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Michael Franks - A Walk In The Rain
A beautifully jazz ballad, hope you enjoy it.

Michael Franks - A Walk In The Rain
Michael Franks - Barefoot On The Beat (1999) - 09 Walk In The Rain.

michael franks - why spring aint here/a walk in the rain
why spring ain't here & a walk in the rain 2979.

a walk in the rain.wmv
just a small tribute to Michael Franks " a walk in the rain"

Michael Franks - Tiger In The Rain
1979 " Tiger in the Rain " Album ***no copyright infringement intended*** Most of the time...

Michael Franks - Tiger in the Rain (Full Album) ►1979◄
TRACKLIST: 01. Sanpaku. (0:00) 02. When it's over. (4:16) 03. Living on the inside. (7:23) 04. Hideaway. (13:03) 05. Jardin botanico. (17:14) 06. Underneath the ...

Michael Franks - Tiger In The Rain (Live 1991)

Michael Franks - Tiger in the rain
Tiger in the rain, beautifull metaphor.

Yanni - A Walk In The Rain

WALK IN THE RAIN - Yanni.wmv
Walk in the rain YANNI Caminar bajo la lluvia.

A Walk in the Rain - Yanni .......GM
A Walk in the Rain - Yanni.

Yanni - A Walk In The Rain
I do not own any right on this. Artist: Yanni Title: A Walk In The Rain.

Alexander Brandon- A Walk in the Rain
This is an original song by Alexander Brandon. This song makes you want to take a walk in the rain.

Cristóvam - Walk in the Rain (Lyric Video)
Moon Records Lisboa, apresenta o single de estreia de Cristóvam. "Walk in the Rain" integra a banda sonora do filme "A Canção de Lisboa", realizado por ...

Somewhere In The Rain - Michael Franks ♫♪♫
SOMEWHERE IN THE RAIN (Lyrics) Like blossoms in the rain On a summer evening like this I remember under umbrellas How we kissed Clouds concealed the ...

Yanni~A Walk in the Rain

Yanni - A Walk In The Rain

In The Yellow House - Michael Franks (LYRICS) ♫♪♫
In The Yellow House whit lyrics. By: Michael Franks From: Abandoned Garden - 1995 In The Yellow House is a discourse between Paul Gauguin and Vincent ...

Michael Franks - Somewhere In The Rain
Michael Franks Smooth Jazz Music Composer / Singer / Songswriter Song: Somewhere In The Rain Sept 18, 2013 Made by Tatiana Khalaf in the occasion of ...

A Walk in the Rain composed by Asche & Spencer
Stay - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Yanni --A Walk In The Rain

Michael Franks - Summer In New York
"Summer In New York"... ♡ by Michael Franks Come, Loved one Let's ride that silver train Right down the Hudson Have lunch in midtOwn It's summer in New ...

Michael Franks - Time Together (Full Album) ►2011◄
TRACKIST 1. Now That The Summer's Here (0:00) 2. One Day In St. Tropez (5:26) 3. Summer in New York (10:46) 4. Mice (16:43) 5. Charlie Chan In Egypt ...

Michael Franks - Rendezvous in Rio (Full Album) ►2006◄
Tracklist: 01. Under the Sun - (0:00) 02 Rendezvous in Rio - (5:26) 03. The Cool School - (11:02) 04. Samba Do Soho - (16:49) 05. The Critics Are Never Kind ...

Michael Franks - Collaborations (Full Album) ►HQ◄
Tracklist: 01. Somewhere in the rain. (0:00) 02. Coming home to you. (5:51) 03. Leading me back to you. (9:54) 04. Tell me all about it. (15:03) 05. This will never ...

Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own
Dancing On My Own” is now available: iTunes: Spotify: Catch Calum on tour! Dates and ticket info ...

Michael Franks - In The Eye Of The Storm
In The Eye Of The Storm from Sleeping Gypsy 2979.

Michael Franks - Watching The Snow (Full Album) ►2003◄
Tracklist: 01. The way we celebrate New Year's. (0:00) 02. Watching the snow. (6:25) 03. Christmas in Kyoto. (12:05) 04. My present. (16:56) 05. I bought a ...

Michael Franks - Passion Fruit (Full Album) ►1983◄
Tracklist: 01. Alone at night. (0:00) 02. Never satisfied. (4:32) 03. Amazon. (8:26) 04. Now that your joystick's broke. (14:09) 05. Sunday morning here with you.

Michael Franks - Down In Brazil
"Down In Brazil"... ♡ by Michael Franks Down in Brazil It takes a day to walk a mile Time just stand still And when the people you meet Look at you they smile ...

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