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B.A.P - EXCUSE ME M/V Original song added over the Japanese Music Video. Lyrics: Ladies and gentlemen B.A.P's time is back, leggo Neoneneun imman ...

B.A.P - Excuse Me [Hangul/Romanization/English] Color & Picture Coded HD
I can't stop listening to this!! Color Code: Daehyun - Purple Youngjae - Orange Himchan - Pink Jongup - Green Yongguk - Red Zelo - Light Blue Together - Black ...

[eng sub + roman] B.A.P - Excuse Me LIVE @ MTV The Show
131008 trans cr:pop!gasa effect cr:pyointa2001.

B.A.P 비에이피[4K 직캠]Excuse [email protected] Rock Music
20161013 제 97회 전국체육대회 폐회식 축하공연 B.A.P 비에이피[4K 직캠]Excuse [email protected] Rock Music 男性偶像团体, 男性アイドルグループ B.A.P 비에이피 ...

[Audio/HQ] B.A.P "Excuse Me"

[직캠] B.A.P - Excuse Me (13.10.01)
2013.10.01 SBS MTV The Show : All About K-POP 고운별이 블로그 - 아이돌, 연예인, 직찍, 직캠, 라이브 공연 ...

[ENG/KOR] B.A.P - Excuse me live
B.A.P - Excuse me Live. Warrior Begins tour No copyright infringement intended.

B.A.P 비에이피[4K 직캠]Excuse [email protected] Rock Music
20160928 Cheonan World dance Festival B.A.P 비에이피[4K 직캠]Excuse [email protected] Rock Music 천안흥타령 축제 비에이피 B.A.P 축하공연 男性偶像团体, ...

B.A.P - Excuse Me [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD
Spreading the love for kpop ♥ 01. Whut's Poppin': 02. Badman: 03. Excuse Me: ♥ 04. Coffee Shop: ...


160330 B.A.P 『EXCUSE ME(JPN Ver)』 JAPAN 1st Album Release Event Free Live

B.A.P. "Excuse Me" MV
Hi guys! I made this video for fans and for fun. Enjoy it! [I don't own the rights to this song and these images]

[THAISUB] B.A.P - Excuse Me
ปรับเป็น HD จะได้ชัดๆทั้งภาพและเสียงนะคะ* ♥ - THANK - คำร้องภาษาไทย @BrainboxesYJ_TH VIDEO...

[720/HD] B.A.P EXCUSE ME Japanese Ver
Video uploaded to 1080P - JKF blog: JKF twit: JKF insta: ...

[HD] 140911 MTV SESSIONS BAP - Excuse Me
[HD] 140911 MTV SESSIONS BAP - Excuse Me.

【繁中字】B.A.P - Excuse Me
翻譯:B.I.T-S 字幕:Zero 轉載請註明。 Excuse Me真的很好聽呀~歌詞也很棒!! 這真的是B.A.P Style!!

[arabic sub - مترجم] B.A.P - EXCUSE ME Japanese Ver
حبايبي B.A.P رائعين مثل العادة ♥ ♥ ♥ daheyeon ,zelo , yong guk , himchan, yong jay , jong up.

B.A.P Excuse Me Instrumental
I Do not own anything. All Credits to TS Entertainment, King Records and B.A.P. And Watch Original Music Video of this song at their Japan Official Channel.

B.A.P - Excuse me (hun sub)
B.A.P - Excuse me fmv (hun sub) - magyar felirat Videó vágásban és szerkesztésben még mindig nem vagyok túl jó, így kérlek nézzétek el nekem a vidi hibáit!

D.I.K.C Reaction: B.A.P- Excuse Me (TS Better Have Their Money!)
Drunk Ignorant Kpop Comments! Apparently B.A.P went to the Block B school of bank/museum robbery… Credit to: BestAbsoluteFashion For the opening clip.

B.A.P - Excuse Me (JPN Ver) [MV REACTION] 뮤직비디오 리액션
Well excuse me? B.A.P killed it and I guess you can tell by our screaming that we loved every single second…well the majority. The styling, the concept were all ...

(MV)B.A.P - EXCUSE ME - Reaction
Hope you guys liked the reaction. Leave a comment below on which MV I should react to next. Share and subscribe if you enjoyed :D Follow me on instagram: ...

140422 B.A.P Himchan - Excuse Me @ B.A.P Live on Earth LA
For more kpop concert updates follow~

B.A.P - Excuse Me [SUB ITA]
Iscrivetevi alla nostra pagina Facebook! :) DISCLAIMER: I do not own video or song in ...

B.A.P EXCUSE ME Photo Shooting

B.A.P - Excuse Me [Female Version]
CLICK Show More for Download Link of the Song) I just changed the pitch of the voice with the use of the software called WavePad Sound, so it is B.A.P who are ...

140903 B.A.P"Excuse Me" Live Released Event-My favorite clips
B.A.P Japan 4th Single "Excuse Me" Live Released Event.

[Azarea Fansub] BAP - Excuse Me Japan Version - Making Of (vostfr)
Retrouvez Azarea Fansub sur : - Twitter : - Facebook : - Site ...

B.A.P - EXCUSE ME Legendado PT|BR

FANCAM 131003 B A P Excuse Me @ Korea Drama Festival

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