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The LatencyArtist info Fusing an underground edge with mainstream melodies, the latency is the newest breed of band that will make you stand up and notice with blistering riffs and soaring melodies. Hailing from Maple Ridge BC, the Latency was formed two years ago when guitarist Ryan Stead and bass player Matthew Gendron met singer/guitarist Brandon Lehti at a local show that featured each of their respective bands on the bill. With all but one of the members just turned 18, they display a maturity and technicality well beyond their years. On December 4,2012 it was announced that the band members had parted ways ... Read more

The Latency - Fork In The Road
The latest video from The Latency's self-titled album.

The Latency - Kids
Music video by The Latency performing Kids. (C) 2009 The Latency under exclusive licence to MapleMusic Recordings.

How To fix The Latency In Logic X!
Fixing issues with software instrument latency as well as optimizing settings for tracking audio and mixing in Logic Pro X. For more subscribe and visit ...

STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU - the latency
DISCLAIMER: i do not own this song, album, or band. It's all owned by the latency and it's associates(: Hey, this is another amazing song off the new album "the ...

The Latency - Tonight, I Love You
Music video by The Latency performing Tonight, I Love You. (C) 2009 MapleMusic Recordings.

DON'T GO - the latency
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of this song, band, or anything associated with it. It belongs to The Latency. Hey! Sorry it took me so long to begin posting the ...

FORK IN THE ROAD - the latency
DISCLAIMER: i do not own any part of this song, album, or band. it belongs to latency and their associates(: Hey! the typo mishap was really bothering me so I ...

TONIGHT I LOVE YOU - the latency
the song "Tonight, I Love You" by The Latency with the lyrics. This is an amazing song and I'm in love with it. Hope you enjoy it :] feel free to ask for any other lyric ...

KIDS - latency
so a bunch of people have been asking me to do the rest of the latency album/ this song so here it is :) - iammdq p.s. feel free to request any song you'd like me ...

Low latency in Mainstage These are the steps I take to optimize buffer setting for minimal latency on my Mainstage setup.

Low Latency in Studio One | That Audio Guy
Head over to so you can become That Audio Guy by learning from my BEST most in depth tips and tricks that have taken me years to learn.

CRY ME OUT - latency
here's the last of their current EP: Chomp! so until they come out with some new songs (which i think they're about to), i can't put anymore latency videos up.

HELLO - the latency
the song "Hello" by The Latency, It's a pretty good song, don't you think so? Hope u guys like it. feel free to ask for any other lyric videos you would like me to do :]

Logic Pro X Latency Solved
Here's the fix for the latency experienced between Logic Pro X and the Axe FX II and XL+.

The Latency - Music To Me (Full Length)
The Latency's brand new single "Music To Me" available now on iTunes Canada:​/album/music-to-me/id44587​7827?i=445877828 ...

The Latency - Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Check us out at:

Lower Latency Without Asio4All for FREE
Lower Latency Without Asio4All for FREE FL Studio Playlist: Being able to ...

Zero Latency Recording With Pro Tools and Mbox
Some of you may be experiencing latency while recording vocals or instruments through the Mbox. More specifically, when the recording is occurring, you are ...

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Dealing With Latency - Why Does My Guitar Sound So Delayed?
Is latency killing your guitar tracks? In this video from we talk about a couple of key ways to deal with latency in Logic Pro X. 'Latency' refers to ...

The Secret to Overcoming Latency in Your Studio
This video tells the SECRET of how to actually overcome audio latency in your recording setup. Here is some useful links to Diagrams and Gear... Hookup Mixer ...

Demdike Stare - Airbourne Latency
Buy it here...

Fixing Recording Latency
Have you ever been frustrated by the amount of delay while trying to monitor a recording signal? Perhaps you've tried to use real time effects on a vocal track but ...

Dealing with USB Latency - In this video I explain a quick tip on how to deal with the latency that's caused by using USB audio interfaces.

Don't Go-The Latency~w/Lyrics On Screen [HQ]

The Latency - Still In Love (With You)
LYRICS: It's quiet here today, where tears are left to stain Time goes by, still the room doesn't make a sound I'm feeling out of place, I'm needing to explain I tried ...

BREATHE - the latency
So here's the lyrics for "Breathe" by The Latency. Some people have been asking for it, so here it is! enjoy. ALSO! I'm not quite sure i got all the lyrics right so ...

The Latency - Hero (Highest Quality)
One of the unreleased singles recorded prior to The Latency's split. I'll never forget what they've done for me. All rights belong to The Latency, etc. Check out ...

How to reduce the latency when switching the fx on FX8

Still In Love (With You)-The Latency~w/Lyrics on screen [HQ]
I'm still in love with this song.(:

Drops Of Jupiter by The Latency (Train Cover)
Lyrics; Now that shes back in the atmosphere With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey, hey, hey She acts like summer and walks like rain Reminds me that ...

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