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Assemblage 23Artist info "Assemblage 23" is a one-man futurepop/ebm project, whose sole member is musician Tom Shear, based in Seattle, Washington, USA.Prior to starting Assemblage 23, Shear experimented with music under the name "Man on a Stage", beginning in the early 1980s. Most of Shear's music at this point was instrumental, as he lacked the confidence to sing; the quality of the music itself was highly questionable by his own admission. Shear eventually began to add vocals to his music; at the same time, Shear was also playing bass in a punk band called the "Advocates"... Read more

Assemblage 23 - Endure Deluxe Edition (Full Album)
Endure Deluxe Edition, Full Album Released October 2016 I dont own any of the content of this video and it is purely for entertainment purposes. Everything is ...

Assemblage 23 - Damaged
Just close your eyes and let that song lead you to a trip full of memories and emotions!!! I am merely the product Of the life that I've lived An amalgam of sorrows ...

Assemblage 23 - Failure - Full Album
Get This Awesome Album Now!!

Assemblage 23 - Barren
Album: Endure (2016)

Assemblage 23 - (Defiance) [Full Album 10 Tracks] - HD Audio
Assemblage 23 - (Defiance) [Full Album 10 Tracks] - HD Audio. Best Sound Quality HD. Please Support this Great Band and purchase a copy of album or the ...

Assemblage 23 - Bravery
Taken from the Album "Endure" 2016.

Assemblage 23 - Let me be your armor
ASSEMBLAGE 23 Album - Addendum Track - Let me be your armor.

Assemblage 23 - Disappoint (Funker Vogt Remix) with lyrics
Words to music can say such powerful things.... By the way sorry my video isn't that great :-)

Assemblage 23 - Collapse
Assemblage 23 - Collapse, CD: Compass, Year: 2009.

Assemblage 23 - 30kft
Assemblage 23 is an electronic act from the United States, currently based in Seattle. It was founded in 1988 by Tom Shear who writes the music and lyrics and ...

Bruderschaft - Forever 2013 (Tom Shear/Assemblage 23)
The new mix of forever from the album "Return" :) With Tom Shear as vocals Lyrics- I don't believe in the existence of mercy's guiding hand... Not with all that I ...

Assemblage 23 - Binary

Assemblage 23 - Awake
I decided to upload a decent copy of this song.

assemblage 23 - Let me be your armor
Seizure Warning.

Assemblage 23 - Spark
Assemblage 23 - Spark, CD: Compass, Year: 2009.

Assemblage 23 - Coward
Awesome song! Enjoy! Lyrics: Coward Why are you frightened? So quiet I can barely hear your lies Coward Was it too hard for you To simply tell the truth?

Assemblage 23 - The Noise Inside My Head.mp4
"The Noise Inside My Head", the fourth track from Assemblage 23's new album "Bruise". Buy Assemblage 23 music and merch at ...

Assemblage 23 - Fallen Down
Lyrics video. I do not own any containing content. Fan made.

Assemblage 23 - Lullaby
A relaxing slide show of beautiful-ness. Lyrics May you find solace in the gentle arms of sleep Despite the wolves outside your door In time you will see them all ...

Assemblage 23 - Contempt (1999) Full Album
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Assemblage 23 - Disappoint - Lyrics

Assemblage 23 – Cocoon

Assemblage 23 - (Storm) [Full Album - 10 Tracks] + Lyrics - HD Audio
Assemblage 23 - (Storm) [Full Album - 10 Tracks] + Lyrics - HD Audio. Best Sound Quality HD. Please Support this Great Band and purchase a copy of album or ...

Assemblage 23 - Horizon
Official Site: More synthpop: Image: Golden Sea by Tony Elieh

Assemblage 23 - Purgatory - Lyrics

Assemblage 23 Ground
One of the best Assemblage 23 songs,enjoy.

Infinite by Assemblage 23
Thank you for supporting the music! If you like what you hear, check out my page for a wide selection of electronic music! Don't forget to Like, and Subscribe!

Assemblage 23 - Cocoon

Assemblage 23 - Divide

Assemblage 23 - Alive
Assemblage 23 - Alive.

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