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Conducting From The GraveArtist info Conducting From The Grave were formed in the fall of 2003, from members and ex-members of local Sacramento bands With Passion, Promising Tomorrow and others. Their musical style has been described as fusing together elements of metalcore/deathcore with progressive death metal, resulting in a very ''catchy'' and yet technical sound.Upon being asked the question ''How did the name Conducting From the Grave come about?'', Jeffrey Morgan replied: ''It’s kind of a strange story, actually. When we first started out we booked a couple of local shows and we didn’t have a band name to play under yet... Read more

Conducting From The Grave - When Two Blood Types Coalesce (New 2015)
10 years ago we released our debut EP "Trials of the Forsaken" To commemorate our ten year anniversary we decided to re-record the entire EP ourselves and ...

Conducting From the Grave "When Two Blood Types Coalesce"
Off their "Trials of the Forsaken" EP.

Conducting From the Grave Eternally Gutted
Conducting From the Grave "Trials of the Forsaken" Very Good up and coming band!, take a good listen -Lyrics- A dark obsession with her frail form, laid upon ...


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