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Arthur RussellArtist info Arthur Russell (May 21 1951 - April 4, 1992) was a prodigious talent. Classically trained on cello while growing up in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Arthur studied with Ali Akbar Khan in San Francisco in the early 1970's. During this period he also collaborated with Allen Ginsberg, accompanying him on cello while Ginsberg read or sang. Russell also spent time in a Buddhist commune in California; he left when they decided to collectivize his cello... Read more

Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Album - Another Thought I do not hold the rights to this song, and am making nil profit from this video.

Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context [Full Album]
2004, Compilation 00:00 The Deer In The Forest - Part I 01:35 The Platform On The Ocean 09:40 You And Me Both 13:25 Calling Out Of Context 19:11 Arm ...

That's Us / Wild Combination
Arthur Russell.

Arthur Russell - A Little Lost
This is an unofficial video. It's made with an excerpt of the animation 'Girl And Dolphin' by R .Zelma. The song is from the album 'The World Of Arthur Russell'.

Arthur Russell - Some Imaginary Far Away Type Things A.K.A. Lost In The Meshes
Unedited Video Footage By Phill Niblock Music by Arthur Russell Sound Recording: Steve Cellum Video and Audio recorded on ¾ inch U-matic tape using a ...

Arthur Russell | Instrumentals A | 1975
Arthur Russell | Instrumentals A | First Thought Best Thought (Recorded April 27, 1975 at 'The Kitchen' NYC) Label: Audika Catalog#: AU-1005-2 Format: 2 x CD ...

Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face" (Original Male Version)
This is way too obvious a song for me to be posting, but I incredulously found that no one had posted this unreleased, original, male vocal version yet and that's ...

Arthur Russell || Habit of You
"Habit of You" from Arthur Russell's "Love is Overtaking Me". BUY IT NOW!

Arthur Russell - Come To Life
Arthur Russell is one of them artists that have the power of changing your whole view of music, offering a complete and unique musical universe so rich with ...

Arthur Russell - Let's Go Swimming - LR1002
Label:Logarhythm Catalog#: LR-1002-1 Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM Country:US Released:1986.

Arthur Russell - Losing My Taste for the Night Life
Arthur Russell - Losing My Taste for the Night Life ...

Arthur Russell - Terrace Of Unintelligibility
Director: Phill Niblock Producer: Phill Niblock / Experimental Intermedia Foundation Editor: Phill Niblock Composer: Arthur Russell Lights: Steven Hall Lighting ...

Arthur Russell - Another Thought
From the album entitled "Another Thought" 1994.

Arthur Russell - In The Light of The Miracle
Album: The World Of Arthur Russell Label: Soul Jazz Records Released: 2004 Buy:

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (B-Side) ft Arthur Russell
An unreleased version of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" with Arthur Russell on cello ...

Arthur Russell - Arm Around You

Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination
Arthur Russell, taken from the album Calling Out of Context.

Arthur Russell: Love Is Overtaking Me
Arthur Russell: Love Is Overtaking Me (2008) "Love Is Overtaking Me"

Byrne, Glass, Ginsberg on Arthur Russell 'Another Thought' EPK
Pre-order and get the Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell hat now: For the first time ever Arthur Russell's 'Another Thought' EPK ...

arthur russell - i could't say it to your face
Charles Arthur Russell Jr. (1952 April 4, 1992) was an American cellist, composer, singer, and disco artist. While he found the most success in dance music, ...

Arthur Russell - The Platform on the Ocean
Arthur Russell - The Platform on the Ocean Calling Out Of Context (2004)

Arthur Russell - Answers Me
Artist: Arthur Russell Song: Answers Me Album: World of Echo [1986] Label: Upside Records.

Arthur Russell - Keeping Up
"Keeping Up" by Arthur Russel, from the album Another Thought.

Ballad of the Lights - Arthur Russel and Allen Ginsberg
A beautiful collaboration between musician Arthur Russell and beat poet Allen Ginsberg. It struck a chord in me and I couldn't help but upload a good quality ...

Arthur Russell - The Sleeping Bag Sessions
Este canal se dedica únicamente a la difusión de la obra de distintos artistas de diferentes partes del mundo, si el material te gusta apoya a los músicos ...

Arthur Russell - Make 1, 2

Arthur Russell Part 1 Lost Superstar
My name is Liz Rizza and I did a short part 1 and part 2 piece on Arthur Russell- The Russell footage I got from Matt Wolf- A huge Thank you.

Arthur Russell - You And Me Both
Surreal dancing video edit by Optiroc / 1.000.000 BOYS.

Dinosaur L - GO BANG!!! Arthur Russell
video by Aurora Halal... produced by Arthur Russell, Sleeping Bag Records 1982 François Kevorkian mixxx

Arthur Russell • Tower of Meaning [the long one]
Conducted by: Julius Eastman Performed by: CETA Orchestra Originally composed for Robert Wilson's "Medea" (1980) - ultimately rejected by Wilson - the ...

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