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UzebArtist info Uzeb was a Canadian jazz fusion band from Montreal, Quebec, who were active from 1976 to 1992. The members were Alain Caron (bass guitar), Michel Cusson (guitar), and Paul Brochu (drums). UZEB is said to have possessed and fully used one of the most technologically advanced MIDI systems of that era. Among other awards, Uzeb received the Oscar Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented at the 1991 Montreal International Jazz Festival... Read more

UZEB WORLD TOUR - 28/02/1990 - ibos (65) France
Concert capturé avec une camera Sony video8 V90e - le 28 février 1990 au centre culturel "le Parvis" à ibos dans les Hautes Pyrénées - France la caméra était ...

UZEB World Tour 90 a Mr Bill b Wake Up Call c Fu

Uzeb - Perrier Citron [live]
Uzeb - Perrier Citron [live] - World Tour 90.

Andrea Balasso & Laurus T-900: Wake Up Call
"Slap-test" per il mio nuovo arrivo (questo splendido Laurus T-900): solo basso-batteria (in questo caso ovvimente "finta") tratto da "World Tour 90" degli Uzeb.

Uzeb - Wake Up Call - Live World Tour 1990
Uzeb - Wake-Up Call - Live - UZEB World Tour 1990.

Ronan rare videos: stereo sound! UZEB, "fast emotion" tour Montreal 1983
Ronan rare videos: UZEB, "fast emotion" tour Montreal 1983, videothèque studio de papa.

Uzeb - Mr Bill / Wake up Call / Funkaleon
Medley from Uzeb. Taped during an airing of Beau et Chaud, Télé-Québec's summer variety show from the early 90's. Michel Cusson (g), Alain Caron (b), Paul ...

Uzeb feat Tiger Okoshi - Montreal Jazz Festival 1991

Uzeb - Spider.wmv
Uzeb live.

Uzeb The Kid
Absolutely Live.

pas complète pour cause de plus de 10 minutes mais super solo de slap d' Alain Caron.

Perrier Citron by UZEB.

UZEB - Penny Arcade
UZEB - Penny Arcade Fast Emotion (1983) Paroles & Musique - Paul Brochu / drums - Alain Caron / bass, - Michel Cusson / synthesizer, guitars - Michel Cyr ...

Alain Caron , UZEB , solo basse .

Uzeb - Slinky (Live in Bracknell) (HD, 1080p)
Couldn't find the awesome live version of Slinky, so here it is!

Uzeb Club - 1989 -
Michel Cusson - g - Alain Caron - b - Paul Brochu - d -

UZEB-Apres Les Confidences.

UZEB - New Funk.wmv

UZEB - Tribecca

ALL DRUM SOLOS IN REAL TIME - NOTHING IS SPED UP!!: Dennis Chambers - Dave Weckl - Buddy Rich - Steve Gadd - Jojo Mayer - Aaron Spears - Marvin ...

05 - 60,Rue Des Lombards - Uzeb
Between The Lines (1985)

UZEB (Noisy nights) by SPIDER 4tet
Recorded live in April 2009, in Repaire Des Ours, France. With Christophe CACCIA (Midi Guitar), Fabien RAUCAZ (Keyboards), Vince LAM (Bass), Remi ...

Uzeb - Ouverture no. 5
No copyright violation intended.

Uzeb - Mr Bill au Gala La Presse (198?)
Uzeb playing "Mr. Bill" at the annual La Presse Gala. Can't remember the year, probably 1988... Sorry for the bad quality of the clip, but I was going through my ...

Uzeb Mister Moe

UZEB - Time To Go

(instr.) UZEB - Noisy Nights - 1990 - BCCL
Superb New Wave instrumental, with lots of sound effects, as suggested by the title. Écoutez la puissance sonore de cet instrumental, style New Wave, comme le ...

Luna Mars (Uzeb - Alain Caron) by Mirko Testoni
Ciao a tutti, vi propongo la mia versione di uno dei più bei brani degli Uzeb per fraseggio e composizione: Luna Mars tratto dal disco Noisy Nights! Registrato in ...

Uzeb - Spider
Jazz rock...

Ronan rare videos: stereo sound! UZEB, "fast emotion" tour Montreal 1983,
Ronan rare videos: UZEB, "fast emotion" tour Montreal 1983, videothèque studio de papa . Cherchez pas! On a rien fait de mieux depuis 25 ans..

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