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The Proclaimers - How Many Times - Persevere
Another fine song from this amazing album by The Proclaimers.

The Proclaimers - She Arouses Me So - Persevere
Well, one of my favorites of the album. The album was The Proclaimes' comeback to music business - Persevere 2001.

The Proclaimers - Don't Give It to Me - Persevere
A song called "Don't Give It to Me" from their coming-back album Persevere (2001).

The Proclaimers : Hate My Love
From the album Born Innocent (Persevere) 2003.

The Proclaimers - Act of Remembrance at Edinburgh Playhouse 23.11.2012 - Great Quality
The last song from their comeback album - Persevere from 2001. It was amazing to listen to only Charlie's powerful voice. Amazing performance.

They Really Do - The Proclaimers
Little known song by the Proclaimers, recorded in 2001, at the Persevere recordings.

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Lyrics

I'm On My Way - Shawn (Persevere) - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009 Busking
Shawn Wood (singer), Carl Taylor (drummer), Paul Reilly (guitar), as Persevere , busking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009.

Proclaimers : Sweet Little Girls live on Night Fever
From the UK television program Night Fever, 2002. The Proclaimers in the third of three clips - Sweet Little Girls.

The Proclaimers - Leaving Home - Finest
Well, I'm back after a quite long break from posting The Proclaimers' songs on youtube. I hope you liked the new look of my channel - any comments are ...

The Proclaimers - Role Model - Born Innocent
The Proclaimers' Role Model from Born Innocent (2003), one of my favorites, I love the irony in this song. Simply great.

The Proclaimers - Here it Comes Again
An excelent protest song against rap music, from the album "Life with you".

Proclaimers : Hit the Highway (Conan O'Brien) 1994
The Proclaimers perform Hit the Highway from the same titled album on Conan O'Brien in 1994. Also appearing on the show was Mike Myers, a massive ...

The Proclaimers - Turning Away (from Sympatico @ Toronto Orange Lounge)
The Proclaimers performing Turning Away (from their 6th album Restless Soul, 2005), in Toronto.

The Proclaimers - Blood on Your Hands
LYRICS: There's blood on your hands from somewhere new Wash it away, wash it away. There's blood on your hands from somewhere new Wash it away, wash ...

The Proclaimers - Love Can Move Mountains
The Proclaimers - Love Can Move Mountains.

The Proclaimers - Dear Deidre - Born Innocent
Another great song from my very favorite album by The Proclaimers.

The Proclaimers - Beautiful Truth - This Is The Story
The Proclaimers - Beautiful Truth - This Is the Story (1987)

The Proclaimers - Should Have Been Loved - Born Innocent
One of my favorites from this album.

The Proclaimers - Dear Deidre
LYRICS: She changed her mind on everything, She changed her mind on everything, She changed her mind on everything, She changed her mind on ...

The Proclaimers - You Meant It Then
LYRICS: My fingers hold an old love letter, Written in your hand. Sent to myself, sent to myself. I read it now and I feel better. And when I can't stand, I'll drink to ...

The Proclaimers - Like A Flame
The Proclaimers - Like A Flame.

One Too Many - The Proclaimers - Two Drunks
Thanks to sierprawy for the footage I just love this track.

The Proclaimers - Lady Luck - The Best of The Proclaimers
I was missing this great song here, so I uploaded it. :) Hope you liked it. :)

The Proclaimers- Bound for Your Love
Didn't see this song on the tube, so I uploaded it.

Proclaimers : Hogmanay '00 Part 2 - Land Fit for Zeroes
The Proclaimers comeback performance. They've been out of the music business for seven years and returned in 2001 with a new album. But first they ...

The Proclaimers - Bye Bye Love - from Hit the Highway (2011 Edition)
Here it comes, a classic wrote by Felice i Boudleauxa Bryant and made popular by The Everly Brothers. The Proclaimers recorded their version of this song in ...

The Proclaimers - The First Attack - This Is the story (1987)
Hi! Today my channel reached 50 000 views! That's great, so I want to upload another great song by The Proclaimers - The First Attack. Hope you liked it!

The Proclaimers - Dance with Me - Like Comedy
One of their most beautiful songs - Dance with Me from "Like Comedy" (2012). Enjoy and remember to leave a comment and subscribe my channel too. :)

The Proclaimers - Follow the Money - Hit the Highway
I haven't seen this song here, so I uploaded it. Hoped you liked it.

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