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Evil PimpArtist info Evil Pimp is a southern underground (NOT hip-hop, he will smack you for saying that) artist that grew up in Westwood Memphis and lived with his aunt until her untimely death, when he was sent to his grandmother's house in Binghampton - a rather poverty stricken area in South Memphis. Stability was elusive, however, he was moved again after his grandmother's deteriorating health, living then in Cordele, Georgia with other family members. After his unsettled youth, the Man he became eventually relocated himself to the Midwest. In Iowa, he settled down and began working intently on his musical career, exploring the electronic keyboard; making samples and sounds… And developing his unique style... Read more

Evil Pimp - I Worship Devil Shyt
6 6 6 Krucifix Klan - Evil Pimp - Playa Rob - Stan Man - Lady Dead - Horror Core Rap.

evil pimp - silent night
demonic rap :)

Best Of Evil Pimp (11Hour)
1996 - 2015 [154 Tracks] Featuring: Koopsta Knicca Creep Lo Playa Rob Killa Elite Crazy Mane Stan Man Lady Dead Drama Queen Mr. Sawed Off Ill B Polo ...

Evil Pimp - Box Made Of Pine
Gangsta Ro Productions 2012

Evil Pimp - Lights On Da Bucket
face the terror.

Evil Pimp - Άlpha & Ωmega
WARNING: Highly Explicit Material (18+ only) Evil Pimp Mega Mix (Sub-woofer is essential!)

Evil Pimp - Give A Damn, Ft. Lady Dead
Horry Core Rap.

Evil Pimp - Evil Comes
Listen to it in HIGH QUALITY press that HQ BUTTON.

Evil Pimp Steal Ya Dreamz
Steal Ya Dreamz 0:00 Evil Comes 3:42 Shits 2 Thick 8:07 There Always Be A Conflict (Feat. Playa Rob) 13:14 Binghampton Bound 17:32 Stangin Lik A Bumble ...

Evil Pimp Feat. Lady Dead - Comin Hard
Artist: Evil Pimp Album: Da Bad Guy Returns Label: Slaughterhouse Records Release Type: CD Year: 2007 Tracks: 24 Tracks List: 1. Already Know (Skit) 2.

Evil Pimp - Da Exorcist Returns (Full Album) [2004]
1. Listen Up 2. Da Coldest ft. Crazy Mane, Killa Queen 00:46 3. Make A Move 5:29 4. Get From Round Hurr ft. Killa Queen 9:09 5. 24's 12:50 6. Answer Machine ...

Evil Pimp - Bitch Better Say Goodbye

Evil Pimp - Gangsta Music Ft. Playa Rob
Another banger by Evil Pimp.

Evil Pimp - Gutta Back
RIT mixtape

Evil Pimp - I Wish You Would
Evil pimp - I Wish You Would.

Stan Man - Still My Crew ft. Evil Pimp, Mr. Sche, Skinny Pimp, T-Rock, Tommy Wright III & more...
Smoke On Records presents "Still My Crew", the new single from Stan Man featuring Evil Pimp, Mr. Sche, Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Boo, La Chat, T-Rock, Tommy ...

Evil Pimp & Killa Elite - Let the Metal Go Off

Evil Pimp - Fuckin Wit A Killa
killa junt here jam it out folks LIKE EVIL PIMP'S PAGE

Evil Pimp - Ridin Thru The Hood
Horror Core Rap Krucifix Klan Evil Pimp Ridin Thru The Hood More Tracks To Come By Bighaze.

Evil Pimp - Cook Crack On Da Stove
Gangsta Ro Productions 2012

Evil Pimp - Da Coldest (Krucifix Klan)
Krucifix Klan - Evil Pimp Also if you havn't picked up - Mark Of The Beast:Leviathon Vol.1 (New Studio Album In Stores April 2014`) ...

Evil Pimp - Debonair - NEW Mark Of The Beast Mixtape - December 2013
DOWNLOAD MP3: Also pre-order these new releases from Evil Pimp: ...

evil pimp - devil shit
evil pimp is on that devil shit.

Evil Pimp - 5 On Da Sack Ft.Koopsta Knicca
Evil Pimp - 5 On Da Sack Ft.Koopsta Knicca #ripkoopstaknicca, #riplordinfamous.

Evil Pimp - Banana Peels
face the terror.

Evil Pimp - Blaze Da Blunt
Requested By showa08.

Evil Pimp - Get In My Bed pt 2 Feat Killa Elite
Evil Pimp facebook

Evil Pimp - Make A Wrong Move
speak no evil.

Evil Pimp - How It Happened
prince of darkness.

Evil Pimp - Certified

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