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AmiraliArtist info Amirali Shahrestani’s journey has taken him from living in Iran to Toronto to London where he now resides, via an architecture degree. Growing up in the city of Tehran, and starting piano lessons from the age of 5, Amirali’s main musical influence was his father’s record collection, which opened his eyes to classical, jazz, blues and rock'n'roll. At the age of 16 Amirali’s family immigrated to Toronto in the hope of a better future. Amirali’s musical prowess wasn’t picked up on until he transferred his architecture university studies to London in 2010... Read more

Amirali - BBC Radio One Essential Mix Live | 23.02.13
iTunes: Beatport: ...

Amir Ali - Noghte Zaf (2017) امیرعلی - نقطه ضعف
"Amir Ali - Noghte Zaf"

Amirali ft Meraj آهنگ جدید افغانی

Amirali - Just An Illusion (CROSSTOWN REBELS / CRM097 A1) OFFICIAL
Having just released Amirali's slick, diverse and immaculately produced debut album 'In Time', Crosstown Rebels presents the single 'Just An Illusion' First part ...

Amirali & Fur Coat (Crosstown Rebels) dubby techno set in The Lab LDN
Deep dubby house techno and electronica. Check more Labs here: TRACKLIST 1/ Luca Lozano Feat. Amirali - Sail On ...

Amir Ali - Sogoli

Amirali - Story Of Us (Original Mix)
Label: Crosstown Rebels ( Release Date - 2012-05-14 Album "In Time" on: ...

IAPtube Amir Ali -- Bas Kon امیر علی : بس کن
IAPtube - I am Persian من ایرانی هستم.

Amirali - Esseintial Mix Live 2013-02-23
Tracklist: [00:00] 01. Amirali -- Intro [02:18] 02. Amirali -- Lost [07:23] 03. Amirali -- Falling Down [13:37] 04. Amirali -- Hear Me [18:34] 05. Amirali -- No Strings ...

Fur Coat feat Cari Golden You And I Amirali Remix (Crosstown Rebels / CRM092 B )
Venezuelan production duo Fur Coat is back on Crosstown Rebels, this time armed with the sultry West Coast tones of Cari Golden and bomb of the season, ...

American Tiger vs. Iranian Cheetah Tyler king vs Amir Ali Akbari weighting
Aliakbari vs. King at RIZIN Fighting World Grand Prix 2017 Subscribe and view Aliakbari vs. King fight video tomorrow immediately after match.

AMIRALI falling down

Amirali - Melancholia
Due for release: Vinyl Release - 1st April Digital Release - 15th April ...

Amirali - I've Been Waiting (Original Mix)
Subscribe : Free Download : Label : Crosstown Rebels ...

Amirali - My Way (Original Mix)

Amir Ali Ma9art Haj Belaid Massar 2M tv
Massar 2M tv.

Amir Ali - Aziz Kardeh (2017) امیرعلی - عزیز کرده
"Amir Ali- Aziz Kardeh"

Amir Ali & Alireza Roozegar - Chi Shode Delam - Kurdish Sub (2016)
Amir Ali & Alireza Roozegar - Chi Shode Delam - Kurdish Sub (2016) By 2 Brothers بۆ بینینی نووێترین و خۆشترین گۆرانییە فارسی و زمانە بیانیەکا...

Amir Ali A2 - Top 10 امیرعلی آ2 - 10 رپ برتر
AMir Ali Top 10 Raps (REQUESTED) 10. Intro 9. Lash Bazi 8. Khoda Nazdike 7. Intori 6. Rig 5. Asarate Janebi 4. Harja Miram 3. Khaterate Ghabli 2. Tehran ...

Amir Ali - Lajbaz (New 2017) امیرعلی - لجباز
"Amir Ali - Lajbaz"

Amir Ali - Eshghemoon Take (New 2017) امیرعلی - عشقمون تکه
"Amir Ali- Eshghemoon Take"

Amir Ali - Chi Midooni 2017
Amir Ali - Chi Midooni Midooni By Amir Ali Lyrics : Amir Ali Arrangement : Majid Almasi Music : Amir Ali Mix & Mastering : Majid Almasi.

Amir Ali - Chi Midooni (2017) امیرعلی - چی میدونی
Amir Ali - Chi Midooni.

Amir Ali - Baj Nade (2017) امیر علی - باج نده
Amir Ali - Baj Nade.

Amirali -Chromatic Dreams /DARK MATTERS DM004/

Amir Ali - Inja Jangal Nist (2017) امیرعلی - اينجا جنگل نيست
"Amir Ali- Inja Jangal Nist"

Amirali - Beautiful World (Original Mix)
Amirali - Beautiful World (Original Mix) Release -2012-02-13 BPM -122 Genre -Deep House Label - Crosstown Rebels ...

Amir Ali - Majnoonam Kon (2016)

Amir Ali - Sang Kaghaz Gheychi (New 2017) امیر علی - سنگ كاغذ قيچي
"Amir Ali- Sang Kaghaz Gheychi"

Amir Ali - Raft Be Darak (2017) امیرعلی - رفت به درک
"Amir Ali- Raft Be Darak"

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