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Devin the DudeArtist info Devin the Dude is a Houston-area rapper. Though relatively well-known among the underground hip-hop community during the mid-to-late 90's, Devin did not achieve mainstream success until his appearance on Dr. Dre's 2001 album. Besides sex, relationships, ridin' trucks, smokin' reefer, drinkin' beer, partying, and conscious or proverbial themes, much of Devin's work is also light-hearted and comically self-deprecating... Read more

Devin The Dude - The Dude - 03 - Don't Wait (feat. DMG & Spice 1) [HQ Sound]
[Artist]: Devin The Dude & DMG & Spice 1 -- [Song]: Don't Wait -- [Album]: Devin The Dude - The Dude -- [Year]: 1998.

Devin the Dude: Dont Wait feat Spice 1
Devin the Dude: "Don't Wait," feat. Spice 1 [Album: The Dude]

Devin The Dude - Don't Go
To Tha X-Treme ©2004 Rap-A-Lot Records.

Master Devin in Waitin' To Inhale album If you can, support the artist and buy album here: ...

Devin the Dude: Dont Wanna Be Alone
Devin the Dude: "Don't Wanna Be Alone." [Album: Waiting to Inhale]

Devin The Dude - Can't Wait
Devin The Dude - Can't Wait Soundtrack of the HBO television show OZ. © 2001, Avatar Records.

Devin the Dude - Cutcha Up (HQ Audio)
Devin the Dude - Cutcha Up (I can't wait) Waiting to Inhale.

Devin the Dude - The Dude [Full Album]
Devin the Dude - The Dude [Full Album] The Dude is the first solo album from Houston rapper, Devin the Dude. He had previously only released music as a ...

Devin The Dude - Don't Stop

Devin the Dude: Just Because
Devin the Dude: "Just Because." [Album: Waiting to Inhale]

Devin The Dude-I can't Make It Home (2008)*
Sorry But i don't have on this song lyrics...

Devin the Dude - Just Because
Just Because by Devin the Dude off of Waitin' To Inhale.

Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 - What A Job
From the album "Waiting To Inhale" in stores now........ *10/14/08...Devin's fifth album "Landing Gear", one-album deal with independent Razor & Tie, in stores ...

Devin the Dude - Do What You Wanna Do (album version)
"The Dude", 1998 Lyrics: Hallelujah kids hear this Devin's got some shit wouldn't give a fuck if you dissed Because shit to each's own for each owns his voice ...

Devin the Dude: Hope I Dont Get Sick A This
Devin the Dude: "Hope I Don't Get Sick-A-This." [Album: Waiting to Inhale]

Devin the Dude: Searching
Devin the Dude: "Searching." [Album: Smoke Sessions Vol. 1]

Devin The Dude - Hope I Don't Get Sick-A-This Instrumental
Album: Waiting To Inhale Rap-A-Lot Records 2007.

Coughee Brothaz: Don't Get Me Wrong feat Devin the Dude
Coughee Brothaz: "Don't Get Me Wrong," feat. Devin the Dude [Album: Waitin Our Turn]

Scarface Ft. Ice Cube & Devin The Dude - People Don't Believe Lyrics: And now we got em' on a mission Now the whole entire world has gotta try to come up with a quick ...

Devin the Dude: Cutcha Up
Devin the Dude: "Cutcha Up." [Album: Waiting to Inhale]

Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray
gangster music.

Devin The Dude - Briar patch (lyrics)
Devin The Dude - Briarpatch (lyrics) Lyrics: The briar patch No don't throw me in the briar patch You can cut off all my toes but not the briar patch You can fill me ...

Devin The Dude - Hope I Dont Get Sick A Dis
Waitin' To Inhale.

Devin the Dude: Almighty Dollar
Devin the Dude: "Almighty Dollar." [Album: Waiting to Inhale]

Devin The Dude - Stop Waiting

DEVIN THE DUDE -- HOPE I DONT GET SIC-A-DIS (slowed-n-chopped)
ARTIST: devin the dude ALBUM: Waiting to Inhale.

Boo Boo'n - Scarface feat. Devin the Dude ( Lyrics )
Track 04 from My Homies CD 2 (1998 - Rap-A-Lot) #scarface #hiphop #rap #gangstarap #hardcorerap ------------------------------ Walk up in the session wit my dick ...

LIVE! DEVIN THE DUDE - "BOO BOO'N" (Albuquerque, NM May '11)
Furst of all u take a fat bag of ism from uptown - any local store sells the shit friend - purchase a Philly, I'm not talkin bout the city of Philly u silly punk - I'm talking ...

Devin the dude- in my draws
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Devin The Dude - Hope I Don't Get Sick A Dis
Album : Waitin' To Inhale.

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