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ArtasArtist info There are two groups with the name Artas.1.) An Austrian melodic death metal/thrash metal band, formerly known as Staub & Schatten. Winning the Metalchamp 2007 competition, secured them a record deal with Napalm Records... Read more

Artas - Riotology [Album 2011]
Artas est un groupe de metal moderne (variant les styles) à l'état d'esprit "rebel" et dénonciateur (antifasciste, anticapitaliste, anarchiste) qui fut formé en 2006 à ...

ARTAS - Wiener Verhältnisse
We decided to throw out this little self-cut video to make our statement in these troubled times, where right-wing movements across europe are spreading fear ...

Artas - The Healing
Song: The Healing Band: Artas Album: The Healing.

first official ARTAS music clip! NO MORE HATRED! join the facebook community: order the album RIOTOLOGY: ...

FUE / Robotic ARTAS Neograft vs. FUT / Hand Cut Surgery
FUE Robotic ARTAS & Neograft vs. By hand using FUT surgery - FAQ One of the world's top hair restoration surgeons (who performs both FUE w/Neograft ...

Artas- All I know
Faina dainike ;P.

Artas - Gangstas Paradise
Artas had no Video up on youtube as far as I saw so I felt like I should support them. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life ...

Artas - Barbossa
Song Barbossa by Artas Lyrics: Wer hält das Ruder in der Hand Wer hat die Segel fest gespannt Wer trägt die See in seinem Herz Kennt keine Furcht und ...

Artas - Fortress of no Hope

Artas - Rassenhass (HQ)
Artas - Riotology (2011) Thrash/Death Metal from Austria ### LYRICS ### Alle Farben dieser Welt Trägst du in dir Doch weil du das nicht siehst Bist und bleibst ...

Artas - Bastardo
Melodic Death Thrash Metal Band from Austria.

Artas - Le Saboteur (HD)
Video taken at the RIOTOLOGY release party in jan 2011! thanks to bernd grubmann & fillip langmayr peace.

Artas feat. Kristi - Higher (Radio Edit)
Lithuania HQ - Let the music touch your soul. 〱Spotify: 〱Facebook: 〱Soundcloud: ...

Hi, this is my second mix and i hope you like it! done! Tracklist: 1.Peter Brown - The One (Original Mix) 2.Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso Vs. Wezz Devall - She's ...

Artas - Rassenhass Lyrics

Artas - O5
artist: Artas album: Riotology song: O5.

Artas - Le Saboteur (HQ)

Artas feat. Kristi - Stardust (Electronic I Remix)
Artas jums jau gerai žinomas ne tik kaip dviejų PWR megahitų autorius, bet ir mūsų penktadienio laidos “Artas Clubbing” vedėjas. Dabar jis pristato naujausią ...

Artas - A Song Of Ice And Fire
Band: Artas Album: The Healing Song: A Song Of Ice And Fire Here are the Lyrics (thanks to Makia414): Eis und Feuer bringt den Sieg schwemmt die Heuchler ...

Artas & Egle - All I Know (Dance Mix)
senas 2006 metų kūrinėlis vertas dėmesio ;)

Artas - Kontrol
Melodic Death Thrash Metal Band from Austria.

Artas-Grin Behind The Mirror
Song: The Grin Behind The Mirror Band: Artas Album: Riotology Year: 2011

artas fick das fett
gut gut.

Artas - Gipfelstürmer (HQ)

Artas - A Martyr's Dawn
artist: Artas album: Riotology song: A Martyr's Dawn.

Artas - No Pasaran! (HQ)

artas - blut
geiles lied von artas \m/ all rights go to the band artas!

Artas - Between Poets And Murderes (HQ)

Artas - Instabile Systeme
an un-released gem from 2011´s Riotology.

Artas - Rhagenfels
Melodic Death Thrash Metal Band from Austria.

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