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Bee GeesArtist info The Bee Gees, originally made up of three brothers: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb (died 2012), and Maurice Gibb (died 2003), have been successful for most of their 40-plus years of recording music. They had two distinct periods of exceptional success: as a pop act in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and as a foremost act of the disco music era in the late 1970s.The Gibb brothers were born on the Isle of Man, UK to English parents in 1946 (Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, September 1) and 1949 ( twins Robin Hugh Gibb and Maurice (pronounced "Morris") Ernest Gibb, December 22). The family returned to father Hugh Gibb's home town of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, England in the early 1950s where the boys began to sing in harmony, debuting in public on one memorable occasion at a local cinema... Read more

Bee Gees - Bury Me Down By The River (1970)

Bee Gees - Bury Me Down By The River

Burry Me Down By The River----- Nanaku
By Bee Gees.

P.P.Arnold - Bury Me Down By The River (Polydor 1969)
Following the demise of the Immediate label P.P.Arnold found herself signed to Polydor and into the clutches of The Bee Gees who that year were providing ...

The Bee Gees - Bury Me down By the River
"Cucumber Castle" 1970.

BURRY ME DOWN BY THE RIVER (Bee Gees) baliweddingmusic
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Band BeeGeesan - Bury Me Down by The River (BeeGees Song)
Spesial membawakan Lagu-lagu dari Band BeeGees era tahun 60an-90an.."BeeGees nite" setiap hari Senin jam 19.00-21.00 di Summarecon Mall Serpong ...

PP Arnold - Bury Me Down By The River (+ Lyrics)

PP Arnold - Bury Me Down By The River (with Silvana Mangano's pics clip)

The Best of Bee Gees
One of my Favourite.

P.P.Arnold - Give A Hand,Take A Hand (1969)
Following several requests,I am pleased to feature PP Arnold's 'Give A Hand,Take A Hand',the flipside of her 1969 Polydor single 'Bury Me Down By The River' ...

Bee Gees - Give a Hand, Take a Hand (unreleased 1969version)
Originally released as B-side of Barry Gibb produced single "Bury Me Down By The River" by P.P.Arnold,1969 UK/USA. Arranged back, and released to 1974 ...

Anos 60 70 e 80 - 15 Minutos de Músicas Românticas Lindas
Coletânea de 12 lindas músicas româ minhas preferidas - By Marise Luizi Músicas: 1-The Love She Found In Me - Michael Johnson 2-Bee Gees ...

P. P. Arnold -- Bury me down by the river
1969..No copyright infringement intended. gianfreddi.

Burry Me Down By The River

Bee Gees - Give a Hand, Take a Hand (Master Version 1969)
The most exciting outtake of 'Cucumber Castle' , 1970! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CUCUMBER CASTLE Cucumber Castle is the ...

JULIUS sing bury me down by d river.3GP

GLEE - If I Die Young (Full Performance) + Break Down (Official Music Video) HD
GLEE - Full Performance of If I Die Young + Break Down + Kurt Talk. Sung by: Santana Lopez/Naya Rivera. Episode: 5x03 "The Quaterback".


Spoonshine "Bury Me By The River" filmed at Studio X in Seattle, Washington, by Foreign American Pictures.

Bee Gees - Tell Me Why
Do you forgive the person who broke your heart?

Mike sings "The 1st Mistake I Ever Made", by the Bee-Gees
Just another tribute payed to the greatest of all time, the Gibb brothers. :)


PURPLE SNOW Down By The River 1970

The Bee Gees - Down to Earth
"Idea" 1968.

Eric Engel - Lay me down by the river (original)
Eric Engel - lay me down by the river.

Down by the river.wmv
i know where you are, down by the river, sitting on a shore.

Down By The River- 12am Originals
Second video in my 12am Originals series! Hope you guys enjoy this one. It definitely is one of my favorites, and means a lot to me. I'll post the lyrics when I get a ...

Bee Gees - Down The Road (live)

Andy Gibb - I Just Want To Be Your Everything HD
Andrew Roy Gibb (5 de marzo de 1958 - 10 de marzo de 1988) conocido bajo su nombre artístico de Andy Gibb, fue un cantante y un ídolo juvenil de la década ...

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