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MeltArtist info Melt is the name of several different groups, including:1. Melt (メルト) is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Japan. 2. Melt is a band formed in Portland, OR in 2014... Read more

MELT - Emissions Of Hypocrisy album - Industrial - Metal - Rock - EBM
MELT mastermind Sebastian Komor has quite the musical pedigree, having been an original member of legendary EBM act Icon Of Coil along with a slew of his ...

MELT - Destroy
track 2 from the MELT album Emissions Of Hypocrisy now available through Metropolis Records ...

Album: Emissions of Hypocrisy.

Melt - Where Is Your God? [ industrial - metal - rock ] [ demo version ]
The brand new track from MELT ' Where Is Your God?" This is still a demo, but I felt like sharing it with the world. It is recorded, written, mixed, guitars and vocals ...

Album: Emissions of Hypocrisy.

MELT - Worm [POS] - Industrial - Metal - Rock - Alternative
A track from the MELT album "Emissions Of Hypocrisy" released through Metropolis Records, September 27th.

MELT - Full Of It [from the EP "Parasites"] [ Industrial Metal/EBM]
Music, vocals, guitars and production by Sebastian Komor. This is a track from the upcoming MELT ep named Parasites. The MELT full length "Emissions Of ...

MELT - Everything Is Dead
Band: MELT Song: Everything Is Dead Album: Emissions Of Hypocrisy Year: 2011 Recorded, written, mixed, guitars and vocals by Sebastian Komor ...

MELT - Ace Of Spades [ MOTORHEAD cover] [ industrial rock]
A cover done during a night of drinking and rocking out to 11!. This cover of Motorheads hit Ace Of Spades is all about the joy of music making. This will however ...

Melt - Destroy

God and I are One (A song for meditation)
Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and state the case between the Christian, the fundamental Christian beliefs and values that holds closely to the words of ...

MELT - In Your Head [ industrial - rock - metal - electro ]
Full lenght versioin of the song In Your Head. written and produced by Sebastian Komor. http:/

MELT - Parasite
MELT - Parasite check him out ...

God and I are One
Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and state the case between the Christian, the fundamental Christian beliefs and values that holds closely to the words of ...

MELT - Bitch
MELT - Bitch (Apoptygma Berzerk Cover) check him out ...

Dystrophy - Chains of Hypocrisy
Dystrophy - "Chains of Hypocrisy" Debut album "Chains of Hypocrisy" available now!

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Left Spine Down - Reset (Melt Mix By Sebastian Komor)
Artist: Left Spine Down Album: Fighting For Voltage: Deluxe Edition Year: 2009.


Me growling Hypocrisy - Inquire Within
This cover might have a slightly worse sound quality than the others. Still I hope it's enjoyable. Hypocrisys older songs are truely awesome and I felt I had to ...

DEVILSKIN - We Rise Album Teaser Label (EU incl. G/S/A): Rodeostar Records Album "We Rise" out on 26 February ...

"SleepWalker" Song Teaser / Physical Pre-Order Release
Check out "NeverWake's "THRILLER"" Metal Cover! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Pre-Order Here: ...

Plague Called Humanity Hypocritical Antichrist
Industrial/Cyberpunk/EBM project from Czech Republic

Kid$ for Ca$h - Hypocrite Rock
HYPOCRITE ROCK: let's adore our rock'n'roll stars they drive in the most sporty cars but they seem so very aware they tell us about how much they care they ...

MELT live

Sebastian Komor - Disturbia
Album information: Sebastian Komor offers the first full collection of his bass- and beat-driven Industrial Dance compositions originally created as production ...

VISTHIA "In Aternum Deleti" - 01 Ut Sibilus Flagelli
Track from new album "In Aeternum Deleti" available through ATMF: -- There was a time ...

01 - Left Spine Down - Reset (Melt Mix) (Seb Komor) live @ CTO 03-14-09
Left Spine Down - Reset (Melt Mix) (Seb Komor) live @ Call The Office 03-14-09 London, Ontario.

Felis Catus - Cupio Dissolvi
Electro Psychedelic Doom Metal ( Italy ) - Album "Answers To Human Hypocrisy" - Music by Felis Catus - Produced by Sartorie Musicali ( 2011 ) - For a Free ...

FELIS CATUS - Bohemien Bizarre
dark/ambient black metal from Italy - track from the 2011 ANSWERS TO HUMAN HYPOCRISY.

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