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AirbaseArtist info The Airbase story begins in 1994 when he got his hands on the software Scream Tracker pitched to him by a Finnish cousin. A few years later, Airbase switched to better software that came highly recommended from others called Fast Tracker. The following years were kept busy with hard work which rendered numerous tracks, but also a lot of knowledge and understanding in how to produce, arrange and write melodies. With the first full time employment pay check received in early 2000, the first piece of hardware was bought, the Yamaha CS2x Control Synthesizer... Read more

Airbase - Tangerine
Intuition Recordings 2008.

Airbase - Escape (Original)
This is my one of my favourite tracks by airbase along with genie...very well produced :) ENJOY! I do not take any credit for these tracks or pictures involved, ...

Airbase - Ocean Realm
Year : 2004 Best audio quality.

Airbase - Epoch
Stream & Download: Swedish DJ/producer mastermind Airbase is dropping his latest release on our In Trance We Trust imprint. Believe ...

Airbase - Medusa
Airbase... One of the best!!!

Airbase - Genie (Original Mix) HQ
Airbase - Genie (Original Mix) HQ Just a note, I did not make this song (if I did I would be pretty fucking proud) etc etc and I do not have any afiliation with the ...

Airbase - Mondegreen (Original Mix)
Check out A State Of Trance Radio on Spotify: Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: ...

Dj Silencio - Nonstop Mix (Airbase special)
tracklist---- 1 Airbase - Tangerine (Original mix) 2 Airbase - Ocean Realm 3 Airbase - Angel (Bravo And Priest Remix Version 2) 4 Airbase - Back 5 Airbase ...

Airbase feat Floria Ambra - Denial
Black Hole Recordings. Audio is a bit jumpy in the beginning. The uploaded file is fine, Youtube is screwing with the sound for some reason.

Airbase - Garden State (Original)
Thought this could do with an upload on here...airbase impress's with his piano skills on this track. I like the twinkling piano sound in the background,its dreamy ...

Airbase - Theme from The Rock
Theme from The Rock - the "rocking" tune of Airbase. Enjoy :D Plz apologize the medium sound quality, it's one of my eldest uploads... :D YT Toplist: ...

Airbase - Magic Silence
Airbase - Magic Silence visit for downloads etc.

Airbase - Escape (Original Mix)
Airbase - Escape (Original Mix) [Cloud 9 Dance] Written by Jezper Söderlund, Genre: Electronic / Trance, Year: 2006 PICTURE: Fantasy-lava-land-escape ...

Airbase - Sinister (Original Mix)
Airbase - Sinister (Original Mix) *NOTE* I WILL NOT provide any of my songs available for download. If you like the song, just hop by your local record store ...

Airbase- Spin(Original Mix)
The original mix.

Airbase - Theme From The Rock
Airbase - Theme From The Rock *NOTE* I WILL NOT provide any of my songs available for download. If you like the song, just hop by your local record store ...

Airbase - Epoch (Original Mix)
In Trance We Trust

Tiesto - Elements Of life (Airbase Remix)

Airbase - Ocean Realm (Original Mix)
Airbase - Ocean Realm (Original Mix) *NOTE* I WILL NOT provide any of my songs available for download. If you like the song, just hop by your local record ...

Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Wonders
Black Hole Recordings - In Trance We Trust. Written and produced by Jezper Söderlund & Floria Ambra for Airbase Music 2009. Published by Warner Chappell ...

Airbase - One Tear Away
Intuition Recordings.

Airbase - Medusa
Intuition Recordings.

Airbase - Chamberlain (Original Mix) [HQ Audio]
Airbase - Chamberlain (Original Mix)

Gouryella - Ligaya Airbase Remix
Gouryella - Ligaya Airbase Remix.

Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (Airbase Remix)
Watch the full #ABGT100 set from Madison Square Garden: Pre-order the album 'We Are All We Need': Tour ...

Anamanaguchi - Airbase
Anamanaguchi - Airbase A fine example of quality 8-bit music. Check out there myspace. htttp://

Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Interfere
Intuition Recordings. Written & Produced by Airbase and Floria Ambra for Airbase Music. For more information:

Airbase - Rest In Peace (Original Mix) [HQ]
Rest In Peace is a more progressive tune with a dark intro. Thx to Jezper for this fabulous work! See also: ...

Airbase-Rise with me
i like this song:)

Tiesto - Elements Of Life (Airbase Remix)

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