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Archie FisherArtist info Archie Fisher (born 1939) is a Scottish folk singer and a member of the The Fisher Family, a group of respected traditional and contemporary folk-singers. His sisters Ray Fisher (born 26 November 1940; died 31 August 2011) was also a singer, as is younger sister Cilla Fisher. Archie Fisher was born in Glasgow on 23 October 1939. In 1960 he moved to Edinburgh and appeared regularly at a folk club called "The Howff" run by Roy Guest... Read more

Archie [email protected] Folk Festival 2011

Will Ye Gang, Love - Archie Fisher (Full Album)
Beautiful album by a great Scottish singer. While I enjoy the Jacobite songs that are so prevalent in Scottish music, this album is unique that many of the songs ...

Archie Fisher - Western Island
From the album 'The Man With A Rhyme' Archie Fisher was born in Glasgow in 1939, the only son in a family of seven, and now lives in the Scottish ...

Taken from Archie Fisher's 2008 release "WINDWARD AWAY" ~THE FINAL TRAWL~ Written & performed by ARCHIE FISHER Now it's three long years since ...

Cyril MacPhee with Archie Fisher live at Celtic Colours International Festival 2016
We Remember You Well (Buddy MacDonald) performed by Cyril MacPhee with Archie Fisher. Recorded live at Dangerous Duos, Strathspey Performing Arts ...

Borderlands, Archie Fisher on Celtic Roots Festival
Archie Fisher on Celtic Roots Festival.

O'er The Water Tae Charlie - Archie Fisher and Barbara Dickson 2012
Barbara Dickson sings a well known traditional song with harmonies and lovely guitar accompaniment by Archie Fisher. I remember seeing Archie on BBC folk ...

Café Chats: Archie Fisher MBE Interview
It was a real pleasure to spend time with the legendary Archie Fisher and ask him about his 55 year career in music. He talks about his musical roots, his first ...

Archie Fisher - The Broom A' The Cowdenknowes (1976)
aff Will Ye Gang, Love (1976)

Archie Fisher - Will the circle be unbroken
Part of a come-all-ye in honour of the late Norman Buchan.

Archie Fisher - Reynardine [Archie Fisher] 1968
Archie Fisher - Reynardine [Archie Fisher] 1968 Born October 23, 1939, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom Currently Scotland, United Kingdom. Although ...

Archie Fisher From "Windward Away" 2008 .I do not own the rights to this music, nor is any copyright infringement intended.

Archie Fisher "Joy Of My Heart"
"Joy Of My Heart" - a song in praise of the island of Mull, sung by Archie Fisher.

Archie Fisher - "Gae Bring Tae me A Pint O' Wine" [ Robert Burns ]
A song to celebrate our national poet on Burns Night 2015 : - Archie Fisher sings the Burns song "Gae Bring Tae Me A Pint O' Wine" - [ a pint !! I like his style ...

Archie Fisher - Mount and Go
Archie Fisher -- Mount and Go appears on the album The Man With A Rhyme. Archie Fisher (born 1939) is a Scottish folk singer.

Archie Fisher - The Snows
Archie Fishers's wonderful version of The Snows They Melt The Soonest. Doesn't get much better than this!

Archie Fisher : Joy Of My Heart

Archie Fisher - Ashfields and Brine
Archie Fisher - Sunsets I've Galloped Into [1992]

"CUILLINS OF HOME", from the 2008 release, WINDWARD AWAY. The first verse of this song was by Gordon Bok. Arranged by Archie Fisher. I do not own the ...

The Witch of the Westmereland by Archie Fisher
Former Waybacks frontman Stevie Coyle joins high-octane Americana band Houston Jones (also with several Waybacks emeritae) to sing "a 600 year-old folk ...

Archie Fisher - Bogie's Bonnie Belle (with lyrics)
This lovely song is a request from a dear friend. Archie Fisher sings "Bogie's Bonnie Belle" from his first album, released in 1969. It is a sad, beautiful ballad of ...

'Orfeo' 01 Orfeo
Archie Fisher - Orfeo Transfer from 1970 Decca LP.

Archie Fisher - "Mary Ann"
The great Archie Fisher swung by Red House to do a Storage Room Session and performed his breathtaking ballads mixing in a little of his great humor.

From "OFF THE MAP" 2003 "I do not own the rights to this music, nor is any copyright infringement intended"

Canciones antiguas de la Escocia de otros tiempos cantadas por Archie Fisher.

Archie Fisher, Helen of Kirkconnel Lea
Archie Fisher, Helen of Kirkconnel Lea, from "Man with a Rhyme"

Broom of the Cowdenknowes(partial)-Archie Fisher/Makem & Clancy 4/4
June 15th, 1984 Archie Fisher taking lead. Makem & Clancy backing with Nollaig Casey. Tape damaged midway through song. Following songs would have ...

Archie Fisher / The Mountain Rain

Lindsay (Fisher)
Archie Fisher recorded in Wrexham folk club.

Archie Fisher - The Three Gipsies (aka Three Gypsies).wmv
This is the master of Scottish folk music, Archie Fisher, singing his "The Three Gipsies" from his self titled album, "Archie Fisher" which was released in 1968.

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