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Andre MatosArtist info After parting ways with Shaaman in 2006, Brazilian singer Andre Matos (ex-Angra, ex-Viper, ex-Shaman, ex-Looking-Glass Self, Virgo) decided to found a band under his own name (NOTE: The name of this project is NOT "André Matos", please do not edit the wiki to reflect that). Bringing along with him all the members of Shaaman save for drummer Ricardo Confessori, Andre Matos began work on his debut cd in 2006. The lineup was originally completed by drummer Rafael Rosa, who had to leave the band in early 2007 for personal reasons, before the release of the band's debut album "Time To Be Free". Rafael was replaced by Brazilian drum prodigy Eloy Casagrande who was made a full member of the band in 2007... Read more

Andre Matos - Letting Go
Letting Go - Andre Matos Time free - 2007 Letting Go A brand new day at last is born The first wave breaks on the shore The sun is shinning bright Across the ...

Vocalista André matos ex: Angra, Shaman. Demonstrando a diferença entre voz de cabeça e falsete
Quem quiser me add no face fique a vontade! Vocalista André matos ex: Angra, Shaman. Demonstrando a diferença ...

Andre Matos e Viper Rock in Rio 2013 - Show Completo
Andre Matos e Viper Rock in Rio 2013 - Show Completo Setlist de Andre Matos Liberty I Will Return Fairy Tale (Shaman song) Lisbon (Angra song) Angels Cry ...


Turnê com Andre Matos ? Kiko no Disco Novo ? - Respondendo Perguntas
Ingressos e loja virtual - INSCREVA-SE / SUBSCRIBE Respondendo ...

Angels Cry e Carry On Andre Matos Rock in Rio 2013

SHAMAN - Fairy Tale
Shaman live in Sao Paulo playing "Fairy Tale" Andre Matos - Vocals Hugo Mariuti - Guitar Luis Mariuti - Bass Ricardo Confessori - Drums Fabio Ribeiro ...

Andre matos- separate ways
Here we stand Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two Sleepless nights Losing ground I'm reaching for you, you, you Feelin' that it's gone Can change your ...

Música & Voz na Yamaha Music School SP com Andre Matos 2017

Shaman - Fairy Tale (André Matos)
Moça encantada, que se apoia nas paredes A vida é curta e a espera é longa As estrelas, lá longe, esvaem-se com o amanhecer Moça encantada, que espera ...

Mariana conhece André Matos pessoalmente.
Esse vídeo já é antigo, de 24/05/2014, mas fui perceber hoje que nunca cheguei a postar aqui no youtube. Tenho aqui vídeo dela cantando músicas dele, ...

I will return - Andre Matos
From the Mentalize new album. Like Heavy Metal? Check out my friend's channel for Keyboards covers! ;) http:// www. youtube. com/ user/ moraesfmk.

Andre Matos - Time To be Free
Time To Be Free Andre Matos Composição: André Matos Falling drops against the window I took a while to feel awake Moving clouds is this dream never end ...

Andre Matos + Astra - The Final Countdown (Europe cover), Il Peocio, Trofarello (TO)
Astra featuring Andre Matos - The Final Countdown (Europe cover), at il Peocio, in Trofarello, Torino, Italy, on 23/01/09.

Desafio Andre Matos
Desafio nota aguda de Andre Matos.

Hallowed be thy name - Andre Matos and The Clairvoyants (Iron Maiden cover)
I'm waiting in my cold cell When the bell begins to chime Reflecting on my past life, and it doesn't have much time 'Cause at 5 o'clock they take me to The ...

Andre Matos - De Frente com Gabi (HD)
Andre Matos - De Frente com Gabi (HD)

Avantasians: Tobias Sammet sobre André Matos
Esse é um trecho do documentário que acompanha o The Flying Opera DVD. O Tobias fala sobre as vocalistas do Avantasia e sobre o André Matos.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Andre Matos e Orquestra
Andre Matos e Orquestra de Câmara da ULBRA Teatro do SESC Gravataí/RS 22/08/2010.

Angra - CARRY ON | Andre Matos, Edu Falaschi & Fabio Lione (comparison)
Comparação da mesma música cantada de formas diferentes pelos 3 vocalistas da banda Angra. Comparison of the same music sung in different ways by the ...

André Matos Aquarius Silence and Distance Holy Land 20 Th
Todos os direitos reservados ao Angra dia 17 de setembro.

Andre Matos - Endeavour
Endeavour The aftermath of disaster Strikes down to the Earth Time is life's destroyer A transitational mixing Connecting us all As we split forever in two And the ...

Angra Com André Matos - Wuthering Heigth
Angra das antigas com André Matos.

Avantasia - Inside (with Andre Matos - LIVE).flv
Video from DvD of Avantasia - The Flying Opera!

Andre Matos- Pocket Show Yamaha-10 de fevereiro de 2017
Todos os direitos reservados ao Viper, Virgo, Shaman Angra e Andre Matos Set list: Living for the Night Silence and Distance Lisbon No Need to Have an ...

Luca Turilli and Andre Matos - Demonheart
Andre Matos singing the music of Luca Turilli "Demonheart"

Dr. Sin - Fire (feat. Andre Matos)
Dr. Sin - Fire com André Matos no vocal! Impressionante!

André Matos Sesc Pinheiros" Carolina IV"
Todos os direitos reservados ao Angra Holy Land tour 20 th Gravado no Sesc Pinheiros dia 09 de Dezembro de 2016.

Andre Matos & Corciolli - Who Wants To Live Forever

Andre Matos Sesc Pinheiros"Make believe"
Todos os direitos reservados ao Angra Holy Land tour 20 th Gravado no Sesc Pinheiros dia 09 de Dezembro de 2016.

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