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Absolutely FabulousArtist info A number of classic singles have featured in the award winning BBC TV show Absolutely Fabulous, including tracks by Lulu ("The Boat That I Row"), The Animals ("We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place"), and Suzi Quatro ("Can The Can", "Devil Gate Drive"). The theme song is a reworking of Julie Driscoll's "This Wheel's On Fire".However, the show has generated two hits which were comprised of show dialogue and new vocals set to dance beats. The first, "Absolutely Fabulous" by Absolutely Fabulous was a huge chart hit in the UK, for which star Jennifer Saunders recorded additional dialogue whilst the Pet Shop Boys (for it is they) used snatches from Series One of the show as the main body of their inspiration... Read more

Pet Shop Boys - Absolutely Fabulous
Pet Shop Boys video for Absolutely Fabulous *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes ...

Absolutely Fabulous for Children in Need (2005)
The girls from Absolutely Fabulous do their bit for a good cause in this extract from the 2005 Children in Need edition. Watching this again, I noticed there's a ...

Hilarious Clip On Christian Evangelists (From Britsh Sitcom Ab Fab)

Theme from Absolutely Fabulous
This is a rare track. This is the full-length version of 'This Wheel's on Fire', theme tune to Absoluetely Fabulous, as performed by Julie Driscoll and Adrian ...

Patsy Stone
Absolutely Fabulous - Magazine.

Sweetie Darling
Absolutely Fabulous - S02E06 Birth.

Absolutely Fabulous by Pet Shop Boys Video 1994

Absolutely Fabulous - Pet Shop Boys
Absolutely Fabulous, produced in 1994, is a song based on the famous BBC series Absolutely Fabulous with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, containing ...

Patsy Stone - I'm fine
Absolutely Fabulous - Hospital.

Queentastic - Absolutely Fabulous (MGP Final 2006)
Queentastic performing "Absolutely Fabulous" at the Melodi Grand Prix final, 2006.

Absolutely Fabulous -the Forbidden Fruit

Pet Shop Boys with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley - Absolutely Fabulous
(c) Parlophone Records 1994 1. Our Tribe Tongue-In-Cheek Mix 2. Absolutely Dubulous 3. Dull Soulless Dance Music Mix.

Joanna Lumley signs off BAFTA speech in true Ab Fab style
Joanna Lumley signs off BAFTA speech in true Ab Fab style.

Absolutely Fabulous (Katy, Bo & Marshall) - All that Jazz mix
The absolutely Fabulous version of Chicago's All That Jazz, Razzle Dazzle and Roxie. Ripped from Season 5 episode; Birthin'

Ab Fab - Saffy 'Comes Out'
In this awesome clip, Saffron pretends to come out of the closet in Absolutely Fabulous.

Jennifer and Joanna’s Ab Fab Advice Line
Who's up for an Ab Fab A Level? Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley think it sounds fabulous darling.

Absolutely Fabulous - Health, health
Absolutely Fabulous - Fashion.

Pet Shop Boys - Absolutely Fabulous (Direct Hit Remix) Original Video
Pet Shop Boys - Absolutely Fabulous (Direct Hit Remix) Original Video.

Absolutely Fabulous \ Cagney & Lacey Opening
A spoof TV intro "Eddie & Patsy" from absolutely fabulous with Cagney & Lacey style opening credits.

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - Patsy Sees Something Horrible On The Stairs (1991)
Uploaded as a favor to my girlfriend. Seen in the Absolutely Fabulous episode "Iso Tank".

Junior Vasquez - Ab Fab [I Am Thin And Gorgeous] (Main Pass) Absolutely Fabulous
I am Thin and Gorgeous... Absolutely Fabulous Label: Pagoda Catalog#: DE1-45301 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: US Released: 1997 Genre: Electronic Style: ...

Pet Shop Boys - "Absolutely fabulous"
Pet Shop Boys - "Absolutely fabulous" (Discovery tour - Live in Rio, 1994)

Absolutely Fabulous - Patsy passes by the baby

Absolutely Fabulous - Absolutely Fabulous (7'' Mix)

I edited this piece using bits of hit show, Absolutely Fabulous set to the audio mix by Junior Vasquez. Hope it's fun !

Ab Fab - Wheels on Fire
Absolutely Fabulous theme song sung by Ade Edmondson and Julie Driscoll - the version used in the early days of the show.

Pet Shop Boys - Absolutely fabulous Cover
Equipments: Roland RS-50, JV-80 & JP-8000 & Korg Micro Korg Copyright: Pet Shop Boys I don't own any rights of this music, it's just a cover. I don't get any ...

Kylie - This Wheel s On Fire HD ( AbFab Movie )
Kylie - This Wheel s On Fire.

Absolutely Fabulous-can you?-yes i can!

Con08 Norway 2006 2008 Queentastic Absolutely Fabulous Eurovision
Con08 Norway 2006 2008 Queentastic Absolutely Fabulous Eurovision.

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