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Holy ToyArtist info Holy Toy was a Norwegian experimental rock group. Andrej Nebb, Lars Pedersen (aka When) and Bjørn Sorknes(aka The Bearburger) started the group in 1981 while Nebb was still in the seminal post-punk group De Press. Apart from Nebb (vocals, bass, keyboards) the only other relatively permanent member was Lars Pedersen (drums, keyboards, guitar). Holy Toy disbanded in 1990... Read more

Holy Toy - Meeting ll
1983 (12" single) Norwegian/Polish experimental band from the 80's.

Holy Toy - Marmur
Track from the album "Warszawa" (Uniton, 1982) Remastered and rereleased by Tatra, 2009 Written by Andrej Nebb Produced by Andrej Nebb and Bjørn ...

Holy Toy " Wojtek"
Z płyty " Warszawa" .Slowa i muzyka - A . Dziubek-Nebb Andrzej Dziubek-Nebb ,-bass & song Sven Kalmar ,-drums , organ Bjorn Sorknes ,- gitar ,organ Rolf ...

Holy Toy - Lada Vada
Track AA on Holy Toy - Soldier Toy 12" on Uniton Records, Norway. Released in 1982. Cat. No: HOLY T1 Written by: Andrg Nebb. The Release: ...

Holy Toy - Do Wroga
Track from the 12"EP "Perfect Day" (Uniton, 1982) Written by Holy Toy Produced by John Leckie Holy Toy (on this release): Andrej Nebb - Vocals, bass Bjørn ...

HOLY TOY telegram I

Holy Toy - "Last Act"
From the "Hoax" video Holy Toy: Lars Pedersen - Drums, percussion Andrzej Dziubek Nebb - Vocals, keyboards.

Holy Toy - Pakt of Fact [ FULL ALBUM / CLASSIC 80s INDUSTRIAL]
Classic, super obscure 1980s industrial. A forgotten classic of the genre from this Norwegian/Polish band

HOLY TOY - Last Dinner
Holy Toy LP - "Pact Of Fact" Last Dinner Andrzej Dziubek Nebb: Lyrics,voices, bass, cello, bass pedals, trombone effects Lars Pedersen: drums, drumtruks, ...

Holy Toy - Bells
Album: Warszawa (1982)

Holy Toy - "Telegram I"
From the "Hoax" video Filmed At -- Tatra Factories Cover: Holy Toy: Lars Pedersen - Drums, percussion ...

Holy Toy - soldier toy

HOLY TOY last leader
HOLY TOY last leader.

HOLY TOY - "down in Japan"..Norsk/Polish punk from 1982
Andre Nebb with his band "holy toy" which he formed in Oslo in the 80's, meanwhile playing in "DEPRESS"....down in japan is the song title.

Holy Toy - "Hoax" (excerpt)
Zone Under Skin Dr. Wood From the "Hoax" video Filmed At -- Tatra Factories Cover: Holy Toy: Lars ...

Down in Japan, Holy Toy Live, John Dee 2011
Holy Toy: Down In Japan. Live. John Dee. 3. november 2011. Andrej Nebb, Lars Pedersen, Bjørn Sorknes, Rolf Wallin + ?

Holy Toy - Bellatrix
Track from the LP/CD "Psychic Overdrive" (Witchwood, 2013) Music by Holy Toy Lyrics by Witkacy (Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, 1885-1939) Produced by Holy ...

Holy Toy - Fresh news larve + Last leader

Holy toy

Holy Toy live in Oslo, Nov 3, 2011
Andrej Nebb vokal, Lars Pedersen trommer og Hammondorgel, Rolf Wallins på trompet, bass; DAREK BUDKIEWICZ og gitar/synth Bjørn Sorknes.

Holy Toy - Fresh News Larve
Track 1/10 from Holy Toy - Panzer And Rabbits LP on Sonet Records, Norway. Released in 1984. Cat. No: SNTF 921 The Release: ...

"Ask Anything" Vid!
Here are the questions & their time markers! (boo I had to cut out the music from 3 min - 6 min ish because of copyright issues) 1. Was it fun meeting all four ...

[TOP 100] RPG Town Themes #50 Super Mario RPG
Composed by: Yoko Shimomura Platform: Snes My personal list of town themes from rpgs(No remixes). I might miss some great town themes from games I never ...

Hebrews 10:23-26 (NLT) - Bible Song | Let Us Hold Tightly Without Wavering
Today's verses: Hebrews 10:23-26 (NLT) Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Let us think of ...

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Anywhere But My Face - Hot Christmess
Just in time for Christmas Eve, Anywhere But My Face returns with "Hot Christmess" - a song that's as dirty as it is catchy. The video was shot in Brussels, Bruges, ...

Holy Toy - Behind The Carpet
Holy Toy - Behind The Carpet Track from the Pakt of Fact LP. Released in Norway on Tatra (TAT001) in 1987. myspace:

Holy Toy: Ciupazecka.

Holy Toy - Captain Bom-Bom-Bom
Track 9/10 from Holy Toy - Panzer And Rabbits LP on Sonet Records, Norway. Released in 1984. Cat. No: SNTF 921 The Release: ...

Holy Toy - Dr. Wood

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