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Autopilot OffArtist info Autopilot Off was an American punk rock band from Orange County, New York. Under the name Cooter, they recorded their first album - entitled Looking Up - in the year of 1999 and signed with Island Records shortly afterwards, releasing the eponymous debut EP in the spring of 2002.In 2004, under the current name Autopilot Off, they released their debut album, Make a Sound, which includes the single "What I Want", co-written by Rancid's Tim Armstrong."Clockwork" was featured on the soundtrack of the games SSX3 and NHL 2004... Read more

Autopilot Off- Make a Sound
from B3T pretty cool song Lyrics VvVvV I don't know if we'll make it home All we can do for now is hope I don't know if we'll make it home Water all around could ...

Autopilot Off - Clockwork
Autopilot Off - Clockwork.

Autopilot Off - Nothing Frequency
Music video by Autopilot Off performing Nothing Frequency. (C) 2002 The Island Def Jam Music Group.

Autopilot Off - What I Want
Music video by Autopilot Off performing What I Want. (C) 2004 The Island Def Jam Music Group.

AUTOPILOT OFF - Looking Up (2000) [FULL ALBUM]
Band: Cooter (pre-Autopilot Off). Album: Looking Up. Origin: Orange County, USA. Genre: Pop Punk. Tracklist: 00:00 - Missing The Innocence. 02:47 - Full ...

Autopilot Off - Clockworks (SSX 3 Version)
Autopilot Off Clockworks from ssx 3. I know people have been looking for it for ages so here you are. Enjoy! Lyrics: You're probably sick of being tired You can't ...

Autopilot Off - The 12th Day
No copyright infringement of any kind intended. For entertainment purposes only.

AUTOPILOT OFF - Autopilot Off (2002) [FULL EP]
Band: Autopilot Off. Album: Autopilot Off. Origin: Orange County, U.S.A. Genre: Pop Punk. Tracklist: 01 "Long Way to Fall" 02 "Indebted" [2:39] 03 "Nothing ...

Autopilot Off - Divine Intervention
I can't find the song in youtube so I thought I'll upload a lyrics video :) Divine intervention So few and far between Like lightning when it touches to the ground ...

Autopilot Off - "Something for Everyone"
Orange County punk rock music video BlankTV Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. punk, hardcore, ...

Autopilot off - Chromatic Fades
Autopilot off...

09 - Autopilot Off - Make A Sound (Burnout 3 Takedown)
READ THIS! I do NOT take credit for making any content in this video, all cred for the content found in this video goes to the artist(s). If You are the copyright ...

Autopilot Off - Make A Sound
From the album "Make A Sound"

Autopilot off - I know You're Waiting
From the album "Make A Sound"

Autopilot off - Alcologic
Two new songs from Autopilot Off, free download link below. ...

Autopilot Off - I'm Thinking [HQ]
"I'm Thinking", a song written for and released on the 2004 collaboration album "Rock Against Bush Vol.2", by "Autopilot Off". This punk-rock band has produced ...

Autopilot Off - Blind Truth
From the album "Make a Sound"

Tracklist: Slick Shoes: 00:00 - Crooked. 02:37 - Hope Against Hope. 04:35 - Ten Ways To Stay Out Of Debt. 07:00 - Work It. Autopilot Off: 10:05 - Clockwork.

Autopilot off - What i want
This is the hit What I want by Autopilot off with lyrics. All copyrights goes to Autopilot off.

Autopilot off Divine Inervention
Autopilot off Divine Inervention from make a sound album Great song.

Autopilot Off - Raise Your Rifles
Title: Raise Your Rifles Artist: Autopilot Off Album: Make a Sound Year: 2004.

Autopilot Off - Blessed by a Nightmare
Autopilot Off - Blessed by a Nightmare I do not own the rights to this song. I am NOT trying to pass it off as my own. It is for entertainment purposes ONLY.

Autopilot Off - The 12th Day (Lyrics Video)
Lyrics Video of the Autopilot Off's song "The 12th Day" taken from the 2004 album "Make a Sound". ' I have no ownership over the song or the lyrics. I have made ...

Autopilot Off - The Cicada's Song
I was lookign and didn't see this song anywhere (probably didn't look hard enough) but i think it should be put on here. I love it too much to see it not be put on ...

Autopilot Off - Shovel (Quicksand)
Title: Shovel (Quicksand) Artist: Autopilot Off Album: Regenerator Year: 2003.

Make a sound - Autopilot off - music video
Autopilot off - Make a sound Johnny Depp & Russel Crow.

Autopilot off Chromatic fades

Voice In The Dark - Autopilot Off
Song: Voice In The Dark Band: Autopilot Off Album: Make A Sound Release: 2004 Genre: Emo/Alternative Rock/Pop Punk Fair Use: Copyright Disclaimer Under ...

autopilot off - full house
From the album "Looking up" (2002) .. while they were still interesting (in MY opinion)

Autopilot Off - Byron Black (HQ)
Byron Black I met a man named Byron Black And he carried his life strapped to his back On a sidewalk in Houston he called home Crying, "Don't you forget me," ...

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