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Celestial DecayArtist info There are few bands with this title.1) Celestial Decay is a symphonic melodic metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 2008 by Hobbe Houshmand (Guitars) and Henrik Hedman (Drums) with the ambition of creating a sound that rejuvenates the metal genre while staying true to its origin. The music can be described as energetic and powerful, yet smooth as silk when needed... Read more

Celestial Decay - Blinded
album: Quantum X (2014) their facebook: stay tuned about new releases: ...

Celestial Decay - Total Eclipse of the Heart - Symphonic Metal Cover + Medley
A cover of the song TEOTH originally performed by Bonnie Tyler. This song appears on the album QuantumX which will be released in 2013-Q4. Celestial ...

Celestial Decay - No Need For A Hero
from the Contradictum debut album (2010) ...

Celestial Decay - Power Of Will
from the album: QuantumX (2014) ...

Celestial Decay - Final Symphony
from the album: QuantumX (2014) ...

ATRITAS - Celestial Decay (SWITZERLAND) (album 2009)
1. Ultimate Downfall 01:00 2. (Sacrifical) Devil Worship's Psalmody 05:55 3. Gnosis - A Religious Wasteland 05:38 4. Memorium Magicus 05:34 5. All Celestial ...

Celestial Decay - Void Within II
from the Contradictum debut album (2010) ...

The Sin:Decay - Celestial Revulsion
Song: Celestial Revulsion Artist: The Sin:Decay Album: Rehabilitation (2007) Genre: Industrial Metal Country: Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland ...

Celestial Decay - Goodbye Forever
Goodbye Forever from the Album QuantumX by Celestial Decay Join us at: Official website: ...

Album: Psalms Of Celestial Decay - EP Released: Oct 5, 2015 Genre: Death Metal Location: Brighton, United Kingdom Facebook: ...

Contradictum teaser (by Celestial Decay)
A teaser of the upcoming album "Contradictum" from the band "Celestial Decay". (

Celestial Decay - In Remembrance_Eye of the Storm_Silent Embrace
Banda : Celestial Decay Album : Contradictum Cansiones : In Remembrance_Eye of the Storm_Silent Embrace.

The Sin Decay - Celestial Revulsion
Manifestación de la aflicción La vida como la conocemos dejará de existir Burning lenguas lamiendo su carne Violar el resto, mientras se cargan Esa puta ...

Celestial Decay - Enlightened
Band: Celestial Decay Album: QuantumX Country: Sweden Year: 2014 Style: Melodic Power Metal / Symphonic Metal.

Celestial Decay QuantumX 2014

Quintessente - The Belief of the Minds Slaves (Official Track)
The Belief of the Minds Slaves* Tonight the sky is theirs Idols fall one by one Denied in its own decay Should be without praise Almighty! Their mourn echoes ...

Celestial Decay - QuantumX (album cover revealed)
A promotional video for the album: "QuantumX" by Celestial Decay, release date in 2013-Q4 Celestial Decay is a symphonic metal band from the capital of metal ...

Celestial Decay - Final Night: Act I - The Beginning
from the Contradictum debut album (2010) ...

David Akesson - Live with Celestial Decay 2015
Short clip from a concert with Celestial Decay in Gothenburg 2015.

Hooded Menace - Celestial Dissection
Album: Hooded Menace / AlgomA – Celestial Dissection / Failed Stunt Fatality Label: Doomentia Records – DOOM185EP1 Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP, ...

Celestial Decay - Final Night: Act II - Exodus Of Mankind
from the Contradictum debut album (2010) ...

Celestial Decay - Final Night: Act III - ...Of The End
from the Contradictum debut album (2010) ...

ENSLAVEMENT - Psalms Of Celestial Decay 2015
Psalms of Celestial Decay: Release date: October 5th, 2015 Label: Unsigned/independent Style: Death Metal Country of Origin: UK 1.Sculpted from Filth 2.

Devour - Celestial Decay - 7/13/14 House Party Show Portland, OR

Atritas - Blasphemic Madness
Album Celestial decay 2009 Symphonic Black metal Los mejores!! xD.

Atritas - Gnosis
Band: Atritas Album: Celestial Decay Year: 2009 Label: CCP Records Genre: Symphonic Black Metal.

Atritas - All Celestial - Ruins & Ashes
Album - Celestial Decay (2009)

Atritas - Ultimate Downfall/(Sacrifical) Devil Worships Psalmody
Album: Celestial Decay von 2009.

The Zenith Passage-Cosmic Dissonance
Album:Cosmic Dissonance Track/Rola:No.3 Genre/Genero:Technical Death Metal Subtitulos/Lyrics: Incoherent vagaries, Universal deconstruction, cataclysm of ...

Atritas - (sacrifical) Devil worships psalmody
album: Celestial decay atritas.

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