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Anthony PhillipsArtist info Anthony Phillips began his solo career in the 70's after departing as Genesis' lead guitarist in 1970 due to stage fright. Since 1977, he has released several albums taking on different moods, from his poppy Sides to the ambience of his Private Parts and Pieces collections, from the anthemic pieces like "Tarka" or "Slow Dance" to the rock opera of 1984.–Anthony PHILLIPS was one of the original founding members of GENESIS featuring Peter GABRIEL, Tony BANKS, and Michael RUTHERFORD. Following "Trespass", GENESIS' second album, PHILLIPS left (purportedly due to stage fright) and was replaced by Steve HACKETT... Read more

Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces (Full Album)
Beauty and the Beast 0:00 Field of Eternity 4:08 Tibetan Yak-Music 9:22 Lullaby - Old Father Time 15:32 Harmonium in the Dust 16:48 Tregenna Afternoons ...

ANTHONY PHILLIPS - Private Parts and Pieces II: Back to the Pavilion (Full Album)
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts and Pieces II: Back to the Pavilion "Scottish Suite: 0:00 (i) "Salmon Leap" (ii) "Parting Thistle" (iii) "Electric Reaper" (iv) ...

Anthony Phillips Story - Part 1 - Interview by Mark Powell - 2014
Anthony Phillips was a founding member of Genesis at Charterhouse School with Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. His musical influence was felt ...

Anthony Phillips on leaving Genesis
Having left Genesis, Anthony describes himself as "a lost sole". Whilst still wanting to pursue music he realised his lack of theory-based musical know-how.

Anthony Phillips 1984 Full Album

Anthony Phillips - "Slow Dance" Part 1
One of Anthony Phililps' most beautiful productions in my eyes.

Anthony Phillips: She'll Be Waiting
A promo clip for this song from Ant's 1996 album Dragonfly Dreams, the ninth release in the Private Parts & Pieces series. Dragonfly Dreams has just been ...

Anthony Phillips (with Guillermo Cazenave) - "The Meadows of Englewood" (complete suite) 1996
Epic title track from Anthony Phillips' collaborative album with Guillermo Cazenave, "The Meadows of Englewood," released in 1996. More information about the ...

Anthony Phillips - TV performance.

Anthony PHILLIPS & Harry WILLIAMSON - Tarka (full album)
Previously soundtrack made by Anthony PHILLIPS & Harry WILLIAMSON for the movie Tarka. Help us caption & translate this video!

Anthony Phillips - Lostwithiel / Under the Ice
"Lostwithiel" (0:00) and "Under the Ice" (4:36) by Anthony Phillips. From the 1996 album "Private Parts and Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams". Ripped from CD.

Anthony Phillips - Suite in D Minor (Whirpools, Cobblestones, Catacombs)
CD: Private Parts & Pieces III: Antiques Originally released: March 1982 Anthony Phillips: Classical, 12 & 6 String Guitars, Bass Guitar Enrique Berro Garcia: ...

Ant Phillips on 12-string
Rare video footage of Anthony Phillips playing "Picaresca" from "Meadows of Englewood".

Anthony Phillips & Guillermo Cazenave - Peggy in the Skies Without Diamonds
Extract from the DVD The Meadows of Englewood.

Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson - The Anthem

Anthony Phillips - September
Anthony Phillips - 1985 Private Parts & Pieces V - Twelve.

anthony phillips - musical box demo (1969)
Anche se il titolo originale è F sharp, è questa la musica originale da cui è poi nata Musical Box tratto da Nursery Crime!

Which way the wind blows Anthony Phillips
Which way the wind blows the Book of Genesis Genesis tribute band live at Charterhouse.

Prog Review 536 - Slow Dance Deluxe Edition - Anthony Phillips
You can get your copy from here: --------------SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL--------------------- Donate or tip: ...

Anthony Phillips - Pieces of Eight [PP&P VIII New England, 1992] HD
I - Pressgang 0:00 - 2:22 II - Sargasso 2:23 - 5:33 III - Sea-shanty 5:34 - 10:30 Pictures from Tuscan countryside, Italy.

Anthony Phillips - God If I Saw Her Now
Anthony Phillips - The Geese And The Ghost 1977.

Anthony Phillips - Silver Song
Dedicated to my beloved cat, Silver, wherever she may be..

Anthony Phillips (Genesis) - River of Life (Cover) 12-String Solo
Anthony Phillips is one of the founding members of Genesis. Together with Mike Rutherford he created a very special guitar sound using mostly 12-string ...

Anthony Phillips - Wind - Tales

Anthony Phillips - Sunrise and Sea Monsters/Iona/Spirals/In the Maze
Sunrise and Sea Monsters 0:00 - 10:25 Iona 10:26 - 11:25 Spirals 11:26 - 12:15 In the Maze 12:16 - 13:10 Pictures from Tuscany, Italy.

Anthony Phillips - Moonshooter

Anthony Phillips - Chinese Walls
Track from Private Parts & Pieces IX - Dragonfly Dreams (1996) by Anthony Phillips.

Anthony Phillips - Elevenses
Private Parts & Pieces 7, Slow Waves Soft Stars.

Anthony Phillips - Going For Broke
Album - Invisible Men.

Anthony Phillips & Chris White & Sophia Letitia Maclean - Love will shine

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