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DokkenArtist info Dokken is an American hard rock / heavy metal band that was formed in 1978. Having big success in the 80s with tracks such as "Dream Warriors", "It's Not Love", "In My Dreams", and others, they sold over ten million albums worldwide yet faced internal battles over their direction. The group split up in 1989, having accumulated numerous charting singles and earned a Grammy nomination, and they've had sporadic reunions since then.Dokken was initially composed of founder Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on lead guitar, Juan Croucier on bass, and Mick Brown on drums... Read more

The Very Best of Dokken (Full Album)
Tracks: 01 Breaking The Chains 00:00 02 Paris Is Burning (Live In Europe, 1982) 03:53 03 Into The Fire 09:05 04 Just Got Lucky 13:34 05 Alone Again 18:12 06 ...

Dokken - "Alone Again" (Official Music Video)

Dokken Back For The Attack (FULL ALBUM) Original Cd Press HQ
Don Dokken vocals George Lynch guitars Jeff Pilson bass Mick Brown drums 1. Kiss of Death 0:00 2. Prisoner 5:56 3. Night by Night 10:17 4. Standing in the ...

In My Dreams Dokken

Dokken - "Into The Fire" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - Under Lock And Key - 1985 - (Full Album)
UNDER LOCK AND KEY 1985 Genre: Hard Rock/Glam/Heavy Metal Tracklist; 1.- Unchain The Night - 0:00 2.- The Hunter - 5:23 3.- In My Dreams - 9:33 4.

Dokken - "Dream Warriors" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - Tooth And Nail - 1984 (FULL ALBUM)
Tracklist: 1.Without Warning 00:00 2.Tooth and Nail 01:33 3.Just Got Lucky 05:14 4.Heartless Heart 09:48 5.Don't Close Your Eyes 13:18 6.When Heaven ...

Dokken - "Breaking The Chains" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - It's Not Love - HQ (Extended Version)
Producido por Angelo Arcuri, Neil Kernon y Michael Wagener, en 1985 graban el Lp "Under Lock And Key", publicado el 9 de Noviembre, que logra un éxito ...

Dokken - "Heaven Sent" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - "The Hunter" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - "In My Dreams" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - "Walk Away" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - "Burning Like A Flame" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - "It's Not Love" (Official Music Video)

Dokken - "Just Got Lucky" (Official Music Video)

DOKKEN - Anaheim, California - November 4, 1999 with Reb Beach Erase The Slate Tour Live
1."Erase the Slate" 2."Kiss of Death" 3."The Hunter" 4."Into the Fire" 5."Maddest Hatter" 6."Too High to Fly" 7."Breaking the Chains" 8."Paris Is Burning" 9."Alone ...

Dokken - Live in Philadelphia 87 [Full Concert]
1) Kiss Of Death 2) Just Got Lucky 3) Burning Like A Flame 4) Into The Fire 5) Alone Again 6) It's Not Love 7) Lightning Strikes Again 8) In My Dreams.

Metal Mythos: DOKKEN
Are you a Dream Warrior? Then it's time to Unchain the Night for a complete career retrospective... of DOKKEN! Table of Contents: 00:02:03 - Breakin' The ...

Dokken - Greatest Hits - Full Album

Dokken - Kiss of Death - Live in Japan, 8 Oct 2016
Dokken at Loud Park 16 - Kiss of Death - Live in Japan (Saitama Super Arena), 8 Oct 2016 Don Dokken (Vo) George Lynch (G) Jeff Pilson (B) Mick Brown (Dr)

Dokken - Alone Again lyrics
Dokken - Alone Again song lyrics Find me on Instagram and Twitter @JeniferMetal :)


Dokken - Alone Again [HD]
Dokken - Alone Again (Official Music Video) HD Widescreen.

Don Dokken - Mirror, Mirror
Music video by Don Dokken performing Mirror, Mirror. (C) 1990 Geffen Records.

Dokken - "Alone Again" (Acoustic Promotional Performance)
2008 WMG Dokken - "Alone Again" Acoustic Promotional Performance.

Dokken - Sleepless Night
From 1987's Back For The Attack. No ownership claimed. Strictly for amusement.

Dokken - George Lynch - Japan Live '95
Dokken es una de las bandas estadounidenses de hard rock y heavy metal más exitosas de la década de los años 1980, que combinando la voz característica ...

Dokken - Under Lock And Key [2009 Digitally Remastered Full Album]
2009 Digitally Remastered by Ryuichi Tanaka (Warner Music Mastering) WPCR-14244 01. Unchain The Night 00:00 02. The Hunter 05:20 03. In My Dreams ...

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