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MeltArtist info Melt is the name of several different groups, including:1. Melt (メルト) is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Japan. 2. Melt is a band formed in Portland, OR in 2014... Read more

MELT - Emissions Of Hypocrisy album - Industrial - Metal - Rock - EBM
MELT mastermind Sebastian Komor has quite the musical pedigree, having been an original member of legendary EBM act Icon Of Coil along with a slew of his ...

Album: Emissions of Hypocrisy.

MELT - Destroy
track 2 from the MELT album Emissions Of Hypocrisy now available through Metropolis Records ...

Album: Emissions of Hypocrisy.

Melt - Where Is Your God? [ industrial - metal - rock ] [ demo version ]
The brand new track from MELT ' Where Is Your God?" This is still a demo, but I felt like sharing it with the world. It is recorded, written, mixed, guitars and vocals ...

MELT - Worm [POS] - Industrial - Metal - Rock - Alternative
A track from the MELT album "Emissions Of Hypocrisy" released through Metropolis Records, September 27th.

MELT - Full Of It [from the EP "Parasites"] [ Industrial Metal/EBM]
Music, vocals, guitars and production by Sebastian Komor. This is a track from the upcoming MELT ep named Parasites. The MELT full length "Emissions Of ...

MELT - Everything Is Dead
Band: MELT Song: Everything Is Dead Album: Emissions Of Hypocrisy Year: 2011 Recorded, written, mixed, guitars and vocals by Sebastian Komor ...

"SleepWalker" Song Teaser / Physical Pre-Order Release

MELT SLEEP WALKER Sebastian Komor /Craig Lemal Audition

Heart Melt song- Feliz Valentines Day!

God and I are One (A song for meditation)
Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and state the case between the Christian, the fundamental Christian beliefs and values that holds closely to the words of ...

Melt - Destroy

MELT - Ace Of Spades [ MOTORHEAD cover] [ industrial rock]
A cover done during a night of drinking and rocking out to 11!. This cover of Motorheads hit Ace Of Spades is all about the joy of music making. This will however ...

FELIS CATUS - Bohemien Bizarre

MELT - In Your Head [ industrial - rock - metal - electro ]
Full lenght versioin of the song In Your Head. written and produced by Sebastian Komor. http:/

Javna Vaja - Ko Zunaj Mrzla... ( 1986 Yugoslav Industrial / EBM /Experimental)

END: the DJ- The Chrome Elemental: Seb Komor Greeting

MELT live

MELT - Parasite
MELT - Parasite check him out ...

MELT - Bitch
MELT - Bitch (Apoptygma Berzerk Cover) check him out ...

Hypocrisy (Live from Tupelo 6-2-2011)

A Tear Beyond - Promo from the new album BEYOND (2012)

Dystrophy - Chains of Hypocrisy
Dystrophy - "Chains of Hypocrisy" Debut album "Chains of Hypocrisy" available now!

Knightmare - Blood On My Hands (3-10-2012 Volume 11)

David Dexter - To Hear Only Evil (Electronic Industrial Rock Full Album)

David Dexter - Poison (Updated) Industrial Metal Rock Dark Goth

Left Spine Down - Reset (Melt Mix By Sebastian Komor)
Artist: Left Spine Down Album: Fighting For Voltage: Deluxe Edition Year: 2009.

Me growling Hypocrisy - Inquire Within
This cover might have a slightly worse sound quality than the others. Still I hope it's enjoyable. Hypocrisys older songs are truely awesome and I felt I had to ...

SawMind - This Is Not A Carnival [FULL LENGTH]

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