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StandfastArtist info There are four bands named Standfast: 1. A duo from Sweden (see below) and 2. a former punk/crustcore band from Manila,Philippines 3. a former hardcore band from Fairport, NY... Read more

Standfast: Carcrashes
Standfast: Carcrashes from the album, "Standfast" (2001) Nationality: Sweden Car crashes, TV shows A drunkard on the side of the road People running ...

"Devil" by Standfast
From the Sweedish duo, Standfast, this is their first single off their 2nd album, released in 2007.

Standfast - The Unknown
Standfast's 'The Unknown' from the album "Beneath & Beyond."

Standfast - Carcrashes (Official Video) + Lyrics
I've put together this video and the audio from this video, to make a better version ...

Standfast: Look At Me Now
Standfast: Look At Me Now from the album, "Standfast" (2001) Nationality: Sweden Was There something she could have done now? Was this just a part of the ...

Standfast: Morning Charm
Standfast: Morning Charm from the album, "Standfast" (2001) Nationality: Sweden.

Skin to Skin - Standfast
Lyrics: so I think we said all there is to say all the words keep bouncing around in my head oh I feel so alone please just take me home seems like all the talk it ...

Carcrashes by Standfast (Official Music Video)
Carcrashes by Standfast Car crashes, TV shows A drunkard on the side of the road People running (running) Fantasy or reality Analysis and theories What does ...

Fred Small - I Will Stand Fast
I believe this beautiful song, which for me epitomizes the feeling of comfort, was written for the victims of child abuse. "Echoes of childhood..."

Standfast - Elucidate
I take no credit for this music video, it's a student video production project & I am a long time fan who dug it out of the archives felt it should be shared. Directed by ...

" Carcrashes " by Standfast ( lyric Video )
"Standfast" is a two-piece Swedish band, formed in 1997 and comprising singer Suzanne Mosson and guitarist Patrick Tucker. The duo are best known for their ...

Standfast - Love for Life

L.A Scots/Stand Fast
L.A Scots at the queen mary highland games.

Standfast - "The Unknown"
Standfast performs "The Unknow" Live on Swedish TV. Taken from their new album "Beneath And Beyond".

Macnaughton Highlanders in concert standafast.

Standfast-No Longer
For a long time, I've had nothing to say For a long time I have preyed For a new beginning, a road to lead me home to you You see we're not through They say ...


Standfast-Shine On
When the rain starts to fall Later on in the afternoon People say I'm so much better off alone I'm still fighting trying to fine a way back home Despite the arguing, ...

Standfast - Maria's Song - live @ Rival
Capture from Standfast's release show at April 11th, Stockholm, Sweden.

Richboi G Ft. Koly P - Take The Stand (FAST)
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I Will Stand Fast by Fred Small
A hauntingly beautiful and uplifting song Pete Seeger hailed Fred Small as one of America's best songwriters Written for the victims of child abuse I do not own ...

Richboi G Ft. Koly - Take The Stand (FAST)
Download Link: THIS FUNKING ANI'T!!!! LIKE IT, SHARE IT, ...

Standfast - Time has come
I don't own anything! I couldn't find this song anywhere on Youtube, so I uploaded it myself. Enjoy. ;)

Colin Hunter - Stand Fast - Live Acoustic
Live Acoustic Recorded Filmed And Edited By Vizual Hut and 12 Inch Audio.

This Dance - Standfast
A Ragnar Kvaran song performed by Standfast - Kathy Asheton-bass and vocal, Scott Asheton - Drums, Tony Whipple - guitar, Terry Vogel - guitar.

In Light of Us - Standfast
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Standfast Youth Convention

What Happens Next - Stand Fast 2000 EP
The purpose of our channel is to share good music to people all around the world. If you are the rightful owner of the songs, eps, ect... and don't want it to be ...

Standfast - "The Unknown"
Standfast performes an intimate and exclusive version of The Unkown during the opening night of their Houseparty tour.

【VOCALOID Original】Stand Fast【Gackpoid 8th Anniversary】
On July 31, 2008, Gackpoid was released by Internet Co. Since I did something for Sonika's birthday, I figured that I should have celebrated Gackpo's as well, ...

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