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ArtemievArtist info Pavel Artemiev - vocals, keyboardsAnton Khabibulin - guitarSergey Geier - bass guitarDmitry Vinnikov - drumsArtemiev is a new band, formed by Pavel Artemiev, in Moscow.official web page: http://www.a-r-t-e-m-i-e-v.ruMySpace: http://www... Read more

Edward Artemiev Meditation 1 Hour Stalker Soundtrack
It is so quiet out here, it is the quietest place in the world.

Edward Artemiev - Solaris Theme - Full Bach (1972)
This is the theme from the movie Solaris (1972) made by Edward Artemiev.

Песня "Быть" с альбома КАНУН КОНЦА НАЧАЛА на iTunes: Слова и музыка: Павел Артемьев Режиссер:...

Edward Artemiev - Moods (FULL ALBUM, Soviet cosmic electronic music, 1984, Russia, USSR)
Artist: Edward Artemiev (Эдуард Артемьев) Album: Moods (Картины-Настроения) Year: 1984 (recorded in 1976-1983) Genre: electronic music, experimental, ...

Fairlane Acoustic - ARTEMIEV - Кругами
Check our videos on: Producer - Alexey Beltsov Camera - Alexander ...

Edward Artemiev - Meditation (Stalker Movie Soundtrack) 1979!

Artemiev - За тобой пришли
Песня "За тобой пришли" с EP "AKME" на iTunes: Режиссер: Василий Рыжов Продюсер: Марга...

Eduard Artemiev - Music for the Films of Nikita Mikhalkov
One of the leading composers of electronic music in Russia since the late '60s, Eduard Artemiev (sometimes spelled Artemyev) is mostly known for his ...

Edward Artemiev - Mosaic
Electroshock Presents Electroacoustic Music Volume IV • Archive Tapes Synthesizer ANS 1964-1971 (1999) Genre: Musique concrète, minimal, drone, ambient, ...

ARTEMIEV - Иди своей дорогой
Узнавай о премьерах первым - @ Google+ @ ВКонтакте @ Facebook ...

Artemiev-Burnt By the Sun

Edward Artemiev - Solaris Theme
Johann Sebastian Bach - Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ (BWV 639)

ARTEMIEV - До Свидания
Музыкальное видео на песню До Свидания с ЕР AKME группы ARTEMIEV ЕР AKME можно скачать на iTunes Музыка...

ARTEMIEV - Против толпы
Artemiev на iTunes Против толпы : Режиссер - Александр Соломахин Производство - bazzooka GARAGE FILMZ Продюсер...

ARTEMIEV - Многоэтажки
Подпишись на новые клипы - @ Google+ @ ВКонтакте @ Facebook ...

Edward Artemiev - Station (Solaris OST)
The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video ...

Edward Artemiev - Révélation
Siberiade (1979)

Концерты: +7 (926) 254-11-79 Слова и музыка - Паша Артемьев Режиссер - Александр Соломахин Производство - bazzooka GARAGE...

Edward Artemiev - 12 Looks at the World of Sound
Electroshock Presents Electroacoustic Music Volume IV • Archive Tapes Synthesizer ANS 1964-1971 (1999) Genre: Musique concrète, minimal, drone, ambient, ...

E. Artemiev - theme from the film "Courier" (USSR, 1986)
All materials presented on this channel are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners, and are subject to use for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

Edward Artemiev - Dedication
Eduard Nikolaevich Artemyev (Russian: Эдуа́рд Никола́евич Арте́мьев; born November 30, 1937) is a Russian composer of electronic music and film scores.

Edward Artemiev - Dedication to Andrei Tarkovsky
Final track from "Solaris, Mirror, Stalker: Music From the Motion Pictures" Эдуард Артемьев Андрей Тарковский description coming soon.

Edouard Artemiev The Guest / Solaris OST Track 4
Free and accessible online to those who seek. I own nothing. The guest from Solaris OST by Edouard Artemiev Dreams.

ARTEMIEV - Театр теней
Artemiev на iTunes Театр Теней Слова и музыка - Паша Артемьев Режиссер - Павел Руминов (с) 2012 Павел...

Solaris (1972) - All scenes with composed 'Bach' - Edward Artemiev
All the scenes composed with the 'Bach' or in case known as the Solaris Theme in one compilation.

EDWARD ARTEMIEV - Slave Of Love (Э.Артемьев Раба Любви)

ARTEMIEV - Виды (Live on TV Rain)
"ВИДЫ" - акустическая версия Live On TV Rain. Слова и музыка - Павел Артемьев Концерты: +7 (965) 238-79-91 Artemiev на iTunes http://apple...

Edward Artemiev Stalker Meditation
Edward Artemiev Stalker Meditation.

2.- Train / Stalker (Edward Artemiev)
Solaris / The Mirror / Stalker directed by Andréi Tarkovski Music from motion pictures by Edward Artemiev.

Edward Artemiev • Pictures-Moods • 1984
Melodiya [C10 21077 002 / Aprelevka Record Plant] FLAC source for best quality. We would like to hear your feedback!

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