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Art ZoydArtist info In 1968, the small town of Maubeuge, France was giving birth to this fascinating avant-garde outfit that now boasts 13 albums, 17 videos, many soundtracks and music for shows, worldwide festival appearances plus numerous live and compilation disks. By the early 80's, ART ZOYD had already gone through over 30 musicians but the core always centered around composer and classically-trained violinist Gerard Hourbette and bassist Thierry Zaboitzeff. Constantly evolving over the years, their music is always highly adventurous, drawing on elements of the modern classics (Bartok, Stravinsky), the chamber rock of UNIVERS ZERO, a bit of jazz, a good dose of zeuhl and lately, a penchant for electronics. Despite their lack of a drummer, their material is intensely rhythmic and largely relies on strings, horns and piano... Read more

Art Zoyd - Symphonie Pour le Jour Ou Bruleront les Cites 1976 - Álbum completo
Artista: Art Zoyd Álbum: Symphonie Pour le Jour Ou Bruleront les Cites Año: 1976 Género: RIO Duración: 43:39 Nacionalidad: Francia Lista de Temas: 01.

Art Zoyd birthday concert 2015 (shortcuts)
Art Zoyd birthday concert 2015 : (shortcuts)

Art Zoyd - Baboon's Blood

ART ZOYD live Phase IV @ Hotel de Ville Maubeuge 1982 France
Art Zoyd playing Phase IV live at Hotel de Ville Maubeuge France, December 1982. Broadcasted by French television TV5, FR3 Nord in 1986. Play list: Dernière ...

Art Zoyd-Les Espaces Inquiets 1983 Full Album
1 Légendes: la forêt qui avance 2 Cérémonie 3 Images d'une ville poussière 4 Migrations 5 Légendes: Le bruit du fer -Video Upload powered by https://www.

Art Zoyd - La Ville
Generation sans Futur.

Art Zoyd - Ceremonie
Les espaces inquiets.

Art Zoyd - Naufrage
Phase IV.

ART ZOYD - 19 Sept 2015 - Rock in Opposition
Exceptionnel concert anniversaire (44.5 ans) de ce groupe mythique qui nous a offert en ce soir mémorable, une relecture, qui en a bouleversé plus d'un, d'un ...

Art Zoyd - La Nuit
Phase IV.

Art Zoyd - something in love (1971)
art zoyd - french heavy psych rock.

ART ZOYD - Music & Sinema Nosferatu
1996.11.19 神奈川県民ホールの前の広場 Music & Sinema Nosferatu.

Art Zoyd
Art Zoyd - Ceremony.

Art Zoyd - The new Tower of Babel
From album Metropolis (2002) Music for the Fritz Lang's film Metropolis (1926) Label in-possible records

Art Zoyd - Unsex Me Here
From the album "Berlin" Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, Unsex me here, Make thick my blood. Come, thick night That my keen knife see not The ...

Art Zoyd Live
The unclassified music from one of the most interesting groups in Europe at that time. Recorded for a tv show in the eighties,I think it was after the release of ...

Art Zoyd - Ballade
Phase IV.

Art Zoyd-Sangria/Something In Love(1971)
single 1971.

art zoyd - sangria (1971)
art zoyd - french rock 70's.

Art zoyd - Les Fourmis
From album 'Symphonies Pour Le Jour Où Brûleront Les Cités' This song belongs to Art Zoyd, no copyright infringement intended.

Nullstellensatz @ Art Zoyd Studio - 11062013
Nullstellensatz recording session @ Art Zoyd Studio - 11062013.

Art Zoyd - Haxan phi
1997 -uploaded in HD at

Art Zoyd
Concert Häxan de Art Zoyd le 22 mai 1997 à Rouen Place de la Cathédrale avec projection sur l'ancien palais des congrès d'un film sur la chasse aux ...

Art Zoyd * Baboon's Blood
Berlin, 1987 Label:Cryonic Inc. – MAD 3032 CD *JG Ballard Tribute.

Art Zoyd "Les larmes de Christina"
Art Zoyd - Les larmes de Christina - sur l'album "Phase IV" (1982)

01 Musique Pour L'Odyssée - Art Zoyd
From the album "Musique Pour L'Odyssee" (1979).

Baboons Blood YT2 / Thierry Zaboitzeff (ex Art Zoyd)
Baboons Blood (Cross The Bridge extract: Thierry Zaboitzeff solo concert in Arge Salzburg 26/09/09) for the twentieth birthday of editta braun company Visuals: ...

Art Zoyd - Io 2
Art Zoyd Album: Le Mariage du Ciel et de L'Enfer 1985.

Art Zoyd - Images d'une ville-poussiere - errance
Les espaces inquiets.

Art Zoyd - Trois miniatures
Generation sans Futur.

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