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The SorrowsArtist info The Sorrows are considered perhaps to be the archetypal "Freakbeat" band. Formed in 1963 in Coventry, England, they released their first album "Take a Heart" in 1965 on the Piccadilly Records label which was a subsidiary of Pye Records. The Sorrows were at the time the hardest, most aggressive and contemporary R&B band of that time, although later this brand of music was eventually termed "Freakbeat". The Sorrows were so edgy and raw they simply made The Rolling Stones seem like easy listening music... Read more

The Sorrows - Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso (1966)
British freakbeat kings The Sorrows teamed up with the legendary Ennio Morricone to record a soundtrack for an Italian movie in 1966. The band had recently ...

The Sorrows ▪ Mi Si Spezza il Cuore (Cantagiro 1966)
The Sorrows (UK) ▫ "Mi Si Spezza il Cuore (Take a Heart)" Live from V Cantagiro (1966) Written by Rossi, Dallon.

CHRIS & THE SORROWS - Amore limone
British band that moved to Italy in the mid sixties, this was their cover of Simon Dupree's Day time night time, sung in Italian, issued in 1967.

The Sorrows - Which Way (1968)
Coventry's hit freakbeat band The Sorrows returned back to the UK after two stints in Italy to reunite with their one-time producer John Schroeder to cut a series ...


The Sorrows - Armchair King (1969)
Catchy psych pop from Coventry's Sorrows at the tail end of the 60s! After several years of being based in Italy and a number of line up changes, the group ...

The Sorrows - Rolling Over (Small Faces cover)
1968. This is a great cover of the brilliant SMALL FACES song written by Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane. It is taken from The Sorrows LP 'In Italy'. The Sorrows ...

The Sorrow of Werther - "The World from the Outside" - A BlankTV World Premiere! - The Sorrow of Werther - "The World from the Outside" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, ...

Our Lady Of Sorrows - Italy
MCR playing at Italy XD awesome

I Meteors ♪ All My Sorrow (Italy 1964)
I Meteors (Bologna) ○ "All My Sorrow" (Welch-Marwin) ○ LP "I Meteors" RCA PML 10381 (1964) ○ Cover of "All My Sorrows" by The Kingston Trio (USA 1959) ...

The Sorrows - Hey Mr. Policeman (1968)
Great cover of the Family song from The Sorrows in1 968. This track appears on the band's LP "Old Songs, New Songs" and features Chris Smith on lead vocals ...

Mirella Freni & Luciano Pavarotti Verdi - La Traviata, 'Parigi, o cara'
Mirella Freni, birth name Mirella Fregni, (born 27 February 1935, Modena, Italy) is an Italian opera soprano whose repertoire includes Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and ...

The Secret live Trieste Italy
Ultra Hi-Def The Secret RAGING!!! Southern Lord Recordings ...

Sorrows - Hey Hey
From their later period based in Italy and different to the version which appeared on their great Italian only LP. A very nice mod psych sound, similar to 1st ...

Sorrows / Graad Split Teaser
Sorrows (USA) Graad (Italy) Cassette Split out soon. Visit for more information.

Sorrows of the young Jackson Italian TV Rai 1

I Meteors ♪ Please, Please Me (Italy 1964)
I Meteors (Bologna) ○ "Please, Please Me" (Lennon, Mc Cartney) ○ LP "I Meteors" RCA PML 10381 (1964) ○ Cover of "Please Please Me" by The Beatles ...

MORRICONE -"Anger And Sorrow" (1967)

I Meteors ♪ Guglielmo Tell (Italy 1964)
I Meteors (Bologna) ○ "Guglielmo Tell" (Rossini) ○ LP "I Meteors" RCA PML 10381 (1964)

'Febbre A 45' - 60's Italian Grooves (7" Vinyl Mix)
Funk, Soul, Latin, Beat, Proto-punk and stuff. String of Italian groovy dance floor hits on vinyl, some known some rare. If you happen to be fluent in Italian you will ...

The Shadows - All my sorrows
All my sorrows - The Shadows. (Vocal instrumental década de 1960)

The Sorrows - Let Me In - Festival Beat, Salsomaggiore (PR) 29 Jun 2012
The legendary Sorrows, one of the most original and underrated bands of the 60s, perform one of their classics at a festival just 20 miles from where I live.

Noc.V - You Are That Sorrow
iTunes: Spotify: ...

INFERNO Sci-Fi Grind'n'Roll - The Sorrows Of Young Moroboshi (live)
October 20th, 2011 live at Circolo Degli Artisti Roma (Italy)

FIREWIND - Lady Of 1000 Sorrows (Official Video)
FIREWIND - Lady Of 1000 Sorrows (Official Video). Taken from the album "Immortals", Out Now! Filmed, directed & edited by Panagiotis Kountouras.

Mirella Freni: Verdi - La Traviata, 'Teneste La Promessa... Addio, Del Passato'
Mirella Freni, birth name Mirella Fregni, (born 27 February 1935, Modena, Italy) is an Italian opera soprano whose repertoire includes Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and ...

Fat Freddy's Drop Slings And Arrows (Single)
Slings And Arrows, first single from Freddys new studio album due for release in 2015. Get down on digi or 7" vinyl from Beat maker DJ ...

Man of Sorrows Hymn Medley with Encouraging Scripture Photos from Italy
Old Fashioned, Beautiful Hymn arrangement sung by Justine Haynes. CD is also available: Scripture Photos Available ...

Several Union - Erase The Sorrows
"Awake From The Game" LP on iTunes: @2012 Several Union. Published by ...

Distant Landscape - Insights (Full Album)
Country: Italy Artist: Distant Landscape Album: Insights Year: 2017 Genre: Atmospheric Post-Rock / Post-Metal Tracklist: 01. Same Mistake 0:00 02. Cage Inside ...

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