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Matt CreerArtist info "We were moved……great singing" - Tim Finn. Former student of the Royal College of Music in London, Matt Creer is a classically trained musician and songwriter, with extensive performance and session recording experience in both classical and rock contexts. Performing with artists such as Bess Rogers, Caleb Hawley, Garrison Starr, Richard Walters and Katherine Crowe.His first solo album 'Lanterns' was released on 18 June 2011... Read more

Foo Fighters 'Times Like These' cover: Matt Creer, Big Comfy Sessions
PLEASE SHARE! Matt Creer was the first Big Comfy Session guest to take on a Foo Fighters track for his 'Comfy Cover'...Fantastic version of 'Times Like These' ...

Western Movies True Grit 2010 (ima prevod) / Jeff Bridges / Matt Damon /

Jack White Builds a Guitar
From the documentary "It Might Get Loud".

Electric Violin- Great sound with simple gear (amplifier and pedals)
Demonstration of a Stagg electric violin with Boss pedal and Yamaha Stagepass mini PA system.

Quand le violoncelle rencontre le sarod (when the cello meets sarod)
Ce morceau fait partie d'une série de cinq pièces imaginées pour un projet d'écriture en musique. Nous sommes deux professeurs de français passionnés de ...

Instrumental Beats Album On Bandcamp Now! ((Brutha Got Bumps)) Instrumental MIXTAPE IS OUT!
Get The Entire Album on Bandcamp! See Links Below Full Album Face Book ...

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