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AntennasiaArtist info antennasia first hit the Tokyo club scene in 1999. Founded by programmer nerve together with vocalist san, they gradually get recognized in the down-tempo community. After fabricating 2 albums in their own back kitchen, the proper antennasian sound takes form and soon their works get marked no.1 in Japans internet charts, steadily spreading overseas in forums and webzines... Read more

Antennasia - Velowitch's Trick
Artist : Antennasia Title: Velowitch's Trick Album: 23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City Year: 2006.

Mannequin - Antennasia
from their album "23 Bluebird St, Velo-city." The picture is from the live performance at at St. Gery, Belgium in 2003. Lyrics: Romaji (Japanese): "Watashi ni mo ...


MUSIC SHARE SENDAI : antennasia LIVE @UNION □2016.4.12.Tue 21:00-22:00 □MUSIC SHARE SENDAI #04 @UNION [GUEST] antennasia ...

Antennasia - Sorrow (About Me)
From Bluebird Street, Velo-City: Lyrics: How do you think about me? How do you think about me? Do you still need me? Please let me know it right now How ...

Sorrow, by Antennasia
Awesome song by Antennasia which you can get from the "Lemongrass Garden Vol. 1" compilation album on iTunes here: ***** Don't forget ...

Antennasia - Seren (Sour Mix) *k~kat chill café* SmoothLoft
Episode 100 / Lemongrassmusic ... 2012. Antennasia was founded by programmer nerve and vocalist san. Their sound took form gradually, and they became ...

Antennasia - [email protected] Feesten, Belgium
the japanese band antennasia did a concert at Gentse Feesten, bij Sint-Jacobs, Gent, Belgium, 24 juli 2003 Featured songs are: - emotion - mamma mamma.

Pegasus - Antennasia
from the album 23 Bluebird St, Velo-city. The picture is from one of their many live performances in Japan. Lyrics: Romaji (Japanese): Velo-city kara sukoshi ...

antennasia - Sorrow (version about me)
the promotion video of antennasia's "Sorrow (version about me)"

Antennasia : "Paradise Parlor" [Dwight Fried rmx]
Antennasia "paradise parlor" [d-fried rmx] Lemongrass Music.

Antennasia : "Blue Dress" [D-Fried rmx]
Antennasia "blue dress" [d-fried rmx] Lemongrass Music.

Antennasia - Gynoid Origine du Groupe : Japan Style : Downtempo , Electro , Trip Hop , Ambient , Lounge Sortie ...

MANTIS / Collapsizm
変拍子ダブ? マスダブステップ? 複雑系ミニマルダブ? MANTISの復活作『Collapsizm』は、ダブとミニマリズムと音響への狂気の愛に満ちた傑作...

Antennasia - Metronome Wiper (Embee Remix)
re: Qus-cus.

First Flight (Lemongrass Remix) by Antennasia
Smooth song by Antennasia. ***** Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube group! *****

antennasia live for a home party (18th Oct., 2009) 1/3
antennasia live for a home party at Natural Healing Studio on 18th Oct., 2009 1/3 Blue Dress / Yojigen, Kosa, Shingo, Ikiru.

Lost, by Antennasia
Smooooth song by Antennasia! ***** Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube group! *****

antennasia - Pegasus
the promotion video of antennasia's "Pegasus"

antennasia Live / 2012.07.15(sun) [email protected] 1/2
1. You Draw, I Swim 2. Goats in a Blue Sky (written by san & Nerve) (c) 2010 antennasia / Mori Records All rights reserved.

Kemono Michi - Antennasia
from their album "23 Bluebird St, Velo-city." I have no idea where the picture originated from but it was displayed on various internet sites relating to the group ...

Antennasia : "Gynoid" [D-Fried rmx]
Antennasia "gynoid" [d-fried rmx] [DLDE003] Double Life Records - 2012 from the Antennasia's remixes e.p. "Re:Qus-cus" ...

Cafe Lounge Dolce Snowy Castagna - antennasia - sorrow
Cafe Lounge Dolce Snowy Castagna (2008) antennasia - sorrow.

rippleheart - stasis (feat. kiara)
(Kiara is the vocalist from the band Antennasia) from the "album" (?) "standstill and one second" rippleheart is a side project from one of the members of the band ...

Kei Sato "Wish I Had A Lovely Day feat. san from antennasia" from "Wherever Waterfall" PFCD56 Directed by Tatsuya Suzuki Music by Kei Sato / Vocal by san from antennasia Lyrics by ...

Lance's Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 57 (Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electronica / Chill Out)
A musical mix inspired by the many I used to do back in the day for those amazing, sexy, beautiful parties that would happen after Sinamatic, Dungeon, Bar ...

Antennasia - Nightcamel (Icaseatic Aching Melt - Version by Team Doyobi)
V.A. - Benefit Compilation for Japan Label: ∆icasea Released: 11 July 2011 "Benefit Compilation For Japan" is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the ...

antennasia - Sorrow (version about me) [Live]
antennasia "23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City" Release Party presented by CMFLG 11/03/2006 (fri) at Shibuya PLUG.

antennasia "Yojigen Kosa Shingo Ikiru (Embee Remix)" Live CMFLG 18 July 2009 at Ringoya, Tokyo

antennasia live at SPARK (Kobe, Japan) 31st May, 2009
live at SPARK, Kobe (Japan) 31st May, 2009 shot by H. Nakatsuka, Edited by JERO.

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