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The Angels of LightArtist info The Angels of Light is a musical entity formed in 1997 by singer Michael Gira after he disbanded Swans, the group he'd founded in 1982. The band has marked a distinctly different style for Gira since he left Swans, most noticeably being musically more melodic and less brutal than his previous efforts, though no less emotionally draining.The Angels of Light include many New York City collaborators, including Dana Schechter of Bee and Flower, Kid Congo Powers of The Cramps, Larry Mullins aka Toby Dammit, Bliss Blood of The Moonlighters and Pain Teens, Thor Harris of Shearwater, and most recently the Brooklyn band Akron/Family.Gira talks about the the Angels project :I write the songs on acoustic guitar, then gather musicians and friends, and build up the orchestrations with them in the studio and in live performances... Read more

The Angels Of Light - New Mother (Full Album)
New Mother was the first post-Swans album of songs from Michael Gira. It was released in 1999. It was written, sung, and produced by M. Gira with contributions ...

2007 Angels of Light - We Are Him [Full Album]
0:00 Black River Song (3:14) 3:14 Promise of Water (5:27) 8:42 The Man We Left Behind (5:50) 14:33 My Brother's Man (4:18) 18:51 This is Not Here (5:42) ...

The Angels of Light - Untitled Love Song

Angels of Light Everything is Good Here, Please Come Home
Michael Gira side project. Full album in one video for people.

The Angels of Light - Not Here/Not Now

Dreamtale - Angel Of Light
Artist: Dreamtale Album: Epsilon Year: 2011 You don't see a single thing I see, your conscience is blind And your spirit's drowning deep In the swamp of your ...

The Angels of light - My true body
The Angels of light "My true body". Off their album "How I loved you" (2001).

Akron/Family & The Angels Of Light - Oceanside

Angels of Light - All Souls Rising. Michael Gira of Swans
Lee's Palace, Toronto. December 16, 2001. This was downloaded from before they redesigned the site. Now they've actually ...

The Angels of Light - Good Bye Mary Lou
The Angels of Light - Good Bye Mary Lou.

The Angels of Light - New York Girls
The Angels of light "New York Girls". Off their album "How I loved you" (2001).

The Angels of Light - Sometimes I Dream I'm Hurting You
The Angels of Light - Sometimes I Dream I'm Hurting You.

THE ANGELS OF LIGHT - Praise Your Name.wmv

The Angels Of Light - What You Were
Album: Everything Is Good Here / Please Come Home (2003)

Petra - Angel of Light
Check my blog to find more Petra songs and learn about the next step of this huge proyect. Visita mi blog para encontrar ...

Angels of Light - Promise of Water (Live)
This session was recorded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2007. Michael Gira from Angels of Light plays the song Promise of Water from the album We Are ...

The Angels Of Light * Evangeline
How I Loved You, 2001 Label: Young God Records – YG16 -There's a silver stream Laid across the sky And the city lives Up its arms to end As I wait for you ...

The Angels of Light - Angels of Light
Artist: The Angels of Light Track: Angels of Light Album: New Mother Year: 1999 Label: Young God Records Lyrics: "And you're lazy So there's nothing that can ...

Provided to YouTube by Virtual Label LLC Evangeline · Angels Of Light · Angels Of Light How I Loved You ℗ 2001 Young God Publishing (ASCAP) Released ...

THE ANGELS OF LIGHT jennifer's sorry 2001
a haunted gem off of "How i loved you", second album done by this brilliant reunion of talented people, combined around Michael Gira's great voice...this one 's ...

The Angels Of Light - Two Women
from 2001's 'How I Loved You'

Angels of Light - Song for Nico

Angels of Light - Promise of Water
from 'We Are Him' Now they live in your head and they travel your veins Now they live in your head and they travel your veins Every word that you speak is a ...

Angels Of Light - Star Chaser
Star Chaser from We Are Him (2007)

Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II [Full Album] 2012
0:00 Sigil of Brass 3:31 His Teeth Did Brightly Shine 12:32 A Multiplicity of Doors 25:35 The Corascene Dog 34:02 The Rakehell.

Tarja Turunen - Until dawn (Angels of Light)
This is a Beto Vazquez Infinity song from 2001 where the wonderful vocals are performed by Tarja Turunen.

Angels of Light - Kosinski
I don't own anything. It's nr 3 from Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home.

Michael Gira / Angels of Light
The Angels of Light (Live in San Francisco 04-11-03 @ Amoeba Records)

Angels of Light - The Provider
From Akron/Family & Angels of Light split album [2005]

Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I [Full Album] 2011
0:00 Old Black 8:49 Father Midnight 21:00 Descent to the Zenith 28:30 Hell's Winter 40:03 Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I.

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