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Aynsley ListerArtist info Aynsley Lister (born 14 November 1976 in Leicester) is a British blues-rock guitarist/singer and songwriter.Biography:Lister started playing guitar at 8 and played his first concert in a bar band at the age of 13. He had learned guitar by playing along to his father's old 45s of Freddie King, John Mayall and Eric Clapton. By the time he was 18, having already been in several bands, he formed his own, which recorded two albums Messin' With The Kid (1996) and Pay Attention! (1997)... Read more

Aynsley Lister - All Of Your Love
The new album "Eyes Wide Open" will be released worldwide on Straight Talkin' Records on October 7, 2016. Find out more about Aynsley Lister and his new ...

Aynsley Lister - Purple Rain @ The 100 Club 2016
Aynsley detail and goodies on this link:

Aynsley Lister - Need Her So Bad

The Aynsley Lister Band performing Inside Out
Aynsley Lister Band performing Inside Out, recorded at the Ripley Blues Club, 24 March 2012.

"Aynsley Lister at The Robin 2" 19/01/17
First of possible four videos from the great night at "The Robin 2" starting with track 2 off the album "Eyes Wide Open" "Everything I Have To Give" I had ...

Me And My Guitar: Aynsley Lister / 1988 Japanese Fender Stratocaster
Buy a digital copy of Total Guitar here: Download Total Guitar issue 287 for the accompanying explanation - available in the UK and, ...

Aynsley Lister - Home (Live 2012)
captured live @ Bürgerhaus Dudenhofen, Germany on April 25, 2012 Musicians: André Bassing (keyboards) Paul Asbridge (drums) Steve Amadeo (bass) ...

"Aynsley Lister & Laurence Jones @ The Robin 2" 19/01/17
This was a nice treat for us the "Derek and the Dominos" classic from 1970 "Tell The Truth". This is for my mate Craig.

Aynsley Lister - Texas Shuffle |
Aynsley Lister - Texas Shuffle | Download Link: Aynsley Lister has ...

Aynsley Lister - Blues Garage - 18.10.2014
Seit 14 Jahren tritt Aynsley Lister schon in der Blues Garage auf. Jedes mal weiß er sein Publikum zu begeistern. Auf die nächsten 14 Jahre!

Sugar Aynsley Lister
Best track on the New Album for me love this No copyright infringement intended.

Aynsley Lister - Feeling Good (feat. André on keys) (Live 2012)
captured live @ Bürgerhaus Dudenhofen, Germany on April 25, 2012 Musicians: André Bassing (keyboards) Paul Asbridge (drums) Steve Amadeo (bass) ...

Aynsley Lister - Il Grande Mafioso
Performed at the Citadel St Helens on 2nd December 2016 after a superb chilli cooked by the wonderful Steph Lister - in front of a sold out audience who were ...

AYNSLEY LISTER - Won't Be taken Down
ALBUM: Eyes Wide Open YEAR: 2016.

Laurence Jones with Aynsley Lister - Cocaine [J.J. Cale - Cover]
Blues Festival Basel - 06.04.2017 Ein ganz besonderer Abend mit einem einmaligen Ereignis: Aynsley Lister hat verschiedene britische Berufs-Kollegen auf der ...

Purple Rain - Aynsley Lister Tower Sessions
Purple Rain - Aynsley Lister Tower Sessions.

Aynsley Lister - What's It All About - Live / Haiming (DE) / Gewölbe Eisching / 2015-03-23 (HD)
Aynsley Lister performing "What's It All About" live @Gewölbe Eisching / Haiming (DE) 2015-03-23.

Aynsley Lister Band - Tore Down - Muddys Club Bluesnight 2015
Aynsley Lister & Band with a great cover of I'm Tore Down (Freddie King) at bluesnight 2015 Weinheim. organised by Muddys Club. August 1st 2015.


Aynsley Lister playing to SRV style track |
Aynsley Lister playing over a backing track in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The backing track and more can be bought at ...

Aynsley Lister - Big sleep

Aynsley Lister - Everything I Need
cd cover + audio.

Aynsley Lister feat Laurence Jones,Ben Poole,Stevie Nimmo/ Blues Festival Basel 2017
Aynsley Lister feat Laurence Jones,Ben Poole,Stevie Nimmo/ Blues Festival Basel 2017 Aynsley Lister (g,voc) Andy Price (keyb) Steve Amadeo (b) Boneto ...

aynsley lister - little wing

Aynsley Lister Angel O Mine.
From Everything I Need 2000.

Aynsley Lister - "Purple Rain" , Famous Monday Blues, Oxford - 10/12/2012
Aynsley and his band play Prince s 'Purple Rain' at The Jericho Tavern, Famous Monday Blues Club, Oxford.

'Little Wing' Aynsley Lister
Cellar Bar, South Hill Park, Bracknell 4th June 2014 Aynsley is playing the Probett Rocket '59.

Aynsley Lister - Home

Aynsley Lister Licks and Phrases Guitarist magazine
Blues rock dynamo Aynsley Lister demonstrates his killer grasp of licks and phrases in this video taken from Guitarist magazine. For more guitar news, advice ...

Aynsley Lister - Aint No Sunshine.wmv
An Aynsley Lister solo show, with guest Dan Healey on keys. Filmed at the Brewhouse, Burton upon Trent 9th March 2012.

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