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Black Veil BridesArtist info Black Veil Brides is an American Post-Hardcore/ Glam Rock band based out of Hollywood, California and formed in 2006 in Delhi, Ohio . The group is composed of Andy Biersack (vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass, backing vocals), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (guitar, violin) and Christian (CC) Coma (drums). Released on StandBy Records, the band's debut album, We Stitch These Wounds was released in July 2010 and sold nearly 100,000 copies in its first week, ranking at #36 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and #1 on the Billboard Independent chart. Black Veil Brides are known for their distinct appearance, mainly being inspired by Kiss's famous stage persona as well as numerous 1980s glam metal acts... Read more

The Outsider Black Veil Brides Guitar Cover
The Outsider Black Veil Brides Guitar Cover.

Black Veil Brides Talk Breaking Bones & Re-Releasing "Wretched and Divine" - Warped Tour 2013
Black Veil Brides talk about a bone-breaking accident at Warped Tour 2011 and the re-release of "Wretched and Divine." Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube ...

Carolyn Black Veil Brides Version Guitarra Acoustic Guitar cover
El Brayan ! xD solicito este arreglo, oficialmente es el suscriptor que mas tiempo ha aguantado para un arreglo jaajjaa verdad? XD Brayan Biersack , si se ...

Black Veil Brides- Knives & Pens live FRONT ROW warped tour 7/27

27 | Borja7gears | Knives and pens (Black Veil Brides cover)
Hola a todos !!! Aquí os traigo una nueva versión de un gran grupo como es Black Veil Brides cuyo cantante (aunque ahora en solitario) admiro mucho, Andy ...

RIP Andy Six =( Black Veil Brides Interview 2011
Watch my interview with Black Veil Brides Interviews HERE: Subscribe here: ...

Black Veil Brides - As War Fades + In The End
My second video, enjoy :)

Black Veil Brides Talk New Self-Titled Album
If you're new, Subscribe! → Go here → Like us → Follow us ...

Days Are Numbered- Black Veil Brides *New Song*
Days Are Numbered Del nuevo Album Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones.

Black Veil Brides' CC on crazy moments, drum solos and topless fans
Black Veil Brides drummer Christian 'CC' Coma tells Rhythm all about his craziest on stage moments.

Black Veil Brides concert in Manchester NH 1/27/13
Black Veil Brides concert my son and I went to. I do not own any rights to the music..I just recorded the video.

Black Veil Brides-Knives and Pens. Oficial subtitulado Español e Ingles (Lyrics)
Despliégame:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Estoy muy feliz de subir por fin este vídeo, pues es con el cual todo empezó para mí...=) Disfruta los subtitulos...=...

Black Veil Brides Play Motley Crue Cover in Vancouver
After the event/fight with the heckler BVB played it smart and cool by launching into a cover of Crue's "Kick Start My Heart", mixing it with "Last Rite". After the ...

CC's Drum Solo Glasgow BlackVeilBrides 27/3/12
This video was recored on my iPod touch and hence the sound quality. This gig was on the 27/3/12 at the Glasgow Barrowlands and was brilliant :)

Black veil brides live march 27 2011
Black veil brides regency ballroom San Francisco.

Nightcore - Done For You - Black Veil Brides
I do not own anything.

Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels Manchester, NH 1/27/13

Knives And Pens-Black Veil Brides Nashville, TN 4/27/11
no stupid comments please!!!:D so enjoy! uploaded this on here so a freind could see this :3 LOVE YOU JELLY xD ~BVB ARMY~

Fallen Angels - Black Veil Brides (The Daily Habit)
Black Veil Brides perform their current single 'Fallen Angels' on the Daily Habit.

Just the part where it's WW.

Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon Manchester, NH 1/27/13

Black Veil Brides APtour March 27
Black Veil Brides Sunday, Mar. 27, 2011 at 7:00 PM @The Regency Ballroom 1290 Sutter Street San Francisco , CA 94109 DON'T FORGET about the BVB Fan ...

Black Veil Brides Love Isnt Always Fair Sub español
Black Veil Brides Love Isnt Always Fair Sub español El amor no siempre es Justo..!!! Buena Cancion =)

Black Veil Brides APtour April 27
Black Veil Brides Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2011 at 6:00 PM @Rocketown 401 6th Avenue S Nashville,TN 37203 DON'T FORGET about the BVB Fan Relations BVB ...

"Knives & Pens" - Black Veil Brides @ Expo Five, Louisville, Kentucky, November 27, 2010
I didn't upload this because the audio quality, because obviously, the audio sucks. I uploaded it for anyone who wants to see them live who can't. Also, you can ...

Black Veil Brides~Shadows Die~Sacramento~Ace of Spades 2-27-15
Black Veil Brides~Shadows Die~Sacramento~Ace of Spades 2-27-15.

Bryan Stars Black Veil Brides #6 (LEGENDADO) (Parte 3)
Inscreva-se /\ SIGA @BRBVB CURTA Parte 1: Parte 2: ...

Black Veil Brides~Fallen Angels~Sacramento~Ace of Spades 2-27-15
Black Veil Brides~Fallen Angels~Sacramento~Ace of Spades 2-27-15.

Rebel Love Song Drum Cover-Black Veil Brides
This is my drum cover of another amazing BVB song. I do not own anything. All rights to the song go to Black Veil Brides and those associated. Please no hate ...

Black Veil Brides - "Youth and Whisky" Guitar Cover
Full guitar cover of one of the most fun songs I know, Youth and Whisky! Might need to turn the brightness up a bit i' afraid but my room is pretty dark. Also a ...

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