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PalyrriaArtist info Born out of the need for experimentation, Palyrria is a band that has devised and perfected its own, unique musical style. Created in 1996 as a dance project it wasn't until 1999 that the band decided to turn into its own musical direction, a mixture of western electronica and traditional music from around the Mediterranean. They call it world-electro and indeed this music is neither electronic nor ethnic. PALYRRIA has always been fascinated by traditional music and some of the bands members have worked with renowned traditional musicians, but living in Greece one realizes that traditional music goes way beyond the last millennium, back in times when people chose to express themselves in much more ecstatic and paganist ways... Read more

PALYRRIA - Akhenaton Dub
ΗΛΙΟΣΠΟΡΟΙ mixtape for 10years.

palyrria-epirus dub.wmv
album:Electrifying Nature year:2010 sound:world electro.

Palyrria - Pyrovasia 1208
Pyrovasia 1208 Μικρόν τον ήρθε μήνυμα* Μικρού ανθού ξεκίνημα μια νύχτα κι ήταν ταίρι ο νους με την οργή κατάστηθα,...

PALYRRIA performing Anassa live @ Bansko jazz festival.mpg

Palyrria ~ Ikariotikos (dry mix)
Released in 2004 iTunes:

Palyrria - 002
From the album: Palyrria - Selftitled (2004) Style: Dub-Ethnic.

Palyrria - Kakavia Express
From the album: Palyrria - Selftitled (2004) Style: Dub - Ethnic.

PALYRIA. - Ikariotikos(dry mix)
ALBUM: "Pallyria", 2004.

Palyrria ~ Kyma
Released in 2004 iTunes:

Palyrria vs Ajja and Master Margherita - Askia (Tzoura Remix)

palyrria 002
30/05/2015 Ένα φανταστικό live από τους Palyrria στη Δωδώνη.

Palyrria - Ikariotikos (Dry Mix)
Greek folk dance from The island of long life .. Ikaria Greece World - Electro 2004: Ethnica III (EMI) track "Ikariotikos". PALYRRIA ...

Palyrria - Ikariotikos live in Athens 2004
Part of the cultural Olympics for Athens 2004 this performance was one of four Palyrria gigs in the main square of Athens.

Palyrria - Se Quema
Palyrria - Se Quema From "Electrifying Nature" (2010)

PALYRRIA : ''Hassun'' live
Palyrria : "Hassun" live. vj nisidis : beats, synths, samples, fx, remix, mastering. dr. Aja : bass, electroids. Pan Kaperneka : voice, kaval. guest musician : Stefanos ...

Palyrria ~ Sadam?
Released in 2004 iTunes:

Palyrria - Zonae live @ music day Athens '06
World-Electro Greek origin Pontos.

Palyrria - Zonae live @ music day Athens '06_with info subti
PALYRRIA perform live - (original sound remastered for the video) - for the European Music Day in Athens, Greece 2006. Added info subtitles for the band bu ...

PALYRRIA live, track Askia, NEW VIDEO
PALYRRIA, performing live their track ASKIA, 13.12.2007 @ Athens, Greece. Produced by: MUCHO GUSTO promotion. Directed by: VJ Nisidis.

PALYRRIA - ''End Of Chronus''
PALYRRIA - ''End Of Chronus'' from Palyrria's 4th cd "Electryfying nature'' released 2010.

Ojos de brujo - Nana (remix by Palyrria)
The greek band Palyrria has taken the main theme of Nana (Ojos de brujo), reminiscent of the beautiful Barcelona, driven it through Crete and enriched it with an ...

Palyrria live at elia Corfu 2007 by
Palyrria live at elia Corfu 2007 by

Palyrria - Manolis Dub

Ικαριώτικος (Dry Mix) - Palyrria Γιαλισκάρι..Μεσακτή..Λιβάδι..Αρμενιστής
Γιαλισκάρι...Μεσακτή..Λιβάδι .Αρμενιστής ....Με άρωμα Χειμωνιάτικο!

Palyrria: Ikariotikos (Θέατρο Πέτρας, 24/9/2010)

Palyrria ~ Chillum Reggae
Released in 2004 iTunes:

The violin player Nikos Fakaros and his band MUSICAROI along with PALYRRIA band, performing ikariotikos mix Find out more about Nikos Fakaros and his ...

Ojos de brujo - Nana (Greek Version) - remix by Palyrria
Ηχογραφία : Guest players: Achilleas Persidis,lute and Stelios Petrakis, lyra.

Palyrria - Se Quema (Auditors Domination remix)

Palyrria Pyrovasia

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