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The Proclaimers - How Many Times - Persevere
Another fine song from this amazing album by The Proclaimers.

The Proclaimers - She Arouses Me So - Persevere
Well, one of my favorites of the album. The album was The Proclaimes' comeback to music business - Persevere 2001.

The Proclaimers - Don't Give It to Me - Persevere
A song called "Don't Give It to Me" from their coming-back album Persevere (2001).

The Proclaimers - Should Have Been Loved - Born Innocent
One of my favorites from this album.

The Proclaimers - Role Model - Born Innocent
The Proclaimers' Role Model from Born Innocent (2003), one of my favorites, I love the irony in this song. Simply great.

The Proclaimers - No Witness - Born Innocent
This one is sung by Charlie, not Craig, but it is still a great one, from my favorite (and Charlie's!!!) Proclaimers' album. Hope you enjoyed.

The Proclaimers - Five O'Clock World - Born Innocent
I'm back with another Proclaimers' cover from their album "Born Innocent" (2003). The song is written by Allen Reynolds and recorded by American vocal group ...

They Really Do - The Proclaimers
Little known song by the Proclaimers, recorded in 2001, at the Persevere recordings.

The Proclaimers - You Meant It Then
LYRICS: My fingers hold an old love letter, Written in your hand. Sent to myself, sent to myself. I read it now and I feel better. And when I can't stand, I'll drink to ...

The Proclaimers - Dear Deidre - Born Innocent
Another great song from my very favorite album by The Proclaimers.

The Proclaimers - Dear Deidre
LYRICS: She changed her mind on everything, She changed her mind on everything, She changed her mind on everything, She changed her mind on ...

The Proclaimers - Blood on Your Hands
LYRICS: There's blood on your hands from somewhere new Wash it away, wash it away. There's blood on your hands from somewhere new Wash it away, wash ...

One Too Many - The Proclaimers - Two Drunks
Thanks to sierprawy for the footage I just love this track.

The Proclaimers - Follow the Money - Hit the Highway
I haven't seen this song here, so I uploaded it. Hoped you liked it.

The Proclaimers - Act of Remembrance at Edinburgh Playhouse 23.11.2012 - Great Quality
The last song from their comeback album - Persevere from 2001. It was amazing to listen to only Charlie's powerful voice. Amazing performance.

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Lyrics

The Proclaimers - Lady Luck - The Best of The Proclaimers
I was missing this great song here, so I uploaded it. :) Hope you liked it. :)

The Proclaimers performing the song Born Innocent at George Square Glasgow.

The Proclaimers Breda Born Innocent 2010

The Proclaimers - The First Attack - This Is the story (1987)
Hi! Today my channel reached 50 000 views! That's great, so I want to upload another great song by The Proclaimers - The First Attack. Hope you liked it!

The Proclaimers - Don't Turn Out Like Your Mother - Hit the Highway
Well, I miss this funny song here on yt, so I uploaded it. Hope you enjoyed. Remember to play another songs from my channel. ;) Album is from 1994.

The Proclaimers Utrecht Born Innocent 2010
Holland Utrecht Tivoli De Helling 04-26-2010.

The Proclaimers - Bye Bye Love - from Hit the Highway (2011 Edition)
Here it comes, a classic wrote by Felice i Boudleauxa Bryant and made popular by The Everly Brothers. The Proclaimers recorded their version of this song in ...

The Proclaimers - Leaving Home - Finest
Well, I'm back after a quite long break from posting The Proclaimers' songs on youtube. I hope you liked the new look of my channel - any comments are ...

The Proclaimers - Restless Soul
Belgian Tour A2007.

The Proclaimers - Now and Then - Restless Soul (2005)
Another amazing track by our lads from Scotland. This one is, I think, about their father.

The Proclaimers - Three More Days
The Proclaimers - Three More Days.

The Proclaimers - Like A Flame
The Proclaimers - Like A Flame.

I'm On My Way - Shawn (Persevere) - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009 Busking
Shawn Wood (singer), Carl Taylor (drummer), Paul Reilly (guitar), as Persevere , busking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009.

The Proclaimers - A Train Went Past the Window
A litte know b-side, from their debut singel "Throw the 'R' Away". Go and buy The Proclaimers' albums and spread the Word! :)

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