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Alice's Theme- Danny Elfman (Alice in Wonderland)
Oh, Alice, dear where have you been? So near, so far or in between? What have you heard what have you seen? Alice, Alice, please, Alice! Oh, tell us are you ...

Alice's Theme - Danny Elfman
New recording of Danny Elfman's theme from 'Alice in Wonderland' - performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by James Fitzpatrick.

Danny Elfman - Where Am I (From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Score)

Top 10 Danny Elfman Songs
Danny Elfman is one of the most famous composers in the film industry, so of course I was going to do a video on his music eventually. Here are my personal ...

Selections from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Elfman/arr. Brown
To purchase or for more info go to Young Concert Band - Grade 3 From the master of the dark and unusual, Tim Burton, the classic movie ...

Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands [ FULL ALBUM OST ] *HQ
Edward Scissorhands soundtrack, is the fourth feature film collaboration between director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman. The orchestra consisted of ...

Danny Elfman - The Little Things (Wanted Soundtrack) + lyrics and HQ
Soundtrack des Films Wanted. lyrics: Have you heard the news? Bad things come in twos. But I never knew 'Bout the little things. Every single day Things get in ...

Danny Elfman - Interview - English version
Interview by Marek Eben.

Danny Elfman
A preview of our interview with Danny Elfman, conducted (no pun intended) by Jon Burlingame. Visit our website ( to see ...

10-31-14 Danny Elfman sings Nightmare Before Christmas - Nokia Theater Live
Danny Elfman singing live in "Danny Elfman's Music from the Films of Tim Burton" at the Nokia Theater, on Halloween 10-31-2014.

This Is Halloween
This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Patrick Doyle, Mychael Danna | 2012 THR Composer's Roundtable
Follow Soundtrack Specialist on facebook: facebook blog post #1: ...

Danny Elfman - The Batman Theme (1989)
this version is from Batman: Expanded Archival Collection, 2009.

Batman (Suite Part 1) - Danny Elfman
Suite from the film Batman by Danny Elfman.

Danny Elfman - Greatest Hits
The very best music from Danny Elfman. Buy the CD's of Danny Elfman!

The Kingdom[OST] - Danny Elfman "FINALE"
The Kingdom[OST] - Danny Elfman "FINALE"

The Music of Batman - Danny Elfman
Interview to Danny Elfman about his original soundtrack of Batman movie.

Last Time - Danny Elfman
By Request - The song The Last Time by Danny Elfman, off of his CD So-Lo.

WANTED OST (Danny Elfman - The little things)
UPDATE* Wow! Thanks for all the likes and +ve comments. This music video was edited from the movie "Wanted" and one of its original sound tracks. I made ...

Cool City - Danny Elfman
By request - The song Cool City by Danny Elfman, off of his CD So-Lo.

Alice's Theme - Danny Elfman (Lyrics, HD)
Watch in 720p HD! DISCLAIMER: I do not own this music From Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010) Danny Elfman and Tim Burton are just incomparable :)

Spider-Man 2 (2004) Main Title by Danny Elfman (HD 1080p)
Main Titles for Spider-Man 2 done by Elfman. Elfman disliked to do the score for Spidey 2...yet his work in the movie is excellent. Anyway, a great reprise from the ...

Danny Elfman on Late Late Show
Danny Elfman on the Late Late Show with host Craig Ferguson. I rescued this video from the depths of an internet archive. First uploaded by user drwestlake.

Danny Elfman - Clean You Up (From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Score)

Danny Elfman's Music From Batman & Batman Returns
Danny Elfman's Music From The Films Of Tim Burton: Batman & Batman Returns. November 1, 2014 at the Nokia Theatre LA Live.

The Piano Duet | From The Corpse Bride
A Spooky Night Candlelight Concert. Original music by Danny Elfman. Adapted and performed by Isabella & Valentina Balestri. No copyright infringment ...

Home again - Oingo Boingo
Home Again on the album BOI-NGO (1987) is the first song on the album. Lyrics: Where is she going? Ooh, she looks like she's lost Won't someone help her?

16.) Poor Jack
DISCLAIMER: Nightmare Before Christmas ©Tim Burton Poor Jack © Danny Elfman ---- LYRICS What have I done? What have I done? How could I be so blind?

Ice Dance - Danny Elfman
This Is The Song Ice Dance From The Hit Motion Picture Edward Scissor hands Directed By Motion Picture Mastermind Tim Burton. From The Scene Where Kim ...

Danny Elfman - Alice's Theme (Alice in Wonderlan) (With Lyrics) [HD!]
Sorry for the video.. Just some effect testing. Liisa Ihmemaassa / Alice IN Wonderland Sountrack 1: Danny Elfman - Alice's Theme Lyrics: Oh, Alice, dear where ...

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