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Paul Hardcastle (feat. Helen Rodgers) The Jazzmasters III
1. London in Springtime 00:01 2. Lost in Space 03:56 3. Ventura Highway 08:54 4. Nightcrawler 12:54 5 . Don't Let It Get You Down 17:35 6. Starchild 22:44 7.

Paul Hardcastle The Jazzmasters II Full Alubm
1 Do You Remember 00:00 2 Wonderland 04:19 3 Walkin' to Freedom 09:12 4 Summer Rain 14:01 5 Smooth Groove 19:18 6 Good Lovin 24:33 7 Slomotion ...

Paul Hardcastle - The Jazzmasters 3 - Dreams
Jazz, Smoothe Jazz.

Don't Let It Get You Down - The Jazzmasters
From the 1999 CD "The Jazzmaster III" by composer Paul Hardcastle's side-group The Jazzmasters.

London Chimes - Jazzmasters (Paul Hardcastle)
From the 1999 album 'Jazzmasters III' featuring (London's) Paul Hardcastle.

Paul Hardcastle - The Jazzmasters III - Red Zone

Paul Hardcastle - Don't Let It Get You Down [Jazzmasters III]
What can I say about this man that you don't already know? Except…maybe….Paul Hardcastle for President!! HaHa! Actually that's not a bad idea. Maybe if ...

Paul Hardcastle ft Helen Rogers - Sunshine [Hardcastle III]
Nataly's Corner takes you back to 2002 with the release of Hardcastle III and in what has become the second in a continuing series of smooth & contemporary ...

Jazzmasters II - Paul Hardcastle - Inner Changes
Jazzmasters II.

paul hardcastle the jazzmasters III london chimes
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Paul HardCastle ( JazzMasters II ) - Inner Changes
Jazzmasters 2.

Jazzmasters 6 Touch N' Go by Paul Hardcastle Sr. & Jr.
By the time Paul Hardcastle and vocalist Helen Rodgers released Jazzmasters III in the summer of 1999, their blend of fusion, jazz, pop, new age, and worldbeat ...

Paul Hardcastle - Ventura Highway
Paul Hardcastle - Jazzmasters III.

Nightcrawler - The JazzMasters
Paul Hardcastle's Nightcrawler, avaliable on his CD The JazzMasters III (him under a diff. name). One of my personal favorites as well. Enjoy!

Jazzmasters Greatest Hits

Starchild - The JazzMasters
The song "Starchild" off of The JazzMasters III CD from Paul Hardcastle. Enjoy.

Inner Changes - Jazzmasters II - Paul Hardcastle
JT PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: Jazzmasters II - "Inner Changes" (Paul Hardcastle). May his music forever be smooth and take us all to another world.

Paul Hardcastle ft Helen Rogers - Just Can't Understand [Jazzmasters II]
SONG: Just Can't Understand ARTIST: Paul Hardcastle CONTRIBUTING: Helen Rogers [Vocals] CD/ALBUM: Jazzmasters II Nataly's Corner step's back into the ...

Paul Hardcastle - New Dawn
Paul Hardcastle - Jazzmasters III.

Paul Hardcastle - Body Heat [The Jazzmasters]
Nataly's Corner listens back to a music jamm from the first Jazzmasters series: Do you remember what you were doing when you first heard Paul Hardcastle's ...

Paul Hardcastle - New Dawn (HQ)
Artist: Paul Hardcastle Album Title: The Jazzmasters III Track number: 9 Song Title: New Dawn.

The Jazzmasters - Lost In Space
Elements of astrology, space, love, romance, travel, wonder, take a giant step for mankind, and introspective piece taken from Jazzmasters III.

Good Lovin' - Paul Hardcastle & The Jazzmasters (with Helen Rogers) [HD]
I got new internet and figured since I haven't posted any of Paul's work in a while it'd be a good time to start again. I love to sit back and chill to this one; even ...

Paul Hardcastle - Music from Jazzmasters I thru VI
Nataly's Corner welcomes back the music of Paul Hardcastle with JAZZMASTERS: Song(s): Short clips of the following tracks: Heaven – Jazzmasters Do You ...

Paul Hardcastle ft Helen Rogers - Guess I'll Never Know [Chill Lounge Vol 3]
SONG: Guess I'll Never Know ARTIST: Paul Hardcastle CONTRIBUTING: Helen Rogers- vocals CD/ALBUM: Chill Lounge Vol 3 Nataly's Corner invites you to ...

Paul Hardcastle - Desire Sax N Vocal Remix [Chill Lounge Vol 3]
SONG: Desire [the Sax N Vocal mix] ARTIST: Paul Hardcastle CONTRIBUTING: Rock Hendricks – Saxophone CONTRIBUTING: Eli Cripps - Vocalist ...

Paul Hardcastle-Coming Home For Christmas
Brand new song for more HQ downloads of other PH/Jazzmasters Songs go to

First Light
song: first light artist: paul hardcastle album: hardcastle III For high quality downloads of these and all other Hardcastle/Jazzmasters tracks and Videos please ...

Paul Hardcastle - Wonderland [The Jazzmasters II]
SONG: Wonderland ARTIST: Paul Hardcastle CONTRIBUTING: Helen Rogers [Vocals]; Chris “Snake” Davis [Saxophone] CD/ALBUM: Jazzmasters II ...

Paul Hardcastle - Free As The Wind [Jazzmasters V]
SONG: Free As The Wind ARTIST: Paul Hardcastle CD/ALBUM: Jazzmasters V CD/Album available on Amazon.

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