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AmethystiumArtist info Amethystium is a music project aiming to create and explore emotive imaginary worlds in sound. Primarily electronic-based, the compositions traverse a span of moods that includes both light and darkness, bliss and melancholy. They range from the purely relaxing to the subtly intense, creating dreamlike and evocative musical journeys. Formed by Norwegian composer/producer Øystein Ramfjord, Amethystium started out independently with a demo release in late 1999... Read more

A Tribute to Amethystium [High Quality]
Official Amethystium website: Facebook: YouTube: ...

The Best Of Amethystium (Best New Age Music)
Best Of Amethystium 1. Ascension 2. Exultation 3. Ilona 4. Meadowland 5. Shadowlands 6. Strangely Beautiful 7. Treasure 8. Unbounded ~ About Amethystium ...

World Vibrations #2 | The Sound of Amethystium [HD 1080p]
Official Amethystium website: Facebook: iTunes: Spotify: ...

Amethystium - Ethereal
Please enjoy. See my channel for more beautiful music. Background picture:

Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful
Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful # Isabliss Wallpaper -

Enchantment - Amethystium
Album: AMETHYSTIUM - ODONATA Artist: Øystein Ramfjord Publisher: Neurodisc.

Amethystium - Nightfall (from Aurorae EP)
Download in MP3 and FLAC format from Download on iTunes: Play it on Spotify: ...

Amethystium..Treasure ( Isabliss )(Stine Mari Langstrand)
Images of Paradise Somewhere4 SOMEONE scenes 3D THANX TO ALL FOR YOUR HELP AND KIND WORDS:

Mongolca - Amethystium (Best of the Best)
Mongolca - Amethystium (Best of the Best) 01.Berceuse 02.Meadowland 03.Paean 04.Exultation 05.Strangely Beautiful 06.Opaque 07.Treasure 08.Ascension ...

Amethystium - Meadowland

Amethystium - Transience
Album: Transience. Artist and producer: Amethystium (Øystein Ramfjord). Label : Records. Site: Composed, produced and ...

Avalon ~ Amethystium
Some images that appear in this video belong to the roler's game Shaiya... Raina the Goddess Of Light and Etaine the Goddess of Darkness. Video-game Page: ...

Exultation - Amethystium
Emblem - Selected pieces.

Amethystium - Elegy
BASH's Fvrt.

Amethystium - Elvensong
Amethystium - Elvensong do album: aphelion (2003) new age.

Amethystium - Isabliss
New Age Mix Music.

Amethystium - Ethereal
The Lama this! Do you? Let us know ✌ ❥SHARE WITH FRIENDS ❥SUBSCRIBE: ❥LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: MORE ...

Amethystium - Arcus

Treasure - Amethystium - HD Lyrics on Screen
Amethystium is an Ambient/Electronica/Neoclassical music project created by Norwegian producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Øystein Ramfjord. Under the ...

Amethystium Ethereal

Amethystium - Ethereal

Amethystium - Ad Astra
Amethystium - Ad Astra.

Amethystium - Fairyland
Ambient / new age Norwegian producer/composer... Uploaded by 027Karunesh.

Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful
Full album [ Isabliss ] : Released June 17, 2008 Image:

Odyssey - Amethystium
Odyssey by Amethystium.

Amethystium - Transience (album) teaser + art and location slideshow
Clips from the new Amethystium album "Transience" (get it at and a video with cover artwork and captured moments from some of the places the ...

Amethystium - Autumn Interlude
Amethystium - Autumn Interlude.

Amethystium - La Pluie
Amethystium - La Pluie.

Look for the artists of these images in the digital art section of the Deviant Art Web Site. The song "Elvensong" is from Amethystium's album "Aphelion" and can ...

Amethystium - Transience [HD 1080p]
Official Amethystium website: Facebook: Amazon: Spotify: ...

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