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AnúnaArtist info Irish choral music has little history before the latter part of the twentieth century. This is somewhat understandable for a country often subjugated, but with such a strong indigenous musical identity of its own. In 1987 Dublin composer Michael McGlynn founded ANÚNA, Ireland's National Choir. Much of the group's repertoire explores the relationship between traditional choral ideas in combination with the musical heritage of McGlynn's native land... Read more

[email protected] : Fáilte don Éan (music Michael McGlynn), feat. Cait Frizzell
Soloist Cait Frizzell Text Séamus Dall Mac Cuarta From the album ANÚNA "Revelation" Available on Spotify and iTunes sheet music ...

ANÚNA : Fill, Fill a Rún, feat. Éabha McMahon
from the album Revelation, arrangement by Michael McGlynn - recorded in Saint Bartholomew's Church, Dublin. Sheet music available from ...

Anúna : Fionnghuala, featuring John McGlynn, arr. Michael McGlynn
Anúna performing `Fionnghuala`, Solo John McGlynn. Arranged by Michael McGlynn. Available as Sheet Music in Mixed Voice, Male Voice and High Voice ...

ANÚNA : Sakura (arr. Michael McGlynn)
Anúna sing the traditional Japanese piece "Sakura", a song in praise of the cherry blossom. Sheet music from

ANÚNA : The Coventry Carol (arr. Michael McGlynn)
Sheet Music from Soloists Rachel Thompson, Lucy Champion & Miriam Blennerhassett. Recorded live at Saint Bartholomew's ...

ANÚNA : "Gaudete" arr. Michael McGlynn
ANÚNA perform Michael McGlynn's arrangement of "Gaudete". Available as sheet music from

[email protected] : Hinbarra (written by Michael McGlynn)
Solos - Dónal Kearney, Sam, Kreidenweis, Zach Trouton, Ian Curran Sheet Music from Filmed at Saint Bartholomew's Church Dublin ...

Anúna : Dúlamán - written by Michael McGlynn
Purchase the album version of this track from iTunes at or this live version from "Celtic Origins" ...

ANÚNA : The White Rose (Michael McGlynn)
"The White Rose", a gentle evocation of lost love written by Michael McGlynn, is the opening track of our new limited edition EP "Sunshine | Shadows" , released ...

ANÚNA : "Siúil a Rúin" (Walk My Love) feat. Lucy Champion
Purchase from iTunes here Track from the album "Invocation" featuring the voice of Lucy Champion.

[email protected] : Media Vita
ANÚNA - 1987/2017 - 30 years Filmed on a stormy, dark December night this is Michael McGlynn's arrangement of Media Vita, soloist Samuel Kreidenweis.

ANÚNA : Noel Nouvelet (arr. Michael McGlynn)
This beautiful French carol from Anúna was created by Anúna and Elevation and filmed by Philip Marshall for MPT from the PBS TV Special "Christmas ...

Anúna - "Cloudsong" (Riverdance, 1995)
Audio copyright falsely claimed by the "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" (scam entity) in order to steal advertising revenue from the associated ...

[email protected] : Amhrán na Gaoithe/Song of the Wind
Written by Michael McGlynn Sheet Music from Filmed by Brad Ballew/John McGlynn/Nejc Rudel Edit Michael McGlynn recorded Saint ...

ANÚNA : "Invocation" by Michael McGlynn
Purchase from iTunes at Filmed in Co. Galway, "Invocation", solo by Michael McGlynn features on the ...

Anúna : Ríu Ríu, arr. M.McGlynn feat. Rory Musgrave
Sheet music from Anúna perform this beautiful Spanish Carol from the 16th century. arranged by Michael McGlynn. Soloist Rory ...

ANÚNA : "La Chanson de Mardi Gras"
As featured on the Album 'Illuminations' - released 2014. See Soloist Andrew Hozier Byrne, song arranged Michael McGlynn, available as sheet ...

Anúna : The Wild Song feat. Lynn Hilary & Sarah O Kennedy
Sheet Music from Written by Michael McGlynn, with solos by Lynn Hilary, Sarah O'Kennedy and Michael McGlynn. Originally ...

ANÚNA : One Last Song (Michael McGlynn)
From the album "Revelation". Words and Music Michael McGlynn. Sheet Music from

ANÚNA : Christus Resurgens (arr. Michael McGlynn) sheet music from www.michael "ANÚNA : Christus Resurgens" - For Easter Sunday. The Earth is reborn, the light returns to the ...

ANÚNA : O Holy Night (Arr. Michael McGlynn)
Sheet Music from Soloist Cait Frizzell. Recorded at Saint Bartholomew's Church, Dublin, December 2015. Filming by Brad Ballew, ...

ANÚNA : Ceann Dubh Dílis - music Michael McGlynn
Available from iTunes at Written by Michael McGlynn and recorded in Cleggan, Co.

ANÚNA : "Cormacus Scripsit" arr. Michael McGlynn
Purchase from iTunes here Anuna perform "Cormacus Scripsit", a 12th century Irish piece reconstructed by ...

ANÚNA : Greensleeves/Scarborough Fair, Feat. Linda Lampenius, arr. Michael McGlynn
Purchase these two songs separately from iTunes at or this live version from "Celtic Origins" at ...

Anuna : Sanctus [Michael McGlynn]
Anúna perform Michael McGlynn's "Sanctus" from "The Celtic Mass". CD/DVD available from

ANÚNA : "Jerusalem" arr. Michael McGlynn
You can purchase from iTunes at "Jerusalem" arranged by Michael McGlynn. Solos Monica ...

ANÚNA : "Sleepsong" (feat. Lucy Champion)
Featuring the voice of Lucy Champion, with solo contributions from Michael McGlynn and Lynn Hilary. This comes from the album "Invocation" (1994) and is ...

ANÚNA Summer School : Dúlamán
This is Michael McGlynn's setting of the traditional Irish poem "Dúlamán" as performed, unconducted, by the attendees at the Anúna Summer School, June 2016.

Earth Mother - Anuna
I found this poem here: I love nature and I'm a huge fan of the Irish group Anuna.

Anúna : Cúnnla (Michael McGlynn)
An Irish ghost story... text Traditional Irish - Music by Michael McGlynn sheet music from "Cé hé siúd thíos atá 'leagan na gclaíocha?

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