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Anga DiazArtist info Miguel 'Angá' Díaz (15 June 1961 - 9 August 2006), was a Cuban percussionist. With his explosive soloing and inventive five conga patterns, Angá was widely acclaimed as one of the world's greatest congueros. He was committed to the development of the conga drum, breaking down traditional percussion barriers to perform traditional latin rhythms, jazz, jungle, funk and hip-hop whilst retaining his distinctly Cuban roots.Miguel Aurelio Diiaz Zayas was born in San Juan y Martinez in the Pinar del Río Province in Cuba, an area known for its rumba traditions... Read more

Anga Diaz - Echu Mingua
Documentary on the late Anga Diaz and his first and only album in his name, 'Echu Mingua', released in 2004. For more information go to ...

"Five Congas" (Part 1) - Class Video from percussionist/Conga player Miguel Anga Diaz. "5 Congas" (Parte 1) - Video Aula do Percussionista/Congueiro Miguel ...

Miguel Anga Diaz solo from ANGA MANIA!
This clip is Anga's solo from the video we did in Paris in 1999. The video is now available on DVD in PAL and NTSC formats. Dan ...

Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Echu Mingua - A Love Supreme
Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Echu Mingua - A Love Supreme.

Orlando 'Cachaito' Lopez and Anga Diaz jam at Egrem Studios
The late great Orlando 'Cachaito' Lopez and conga master Anga Diaz improvising at Egrem Studios in Havana during the recording sessions for the Cachaito ...

Anga Diaz - Solo Analysis
Miguel "Anga" Diaz breaks down his solo and demonstrates the techniques he utilizes from Changuito & Tata Guines to double stroke rolls. From Anga Mania ...

Anga Diaz & DJ Gilb-R - Improv
Miguel "Anga" Diaz improvisation with DJ Gilb-R from Anga Mania 1999. From Transcriptions: Setup: Four congas (eliminate the lowest drum), timbongoros, ...

Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Solo Con Irakere
Conga solo by Anga Diaz with Enrique Pla on trap drums.

Solo de Anga con Irakere 1994
Solo de Anga(Miguel Diaz) con Irakere en 1994.

Anga Diaz Descarga Banff 94
Mi maestro como siempre playing from his heart. May you rest in peace in the hands of oludumare. Igbae.

Miguel "Angá" Díaz + Omar Sosa
"Muevete en D" Cajón and piano duet by legendary Cuban percussionist Angá and Omar Sosa. Excerpt from the music documentary "The ways of the Cajón" by ...

Miguel Angá & Tata Guines on Mi Salsa
Two master congueros join forces! Miguel Angá and Tata Guines jam on the classic descarga "Gandinga, Mondongo y Sandunga" (composed by the late Frank ...

Angá Diaz - Tumé Tumé
Download: Click here to subscribe to World Circuit - World Circuit Records have established their ...

Anga Lesson 6/8 Gold
Anga Diaz demonstrates his amazing chops. May he rest in peace in the hands of God.

Omar Sosa & Anga Diaz - Mantel Blanco
MANTEL BLANCO - Omar Sosa & Anga Diaz en vivo (Francia 2004) Músicos: - Omar Sosa: Piano. - Luis Depestre: Saxo. - Childo Tomas: Bajo.

Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Conga Solo 1997
Filmed by Mike Croy on February 1997 at Casa De La Musica in Cuba, Check out the whole video at International Timba Conspiracy's channel at: ...

Cachaito Lopez and Anga Diaz rare Egrem Studios footage

Anga Diaz Allen Hoist Manteca

Anga Diaz - Marcha Variations
Miguel "Anga" Diaz demonstrates marcha (tumbao) variations on 5 congas. From Anga Mania 1999.

Anga Diaz - Pilon & Batatumbata + Funk
Miguel "Anga" Diaz demonstrates the Afro-Cuban rhythms Pilon & Batumbata combined with funk. From Anga Mania 1999. Both are in 2/3 clave. In Batatumbata ...

Anga Diaz - Guaguanco Variations
Miguel "Anga" Diaz demonstrates guaguanco variations on 5 congas. From Anga Mania 1999.

Miguel "Angá" Díaz + Piraña
Percussion jam of cajón and conga by Israél Suárez "Piraña" and Miguel "Angá" Díaz. Excerpt from the music documentary "The ways of the Cajón" by DG De ...

Anga Diaz

Anga Diaz solo, 1996. - Fortitude and Chaos
video was originally uploaded by "mirak63" Here is performance by Anga playing along with Steve Coleman and Five Elements Oct. 23 Nancy/France ...

Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Los Caminos Del Cajón
Solos De Percusión En El Seminario De Cajon De Castelldefels Miguel "Anga" Diaz - cajón, congas Pepe Motos, Juan Flores, Israel "Piraña" Suárez - cajón ...

Irakere - Zamba
Irakere live Teatro Amadeo Roldan, Cuba circa 1988. Solo by Enrique Pla on drums with Miguel "Anga" Diaz on congas.

Omar Sosa, Childo Tomas & Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Eleggua
Omar Sosa Porto Latino 2004 from the film by Jean-Robert Thomann 'Omar Sosa Le Souffle Des Ancetres' Omar Sosa - piano Miguel "Anga" Diaz - percussion ...

Cubadisco Rumba Jam '97 w/ Tata Guines, Changuito, Anga Diaz, Eladio Terry & Enildo Rasua
Cuba Disco 1997 rumba jam started off by Tata Guines and joined by Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito" on timbales, Anga Diaz on congas, Enildo Rasua on drum ...


Anga Diaz & Gabriel Hernandez - Ist Improv
Miguel "Anga" Diaz & Gabriel Hernandez perform an improvisation based on the marcha (tumbao). From Anga Mania. Anga played congas on two recordings ...

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