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AchilleaArtist info Achillea is comprised of Danish artists Jens Gad (writer and co-producer of the group Enigma) and Helene Hørlyck. Their album The Nine Worlds utilizes many of the same sounds and techniques that has made Enigma so popular, only this time around we are taken on a journey through the world of Nordic mythology and legend.Achillea's second album, Amadas Estrellas, is comprised of the same Enigma-influcenced style, this time with vocalist Luisa Fernández.Ibizahttp://www... Read more

Achillea - The Nine Worlds (full album)
Achillea - The Nine Worlds (full album)

Use fragment from film " Temptation of the married woman"

Achillea - El Alma Herida
Album : Achillea - Amadas Estrellas.

Achillea - Ragnarok Twilight of the Gods

Achillea - Amor Parte II

Achillea - staraja Ladoga
I do not own the video or the music, I just want to do some advertising for a really good artist, buy the music if you like it.

Achillea ~ A Maria Santissima ~
Music by Jens Gad | Album AMADAS ESTRELLAS | Vocals & Words by Luisa Fernandez |

Achillea ( Jens Gad ) - Amadas Estrellas [ New Age, Enigmatic ]

ACHILLEA - Amadas Estrellas
Music JENS GAD - Vocals & Words LUISA FERNANDEZ -

Achillea - Desnudame - Gaetano Pezzella photography
Gaetano Pezzella photography - Music from the "Amadas Estrellas" album by Achillea & Jens Gad ...

ACHILLEA - El Alma Herida
Music JENS GAD * Vocals & Words LUISA FERNANDEZ * From the album AMADAS ESTRELLAS *

achillea cape porcupine

Desnúdame (Erotic Spanish Chill Out) Achillea ft Luisa Fernández
La Alcoba de las Musas ☆☪ ▻ Facebook:

Achillea ( Jens Gad ) - El Alma Herida [ Enigmatic, New Age ]
Achillea - El Alma Herida Facebook:

ACHILLEA - A Maria Santissima

Amor - Achillea

Achillea - Atacame

El Alma Herida (Wounded Soul) - Achillea (english and spanish lyrics)
El Alma Herida - Achillea Special thanks to my wonderful friend Luis ♥ for his help, hope lyrics on the video are ok ♥ Thank you ♥ DISCLAIMER: All photos, ...



'STRONGER' VIDEO STUDIO SESSIONS Recorded in Brazil in November 2012 before the bands live DVD shoot. This track was from the original Achillea ...

Achillea & Jens Gad - Vivir

Achillea 'Wish You Well' Official Video (HQ)
The awesome Official Achillea 'Wish You Well' Video filmed and produced by Akuri Films from the debut Album 'Fight or Fall' H ...

Achillea - The Nine Worlds
A video with fantasy pictures from Tolkiens world and norse mythology. Drawings by Allan Lee, John Howe, John William Waterhouse, Brvegel etc. Music by ...

Odin's Hill - Achillea

Achillea • Desnúdame~Undress Me • lyrics
There are no illusions because there is no self ~ᴐ Transform your love into prayer. Allow valleys to disappear; fly toward a secret sky, cause a hundred veils to ...

Achillea - Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods
Ambient music posted by 027Karunesh.

Achillea - "Wish You Well" - Official Video
Video Clipe oficial da banda Achillea produzido e filmado pela ÁKÜRI FILMES. Official Clip of Achillea band produced and filmed by ÁKÜRI FILMS.

Achillea - Vivir
My new video, hope you'll like it. Please don't forget to rate and comment! Enjoy! Song: Vivir Artist: Achillea Album: Amadas Estrellas Track: 4 Year: 2007 I do not ...

Achillea - The Nine Worlds Achillea / Exodus the ...

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