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SambassadeurArtist info Sambassadeur is a Swedish indie pop band signed to Labrador Records.Sambassadeur from Göteborg started out in the small town of Skövde in the autumn 2003 where Joachim, Daniel P, and Anna found themselves studying. The three sambassadeurs got together as they found out that their taste in music were quite the same. The band of Sambassadeur began one night at Joachim’s small apartment where Daniel and Joachim had got together for recording a song... Read more

Sambassadeur - Kate
Sambassadeur - Kate.

Sambassadeur - Albatross
European 2010.

Sambassadeur - Between the lines
Sambassadeur - Between the lines.

Sambassadeur - Stranded brilliant! real time 4:40.

Sambassadeur - Memories
Sambassadeur - Memories from the upcoming single "Memories / Hours Away" which will be released from Labrador Records on November 2012.

Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes
Album : Migration.

Sambassadeur - La chanson de prévert English version ...

sambassadeur - new moon
sambassadeur - new moon.

Sambassadeur "I can try"
Official video for Sambassadeur "I can try". Taken from the album "European". // [email protected]

Sambassadeur - Migration

Sambassadeur - Final Say
The Honorary Congasul.

Sambassadeur // Days
I happen to know where the tail wind is blowing A place to go when people say you're way too blue If you wanna go you must keep them from knowing ...

Sambassadeur "Final Say"

Tercer corte de su album "European" 2010.

Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes

sambassadeur - Ice and Snow

Sambassadeur - Falling In Love

Sambassadeur - Kate (Live at V-Dala, Uppsala)
Sambassadeur playing at Velvet and the Rockgask.

Sambassadeur - Something to keep
Album : Migration.

Sambassadeur • Hours Away
Artist: Sambassadeur Song: Hours Away Single: Memories/Hours Away Facebook: Soundcloud: ...

Sambassadeur-Dead Leaves

Sambassadeur - Whatever Season
Created with http://www.mp32tube.comSambassadeur are a Swedish pop band formed in 2003 in Gothenburg. They are named after the Serge Gainsbourg ...

sambassadeur - one last remark

Sambassadeur - The Park (Live at V-Dala, Uppsala)
Playing at Velvet and the Rockgask.

Sambassadeur - Final Say (With Lyrics!)
My last account got blocked quite a while ago, and I just found this video on an old hard drive, so I thought, why not re-upload it, so that you guys can check out ...

Sambassadeur - Final Say (US Remix) Remixed by The Boy Wonder
Taken from their second album Migration. Thank you The Boy Wonder for giving me the permission to upload your remix on my Channel.

sambassadeur - Kate
sambassadeur - Kate - live - Madrid.

sambassadeur days

Sambassadeur - Someday We're Through
Migration Album.

Sambassadeur - If Rain

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