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13 the Musical recording A Little More Homework
A grown-up story about growing up, featuring the only all-teenage cast ever to hit Broadway! When his parents get divorced and he's forced to move from New ...

A Little More Homework (feat. Graham Philips) | Ariana Grande [HD FULL STUDIO]
"A Little More Homework" is the second track from Ariana Grande's Brand New You EP, which was released on November 10, 2014. It including songs from her ...

13 the musical - A Little More Homework
Live I do not own any of the rights - purely for entertainment purposes.

13 the Musical - A Little More Homework
Live I do not own any of the rights - purely for entertainment purposes.

Ariana Grande Voice Evolution // 2001-2014
Improved version (((: SONG LIST (INTRO) 0:00 to 0:06 - Piano 0:07 to 0:19 - Star Spangled Banner 0:20 to 0:31 - Reflection 0:32 to 0:46 - And I'm Telling You ...

A Little More Homework [w/ lyrics]
Lyrics: (from ) Evan: If you stand here behind me And you call me a man And youre counting on me to come through You ...

A Little More Homework from 13 The Musical, Hong Kong's Broadway Revue
Sheung Wan Town Center, Hong Kong, January 2012.

A Little More Homework (Cover) | Alyssa Ramos
YHKCC's school musical production, Night at the Theater (July 6, 2016) A Little More Homework from 13 the Musical.

A Little More Homework Cover
We own nothing.

A Little More Homework - 13 the Musical
Our dreams came true tonight [:

"A Little More Homework"- Richmond Dewan
Richmond Dewan singing "A Little More Homework" from 13 The Musical written by Jason Robert Brown.

A Little More Homework - 13 - Cover
A little more homework from the musical 13! Comment rate subscribe! I love feedback :) sorry for the bad quality! Enjoy!

A Little More Homework - "13" The Musical by Kyle Kesler
Kyle won Escondido Idol Junior in June 2010.

13 A Musical - A Little More Homework
Cultural Arts Playhouse presents "13 A Musical" - A Little More Homework.

A little more homework to do (13 the Musical)
This is my all time favorite song from this musical.

"A Little More Homework" + "Brand New You"
From 13 the Musical as staged in Malta. I play Evan, ClareandTina plays Charlotte the rest don't ahve youtube accounts as far as I know. Masquerade.

A Little More Homework
A Little More Homework from 13! The Musical Performed in GROW. a cabaret at Skidmore College.

A Little More Homework to Do from 13
Newton North High School Cabaret Troupe - Full Company, Kelly McIntyre on piano - January 2010.

A Little More Homework
"A Little More Homework" from 13 the Musical.

A Little More Homework - Solo Cover (Multiple Harmonies)
Me having a go at singing 'A Little More Homework' - 13 The Musical. Never uploaded me singing before! - All harmonies are me too. Just a still image I'm afraid ...

ACSI 2013 Northwest Choral Festival: A Little More Homework
2013 ACSI Northwest Choral Festival Command Performance. 300 students from 12 private Christian high schools in the Pacific Northwest gathered to sing to ...

A Little More Homework
Salk Spring Concert:Chamber Choir.

A Little More Homework/Brand New You
'13' The Musical.

Sam Wearing- A little more homework (13 The musical cover)
Thankyou for watching! The tried experimenting with the videos and harmonies a little bit more, and this song brings back alot of memories from college, so I love ...

A Tribute to "Jason Robert Brown" by Abel Garriga "A little more homework"
Here is the song "A little more homework" from the Broadway show "13" performed in Room 1A inside Berklee College of Music in a Tribute to Jason Robert ...

13 the musical - A little more Homework - Stagg H.S. 4-16-2011
A Little More Homework from the musical "13". Performed by Stagg Music and Drama at Alonzo Stagg High School in serene Palos Hills, IL. The Cast: Jimmy ...

A Little More Homework
From 13 The Musical.

A Little More Homework - Aly
CHS OUAS 2014 Senior Solos.

DGC: A Little More Homework
This is the closing number of our DGC Cabaret. We have a little hiccup towards the end. We couldn't hear the piano over the audience clapping....guess there ...

SHOWBIZ HARMONY - A Little More Homework
While creating a show that would be both timely and entertaining, the world seemed to be falling into an uncivilized and uncaring abyss. Not only were we ...

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