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Billy CorganArtist info William Patrick Corgan, III (born March 17, 1967 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, U.S.A.), most commonly known as Billy Corgan, is an American vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter best known for his work in the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins (and, briefly, as the frontman for alt-rock supergroup Zwan)... Read more

Emilie Autumn Billy Corgan
Billy Corgan talks about Emilie Autumn with Dennis DeYoung December 2004.

We Three Kings- Billy Corgan, Emilie Autumn & Dennis DeYoung
A Christmas' Song.

Dennis DeYoung, Billy Corgan & Emilie Autumn - We Three Kings
Dennis DeYoung, Billy Corgan & Emilie Autumn - We Three Kings.

Emilie Autumn, Billy Corgan & Dennis DeYoung on WGN (2004) - Teaser
Emilie Autumn, Billy Corgan & Dennis DeYoung on WGN performing Christmas Carlos with The Winter Quartet. (2004) Check her out at ...

Twilight Vision 019: Emilie Autumn
Twilight Vision TV 019: Emilie Autumn Host: Damiana Produced, Filmed & Edited by Kevin Rankin Producer's Notes: You may have heard of Emilie Autumn from ...

Twilight TV - интервью с Emilie Autumn (русские субтитры)
Скрипичный гений Nigel Kennedy, сила вокала Siouxsie & The Banshees и имидж Марии Антуанетты ядерного века - вот вам и точный...

Courtney Love feat. Emilie Autumn @ Letterman
not mine.

Billy Corgan Dia

Billy Corgan Book signing
Billy Corgan in Toronto.

Billy Corgan & Spirits In The Sky - Freak
Billy Corgan & Spirits In The Sky performing "Freak," written by Billy Corgan. Featuring Dave Navarro, Linda Strawberry, Electric Prunes bassist Mark Tulin, ...

Emilie Autumn: Post Cast II
Video de EA "the Her Bloody Crumpets" Coming soon en IPOD :)


Billy Corgan- lost in the woods
rare video.

Emilie Autumn @ Mera Luna 2007
autograph session.

Emilie Autumn - Medicate With Tea + Lyrics
New song by wonderful Emilie Autumn - Medicate With Tea Official Website: The Asylum Forum: ...

Emilie Autumn On WGN (2006)
Dear Miss Emilie Autumn on WGN 2006. I got the videos from and just put them all together.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Christmastime
A Christmas song by The Smashing Pumpkins, recorded during the Adore era.

Bit 4/A100- Billy Corgan (Vic Theatre 7-5-2005)
Bit 4/A100- Billy Corgan (Vic Theatre, Chicago IL 7-5-2005). All pictures from Setlist: Bit 4 A100 I'm ...

Billy Corgan - Out of the Blue
Billy Corgan performs Roxy Music's "Out of the Blue" with Bun E. Carlos (drums) and the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra. This 2001 performance at Chicago's Metro ...

Emilie Autumn - DREAM TOUR Ep. 19
Each episode of Dream Tour features a touring act discussing who they would put on their ideal tour if there was no limits. In this episode, the American ...

Billy Corgan interviewed on WGN (06/21/2005)

Have lunch with Billy Corgan!
The Rock it Out! Blog talks about your chance to have lunch with Billy Corgan, Deftones not releasing their album Eros, The Virgin Mobile Free Festival and ...

Billy Corgan - Julia
Billy Corgan performs "Julia" at the Hollywood Bowl for Sgt. Pepper's Revisited w/ Cheap Trick.

Emilie Autumn Live
Emilie Autumn Live.

Billy Corgan - Johanna (7-12-05)
Billy Corgan live at The Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on 7-12-05.

Emilie Autumn Live On ChileTv (2010)
Emilie Autumn and her Crumpets Live On ChileTv performing Dead Is The New Alive.

Emilie Autumn - Adagio
Enjoy =D.

Billy Corgan interview after Dallas show
Me and a few other fans talking to Billy after the Dallas show.

Billy Corgan - Pretty, Pretty Star
Billy Corgan - Pretty, Pretty Star Album: The Future Embrace © 2005 Warner Bros

Emilie Autumn Interview Plage Noire 2009 (Part I) mit Emilie Autumn auf dem Plage Noire 2009 (Part I)

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