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David KramerArtist info David Kramer was born in Worcester , South Africa. He is a South African folk singer and musician. He began his career in the mid 1970's.His first album BAKGAT! was released in 1980 and immediately banned due to its political satire, coarse language and the mixing of languages... Read more

Hannes Coetzee Spoon Guitar
Hannes Coetzee (born 1944) is a guitarist from the Karoo region in South Africa. Born in 1944, he is mainly known for his unique playing technique using a ...

David Kramer - David Kramer se Karoo
Samen met Schalk Joubert op het festival van het Afrikaans, juni 2013 Den Haag. Voorstelling: David Kramer se Karoo.

David Kramer met Mary Kriel
Volkszanger Mary Kriel uit Namaqualand laat in de voorstelling David Kramer se Karoo zien wat rieldansen is. Tijdens het Festival voor het Afrikaans, juni 2013 ...

TEDxJohannesburg - David Kramer - The Sound of Silence Invisible musicians of the Karoo
This talk received a standing ovation. Famous South African singer/song writer David Kramer and you-tube cult figure Hannes Coetzee take us on a journey ...

KKNK 2013 Street Festival - Piet Crotz Karoo blues
Oom Piet Crotz is 77 and he busks daily in Ladismith at the popular tourist fill station. He plays a mix of his own church inspired gospel blues compositions, and ...

David Kramer Bellville Blues

Botswana Music Crossing Borders - "Capetown here we come" !.
Ronnie, Babsi and Oteng will be performing in the Baxter Theater in The KALAHARI KAROO BLUES show of Mr.David Kramer from 9 to 20 January 2013.

David Kramer - Karoo Karoo
Van Budgie And The Jets / Karoo Karoo 7", 1982 MOUNTAIN

Onner water - David Kramer
This music video was created by iaminawe using After Effects & Painter for legendary South African musician David Kramer.

David Kramer met Mary Kriel en Hannes Coetzee
David Kramer se Karoo met volkszangeres Mary Kriel, slykitaarspeler Hannes Coetzee en bassist Schalk Joubert, tijdens Festival voor het Afrikaans, juni 2013 ...

Karoo musician playing the guitar with a spoon
Legendary South African musician David Kramer watches his friend Hannes Coetzee play the guitar with a spoon at the TEDxJohannesburg event on 7 ...

Oppikoppi 2011: David Kramer Tribute

David Kramer - Suburban Dream.wmv
David Kramer - Suburban dream.

South African Music - Hannes Coetzee - "Die seewind bring heimwee"
Hannes playing a Hawaiian guitar tune called "the sea-breeze makes me homesick" with his teaspoon !

David Kramer en Hannes Coetzee
David Kramer, Schalk Joubert en Hannes Coetzee tijdens de voorstelling David Kramer se Karoo, Festival voor het Afrikaans, juni 2013 Den Haag.

David Kramer Matchbox Full of Diamonds Woordfees
David Kramer singing "Matchbox Full of Diamonds" at Woordfees 2011. Fismer Saal van die Stellenbosch Konservatorium bij Stellenbosch Universiteit.

David Kramer sings Matchbox Full of Diamonds
at the launch of David Kramer: A Biography by Mathilda Slabbert and Dawid de Villiers

Zinkplaat - Blikkitaar Blues
Zinkplaat - Blikkitaar Blues Awesome song!

David Kramer - Botteltjie Blou
David Kramer and Schalk Joubert rehearsing Botteltjie Blou.

Hannes Coetzee - "Guitar Tune".
South African teaspoon guitar player Hannes Coetzee, has some nice guitar tunes as well.

lepel & Guitar Oom Hannes
Oom Hannes Coetzee lepel & Guitar 2de plek Fynbos Ministries Sang Kompetisie in Gouritsmond.

David Kramer - Volstruis Foxtrot (Ostrich Foxtrot, 1984)
David Kramer released his first album (BAKGAT!) in 1980, which was promptly banned in its entirety by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) ...

David Kramer - Matchbox Full of Diamonds
A David Kramer video of Matchbox Full of Diamonds.

David Kramer Skipskop 2012 Fiestas
30 years later! Still the best version. Of hoe sê ek?

David Kramer - Skipskop
I hold no rights to either the music or the visuals - they remain the intellectual property of the creators. This song laments the eviction of a vibrant fishing ...

David Kramer - Biscuits en Biltong.

On the Border (Live, 1983) by David Kramer
A deceptively poignant song about the after effects of South Africa's Border War in Angola which created a lost generation through forced conscription. This is a ...

Botswana Music Guitarz - Oteng & Hannes - "Kaapse Dans" !
Oteng Piet and Hannes Coetzee playing around the table of the lodge, during their 2-weeks stay in Capetown, performing in the Kalahari Karoo Blues show at ...

Hannes Coetzee (Teaspoon Slide Guitar) & Albert Frost HD
Read the story here: Shot and edited by Willim Welsyn.

Montagu - David Kramer
David Kramer "live" op sy album "Jis Jis Jis"

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