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Ofra HazaArtist info Ofra Haza (עפרה חזה ) (born as Bat-Sheva Ofrah Hazah in Hatikva, Tel Aviv, Israel on 19 November 1957 - died 23 February 2000). In 1969, at the age of 12, Haza joined a local theater troupe, and manager Bezalel Aloni spotted her singing talent. He staged many of his productions around Haza, and later became her manager and mentor. At the age of 19, she was Israel's first pop star and retrospectively, music journalists described her as "The Madonna of the East"... Read more

Im Nin'Alu - Ofra Haza
Im Nin'Alu (If The Doors Are Locked) - Ofra Haza..... Im nin'alu daltei nedivim Daltei marom lo nin'alu Im nin'alu Im nin'alu El chai El chai Im nin'alu Im nin'alu El ...

Ofra Haza - You
by roygreen1 03/jen/2012 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, ...

Ofra Haza - Im Nin'Alu [1978]
ofra haza with shechunat Hatikva workshop Thearte 1978.

Ofra Haza - Yerushalayim Shel Zahav
Ofra Haza singing Yerushalayim Shel Zahav. for original lyrics and english translation see:

Ofra Haza - Shecharchoret
Ofra sang Shecharchoret in 1976, for a tour among Jewish communities in the US, before she recorded her first solo album. lyrics: --- Shecharchoret yikre'uni ...

Ofra haza - Give me a sign (with lyrics)
Ofra haza - Give me a sign (with lyrics)

Elo Hi - Ofra Haza, Goran Bregović [The Entire Soul]
Elo Hi (Canto Nero) - Ofra Haza From the soundtrack of the film: La Reine Margot by Patrice Chéreau, based on Alexandre Dumas' novel Music: Goran Bregović ...

Galbi - Ofra Haza
Galbi (My Heart) - Ofra Haza Words: Bezalel Aloni Music: Aharon Amram Lyrics:

Ofra Haza - Kaddish
from Montreux Jazz Festival in 1990, the greatest voice of the past century.

Mi Li Yiten - Ofra Haza
Mi Li Yiten (Who Will Give Me) ( מי לי יתן) - Sadnat Te'atron Shechunat Hatikva (Hatikva Neighborhood Workshop Theatre) featuring Ofra Haza, 1978..... Mi li ...

Ofra Haza - Im Nin'alu (Original Version - 1984)
"Im Nin'alu" is a hebrew poem by the 17th century's Yemenite Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, which has later been put to music and was sung by Israeli singer Ofra ...

Ofra Haza In Ta
A song by Ofra Haza in her album Desert Wind 1989 available on iTunes everywhere. Enjoy! "You Are" in Arabic.

Ofra HAZA - Im Nin' Alu (Original Video Clip - 1988) *** HD *** Ofra HAZA (Hebrew: עפרה ...

Ofra Haza-Chai
From Dusk To Dawn 1983.

Sitting around the table Learning the lesson of years So far away in heaven Someone is shedding a tear Nobody knows,nobody knows Who will pay,who will ...

Deliver Us - (Ofra Haza parts only)
עפרה חזה عفراء هزاع Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza November 19th 1957 - February 23th 2000 [Yocheved] Yal-di ha-tov veh ha-rach (My good and tender son) Al ti-ra veh ...

Ofra Haza - Hi - Eurovision
Video clip - Live from Eurosong.

Ofra Haza - Yerushalayim Shel Zahav - Jerusalem Of Gold - English Translation
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav - Ofra Haza - Jerusalem Of Gold - English Translation. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Copyright belongs to Ofra Haza ...

Ofra Haza - Kashmir
Ofra Haza - Kashmir a haunting (must listen till the end !!) cover of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. made a clip because there is no music video for the song.

Neshikot Bayam - Ofra Haza
Neshikot Bayam (Kisses At Sea) (נשיקות בים) - Sadnat Te'atron Shechunat Hatikva (Hatikva Neighborhood Workshop Theatre) featuring Ofra Haza, 1978.

Libéranos - Ofra Haza y Claudia Bardagi - Hans Zimmer
Ministerios Shekhina Elohim Kadosh Shalom a todos! Nuestras publicaciones aportan al reconocimiento y fortalecimiento en el conocimiento acerca de los ...

Ofra Haza & Stefan Waggershausen - Jenseits von Liebe 1993
Ofra Haza & Stefan Waggershausen - Jenseits von Liebe 1993 Hatt' es fast schon vergessen, wie lang ist es her? Du knallst rein in mein Leben, als ob da nichts ...

Ofra Haza Hit Collection

Madonna vs. Ofra Haza - Isaac (Offer Nissim 2006 Remix) HQ
Madonna Confessions Tour Video Montage Edited to Offer Nissim's Remix. Video Edited by Me :)

The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack - "Deliver Us" (Track 2) Performed by Ofra Haza
Track 2 "Deliver Us" Performed by Ofra Haza and Eden Riegel Ofra Haza appears courtesy of BMG Ariola Munich Produced by Hans Zimmer Written by Stephen ...

Dan Shilon Show 1998 - Ofra Haza
Dan Shilon Show 1998 - Ofra Haza on the Dan Shilon Show with Ehud Manor and Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai on Thursday, October 29, 1998.

Ya Ba Ye (Hebrew) - Ofra Haza
Ya Ba Ye - Ofra Haza performing Ya Ba Ye in Hebrew on the Dan Shilon Show; Wednesday, July 5, 1995. (Ultra HD 4K) Words/Music: Ofra Haza, Bezalel Aloni.

Ofra Haza - Libéranos - en español
Ofra Haza, cantando en español otra hermosa canción, en esta ocasión "Libéranos", perteneciente a la banda sonora de una de las mejores películas de ...

I Want To Fly - Ofra Haza
I Want To Fly - Ofra Haza (Subtitled version)..... I want to fly! My eyes are like a little bird's A bit afraid My eyes are like a little bird's A bit ashamed I'm flying so far.

Ofra Haza - The Whole Soul (Kol Aneshama, Elo Hi)
Composed by Ofra Haza & Goran Bregovic (1993). The Hebrew version to Elo Hi, from the Franch movie Queen Margot, also sung by Ofra Haza.

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