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AlyshenArtist info Alyshen is a musician, composer and lyricist with an eclectic style that transcends genre. His carefully-crafted compositions rise above ethnic and language barriers. The result is a uniquely global sound. In an instant Alyshen can change, adapt and evolve his art to his current surroundings... Read more

Mp3 Music Awards 2010 Entry Alyshen - The One
Estonia, Kazakhstan recording artist Alyshen entered Mp3 Music Awards 2010 alongside J-Zohar who was nominated for an mp3 award. Alyshen is a pop, R&B ...

Alyshen — I Want More

Aden Ray - Made Me Cry (Audio)
Aden Ray - Made Me Cry (Audio) Download and Stream album: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: ...

Aden Ray - The One
Music video for The One performed by Aden Ray. Site: Twitter: Facebook: ...

BLOW - You Killed me on the Moon
More music: | Live stream Radio: ☞ Check us on Spotify here: | Label releases [every week]: ...

Яхонт - Чёрный Ворон
группа "Яхонт" Видеоклип о советских солдатах воевавших 1941 - 1945. Вечная память героям! Замечате...

Ты и я

Aden Ray - Чёрный Ворон
Купить песню: iTunes: Yandex музыка: Google Play: Aden Ray биография: ...

Света — Не Новая Игра

J-Zohar — Like I Do

J-Zohar - I Don't Want To (Promotion)
Album: I Don't Want To Artist: J-Zohar Publisher: J-Zohar / CD Baby

клип группы "Каббала"
sony fx1 hdv.

FLYSELF feat. COSMO - Об этом узнаешь первым (PTF/MARAT prod.)
FLYSELF feat. COSMO - Об этом узнаешь первым PTF/MARAT production SevenStyle 2012.

The greatest in the world
что получается, когда объединяются люди из разных стран и поют.

SevenStyle Showreel 2011

J-Zohar — Touch Of A Mice
SevenStyle Production 2011.

SevenStyle SHOWREEL 2010
SevenStyle Production

BEAUTIFUL CROSS official music video - One Eighty
2015 ONEEIGHTY All Rights Reserved ONEEIGHTY stands for the complete renewal and ...

Get Free Mp3 Music
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ML the Truth - Let Me Love You
Ml performing "Let Me Love You" by Mario (Cover)

Aden Ray - White Dragon (Audio)
Aden Ray - White Dragon (Audio) Download and Stream album: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: ...

Love the way you lie lyrics (read description)
The lyrics are accurate, except I didn't type out the full cuss words. But the song still sings them. It's not the clean version because it says the f-word once or twice ...


Music Festival 22 - Tallinn:Estonia - Semi Final 2

Aden Ray - I See Ya (Single Version) (Audio)
Aden Ray - I See Ya (Single Version) (Audio) Download and Stream album: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: ...

Carnival of Soul - "Beautiful Bird (In Honor of 9/11)"
Lyrics (Cris D. Corridino) and Music (CARNIVAL OF SOUL - Corridino, Bryan, Argentino, Tuttle, LaMantia, Rippel, Taylor) Copyright 2009, DinoSongs Inc., Living ...

Aden Ray - Jaqueline Pierro (Audio)
Aden Ray - Jaqueline Pierro (Audio) Download and Stream album: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: ...

Jamlegend Slave by The Evolutionaries Guitar Legendary Strum 100%
Slave by The Evolutionaries gespielt auf: Mein Jamlegend link: Link des Songs: ...

Aden Ray - Imagine (Audio)
Aden Ray - Imagine (Audio) Download and Stream album: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: ...

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