campbell Brothers versions.

Michael Kelly 1967 Review
Here is the new Michael Kelly guitar, the 1967 model. Its very Bling! Website: ...

The Garfield & Reiff Project Part 1
The Garfield & Reiff Project. Keyboard: David Garfield, Guitar: Soren Reiff, Bass: Mikkel Riber, Drums: Jonathan Lundberg. Audio recorded and mixed by Kim ...

Dumble Overdrive Special ODS-100
Thank you Peter Lerche for giving me to try amp...

How to play "Reconsider baby" - Claude ENGEL - Part 3
The solo...As an example, I've transcribed the solo I've improvised live with Robben Ford in 2006 on the "Autour du blues" dvd. Fender Strat '62 AVHR Don Mare ...

Dumble ODS 50 HRM Kemper Profiles FT: John Huldt (ReampZone)
The fantastic John Huldt demoing our Dumble ODS 50 HRM Kemper profiles. A versatile pack for a highly versatile player. Purchase this pack at: ...

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