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WookieFootArtist info … somewhere between Sublime, Cake, G-love, Arrested Develoment, Spearhead and Parliament is where we hang out !! Funky backbeats with any and everything added on top: Reggae, SoCal Dub, Rock, Sitars, Traditional Irish… nothing is off limits. We love to weave pockets of improvisation with tightly crafted songs forming a perfect fit for the attention deficit generation. We like to call it "SHORT ATTENTION-SPAN THEATER" Sooo… What is Wookiefoot ?!? ("…it's a thought that's existing…")… A Band?? Psychedelic Circus?! Artist collective??? Globe trekking Bliss Junkies?!?!…. Well, it’s all this and more…a high energy magical phenomenon sustained by a large beautiful family of players and believers... Read more

Wookiefoot "Come To Life" [4-Cam] Project Earth 6/20/15
Wookiefoot brought out one of their new songs, "Come To Life" at Project Earth in June. The song had the crowd very excited to hear new music by their favorite ...

Wookiefoot - We Come To Life - Wookieween 10/31/2014 @ the Cabooze
Wookiefoot performing a new song, We Come To Life, at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN. on Halloween 10/31/2014.

You're It! (by Wookiefoot) :: Official Lyric Video
"You're It!" the new album by Wookiefoot, is not coming out until October of 2015, but we got too excited and wanted to share some of the new tunes right away!

Wookiefoot - All Together
LYRICS: Just because we think of treasure not in terms of gold and silver Doesn't mean that we don't have our wealth Some say we have lost it But know in a ...

Ready or Not (Title Track of New WookieFoot CD)
This is the Title Track of New WookieFoot CD released at Shangri-La 2012. Thank you to all of you for your support and inspiration! I can't wait to share these ...

Wookiefoot 2016 Sampler Stream (Free Download)
14 Tracks. Tracklist in description. FREE DOWNLOAD: Find Wookiefoot music, festivals, tour schedule at and more at ...

Wookiefoot- Dead in the Eyes
Support Live, Original music, and buy the album this originally came off of- "Activate (2006) This concept CD has been in over three years of of development, ...

St. Peter and the Serpent ~ Wookiefoot
This is a song called St. Peter and the Serpent by Wookiefoot. Good pics, good song, dig it. :)

Wookiefoot- Backbone
Track 13 off of Wookiefoot's album Out of the Jar, this is Backbone. Buy the album, support original music. ...

Wookiefoot-What you mean
Wookiefoot-What you mean from the album Be fearless and play. I dont own this song and it's not for profit.Just sharing this great song!

WookieFoot - Be the Change -
Get the ringtone at youre listening to Be the Change by WookieFoot 2006 c$kobk.

Wookiefoot - The Frog and the Scorpion
Mr. scorpion came down to the riverside getting across he knew he would need a ride but all the other animals go running for shelter cuz they know for a fact that ...

Wookiefoot - Home Free
One of my personal favs. If you enjoy this song, go out and buy the album it came off of-- it's called "Be Fearless and Play" (2009) ...

WookieFoot "The Frog & The Scorpion" Project Earth 2011 ...

Wookiefoot- Can't Get a Job
How many of us have either been or are there? Wookiefoot- I just had to upload this song after I saw that it wasn't already on here. No copyright infringement is ...

Wookiefoot - Wookieween Opener 10/31/2014 @ the Cabooze
Wookiefoot performing at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN. on Halloween 10/31/2014.

See Only Love (Produced by Wookiefoot Studios)

The Freestyle Sessions - Episode 7 - feat Nahko and JoJo from Wookiefoot
The Freestyle Sessions will be coming to you from around the world, featuring artists you love or will love. Musicians ...

Shangri La - Wookiefoot Cover
Curtis Goodman performs that magical Wookiefoot song Shangri La! I can't show enough gratitude to Wookiefoot for their music or their life changing festivals.

2015-09-12 - Shangri La - Wookiefoot - Intro - Fearless And Play
Wookiefoot starts off their Shangri La headlining performance with the usual theatrics and a fine Qbert theme :) Enjoy!

Wookiefoot playing best song in the world 2016 Burbon HLN12

Wookiefoot Don't Should on Me
Off the album Be Fearless and Play, go buy their cd and support good music.

Wookiefoot - Nothing and the Monkey - Wookieween 10/31/2014 @ the Cabooze
Wookiefoot performing the tale of Nothing and the Monkey at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN. on Halloween 10/31/2014.

Shangri-la 2015 Wookiefoot

Wookiefoot - Lose Your Mind [Dual Camera] 12/31/14
Wookiefoot performs "Lose Your Mind" during their New Year's Eve celebration at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN.

Wookiefoot "Monkry See Monkey Do" Shangri-La 2011
Harmony Park.

Shangri-la 2015 Wookiefoot

Wookiefoot - Loose Your Mind - Wookieween 10/31/2014 @ the Cabooze
Wookiefoot performing Loose Your Mind at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN. on Halloween 10/31/2014.

Wookiefoot "Plead Insanity"
2002-09-21 - Live @ Mother Earth Mind Jam. Powder Ridge - Kimball, MN.

Thinking Out Loud by Wookiefoot
i did not produce or write this song blah blah legal BS. Up for entertainment purposes. enjoy.

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